Robotic Maintenance: How to Reset Roomba

Robotic Maintenance: How to Reset Roomba

The robots are taking over! Our household cleaning. Thanks to innovations in computers and technology, we can have small, yet powerful, vacuums that will automatically keep our floors clear of dirt and dust. These little guys are almost perfect, but do have hiccups once and a while. This is why we want to know how to reset Roomba.

iRobot’s line of Roomba vacuums are some of the most popular and effective robots on the market.  (Check Some Great Roomba Deals) The Roomba line includes features that track down dirt automatically, run on a schedule, and even charge themselves. But every once in a while, the robot vacs hit a snag, and need a little bit of help. For this article we will go through how to reset Roomba, and some of the issues that lead to reset.

Why you may need to reset Roomba

need to reset Roomba

Just like any computer, Roombas run through thousands of calculations and processes every minute. The processes are monitored and controlled by the onboard software, but just like the dust bin, the software accumulates “data dirt” that can clog and slow the processing power of your little bot buddy.

When the Roomba starts to have issues with sticking to a schedule or cleaning efficiently, the problem may lie in the software. This is when you will need to clean up the system to perform a reset. By resetting the vacuum, you will be clearing all of the software settings and clearing out all of the digital junk. You need to be aware that this will reset all settings, including time, date, and schedule (for applicable models).

The other issue that can impact the performance of your mechanical masterpiece is the battery. Like almost all machines, the power source is not infinite. Over extended use of charging and discharging the battery begins to wear out and fatigue. Rechargeable batteries also can develop a memory that will shorten battery life, and reduce performance.

By resetting the Roomba you can help to relieve some of the fatigue in the battery, and clear out the charge memory. This can’t completely fix all battery issues, but it will help extend the lifetime of your bot’s power source.

How to reset Roomba

Resetting your Roomba is as easy as cleaning your floor. While different models vary slightly in performing the reset, the essentials are basically the same. We will cover the slight differences to help owners of the different vacuum series available.

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The 500 and 600 series of Roomba vacuums are easily reset by following the below procedure:

  1. Remove the Roomba from the charge base
  2. On the top of the bot press and hold the buttons above and below the “clean” button for 10 seconds[/thrive_text_block]

This should clear all settings, including clock and schedule, and resolve some software, and battery issues.

Here is a video demonstrating the reset process:

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]The 700, 800, and 900 series of iRobot Roomba vacuums process is very similar:

  1. Be sure to remove from charge base
  2. Press and hold the “clean” button for 10 seconds[/thrive_text_block]

As with the 500 and 600, this will reset of all the other settings and schedules. You will need to reprogram the clock and schedule after performing the reset.

Watch a video demonstrating the process:


The onboard process for how to reset Roomba is designed to resolve some software issues, and battery issues. Resetting your Roomba will not fix every issue that will arise in the lifetime of the Roomba. If after performing the reset process you continue to experience problems with the performance of your dust killing vac, please reach out to iRobot customer support for help resolving more advanced issues.

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