irobot roomba 805 vs 870 review and comparison

Automated Bliss: The iRobot Roomba 805 vs 870

Nothing is better that sitting back, relaxing, and letting someone else do all the dirty work. The problem is, the other human doing the dirty work can be a little naggy about you not helping. So, you have to get up and vacuum the house. Or do you? Not if the Roomba family of robot vacuums has a say. We are going to compare the Roomba 805 vs 870 to help you know which vacuum will allow you the most kick back and relax time.


iRobot is a company on the sucking edge of automated house cleaning, and has a full line of slim dirt assassins to make cleaning easier for you and your family. To make your life even easier, we have narrowed down the line to just two we have tested. Below are features of each, and at the end we will tell you which we thought was the better automated maid.


Product Name Roomba 805 Roomba 870
Editor's Rating 4/5 4.2/5
Weight 8.4 pounds 11.75 pounds
Dimensions 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Battery 14.4V 3500mAh Li-Ion 14.4V 3500mAh Li-Ion
Run Time (Tested) 90 minutes 110 minutes
Wi-Fi capability No No
Warranty 2 year limited 2 year limited
Price Check on Check on


iRobot Roomba 805

If your home is anything like our office, you have multiple floor types, stairs, and a whole lot of messes across the lot of them. We threw the 805 in during a busy work week, and asked the janitor to take some holiday time.

In previous tests, we have shown how effective iRobot’s automation systems can be, and the 805 is no exception. Equipped with the ability to schedule up to seven cleaning times, this thin vacuum allowed us to schedule cleaning every day after we had made a significant mess. We left dirt, dust, and food crumbs around the shop and office to feed the machine.

What we noticed was that the 805 truly lived up to iRobot’s claims. By the end of the cleaning period, almost all the debris was cleaned up, and our floors looked fresh. The iAdapt Navigation helped the Roomba 805 glide around the shop without falling down stairs, and we didn’t have to reset it when it changed from hard to carpeted floors.

Check out the Roomba 805 stalking dirt in this video:


What we like:

  • Sensor system protects the vacuum from damage
  • "Clean” button starts cleaning right out of the box
  • Automatically returns to charge base when battery is low, or clean cycle is finished.


What we didn't like:

  • Is an enemy to stray cables
  • Still need an upright for deep cleaning
  • Dust bin is on the small side

iRobot Roomba 870

Roomba 870 review

With the 870, we were just as brutal to it as we were the 805. The 870 is the larger, stronger brother of the 805. At a whopping 14 pounds, the 870 brings some serious weight to push around dust invaders. The weight packs a motor that offers up to 50% better cleaning performance than similar vacs.

The performance is backed up by the Aeroforce -3-Stage Cleaning System. The system is anchored by “extractors” instead of brush bristles, which agitate dust and grime so the vacuum can suck it all up easier.

Mister Roomba 870 also uses a HEPA filter that can pick up and clean dirt and allergens down to the tiniest of particles. We don’t use a microscope on our floors, but we did notice less left over dust on our floors. This could also be thanks to the navigation software and sensors that hunt dirt like a starving predator.

Once the sensors and extractor get to work seeking out and unseating debris the 870’s suction kicks in to gobble up its victims. We threw some crackers and cereal on the floor to see how it handle the larger pieces, and laughed as the 870 seemed to first pulverize the pieces and then suck them up into the dust bin.

Watch the dust bunny hunt here: 


What we like:

  • Solidly built and durable
  • Easy to set 7 day schedule
  • Nearly Seamless transitions between floor types
  • Extractors don’t clog with hair


What we didn't like:

  • Warranty limited to only one year
  • Can’t use for furniture or stairs
  • Small dustbin


Both of the robot vacs performed amazingly well in our rigorous Roomba 805 vs 870 testing. Both vacs were able to slide under our desks, chairs, and tables. They are also quiet. Not quite quiet enough to run whole sleeping, but we didn’t have to shout at each other to compare notes during the tests. They, pf course have the similar problem of needing to be recused from tight spaces from time to time, but for largely autonomous machines, we don’t mind readjusting them from time to time.

In the end, we had to give the victory to the larger 870. Bigger is often better, and the suction power of the larger vac really made a significant difference in picking up dirt and dust. We also noticed that the 870 had less of a tendency to get lost and trapped as it navigated our offices and shop.

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