roomba 655 vs 770 comparison

iRobot Roomba 655 vs 770

iRobot innovate and generate some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners in the world today. With new models coming out at a steady rate, some of the previous versions are starting to reduce in price. This means that models that were previously out of your budget may well have dropped into your scope, allowing you to have the luxury of an assisted clean, rather than having to do everything yourself.


Two such varieties are the Roomba 655 and the 770 models. Today, we will be analyzing how these two compare and seeing which model, roomba 655 vs 770 comes out on top and provides you with the best value for money.

Quick Comparison

Product Name Roomba 770 Roomba 655
Filter HEPA AeroVac
Self-Charge Self-charging Does not self-charge
Cleaning System 3-Stage Cleaning System 3-Stage Cleaning System
Weight 13.2 7.9
Dimensions 13.9×3.4×13.9 13.4×13.4×3.6
Available Check on Check on

Let's begin right away by taking a look at the core differences between the two versions.


The 770, being the newer version, is naturally more expensive. Depending on where you shop, there is roughly a $150 price gap.


The 655 employs Series 1 of the above technology, whereas it's younger cousin enlists the Series 2. In simple terms, the 770 uses optical and acoustic sensors in order to indentify the dirtier areas, which is more efficient than the Series 1, which only makes use of acoustic sensors.


The 770 comes equipped with a handy "full bin indicator" which lets you know when it's time for the bin to be emptied. By comparison, the 655 lacks this.


Once again the 770 has another feature the 655 doesn't share and the persistent pass cleaning method revisits troublesome spots to ensure a deep clean is achieved.


Somewhat of a necessity in today's world, sadly the 655 again falls short, whereas this feature is present for the 770.


As a change of pace, this is one area where the older generation trumps the newer model. The Series 1 bin, found in the 655 actually holds more dirt and is easier to clean than the Series 2 variant, found in the newer 770.


The 770 is heavier and bigger than its older compatriot, which is surprising given that technology seems to move towards smaller products that are more densely packed with features.

After exploring the basic differences between the models, we decided it was time for us to try out these vacuums ourselves and compile our list of pros and cons, which is depicted below;


What we like:

  • Full Bin Indicator - A nice touch that saves time on manually checking to see if the capacity of the bin has been reached.
  • Dirt Detection Technology - It makes for a more efficient clean that properly picks up every grain, which is enhanced by the next point..
  • Persistent Cleaning Method - Building upon the dirt detection technology, this allows for a thorough clean.
  • Remote Control - It's simple, but saves time and makes things far easier


What we didn't like:

  • Series 2 bin not as good as Series 1 - We found that the bin for the 770 was not able to hold as much as the 655.
  • Larger than 655 - Personal preference in truth, but it was a little bulky compared with the older model.
  • No Extras - Brushes etc not present.

roomba 655 review


What we like:

  • Cheaper - A saving of around $150
  • Has Extras - Unlike the 770, this comes with extra side, bristle and rubber brushes (1 of each).
  • Series 1 Bin More Efficient - As explained above, we found this bin to be larger and easier to clean


What we didn't like:

  • Lacks Remote Control - It turned out to be a bigger deal than we imagined, but the lack of remote control, after using the 770 felt archaic.
  • No Full Bin Indicator - Again, spoiled by the 770, this lacking function
  • One Bumper - A big point, only one bumper being present ended up scratching hard wood at least in our case, which really caused concern.


So which Roomba wins? Both of these iRobot vacuum cleaners will serve you very well. However, the 655 is beginning to show it's age somewhat, with outdated technology that holds it back in some cases. Although they're similar, sharing features such as the same operating and charging time (two and three hours respectively) the devil is in the detail and if you can extend your budget so out of , roomba 655 vs 770, opt for the 770.

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