How Do You Troubleshoot Your Dyson Battery Issues

How Do You Troubleshoot Your Dyson Battery Issues?

Dyson is a company that has been a part of the global market for a while, but it took the world by storm once it released its recent product lines. From its fantastic hair styling tools to its air treatments, noise-canceling headphones, and lighting solutions, there's much to love about this company. But its latest head-turning products are its many vacuum cleaners, all of which are innovative and feature technologies you will not find on many other products.

I kid you not - this company offers so many cleaning options that you will have no problem turning your home into a spotless piece of heaven. There are countless corded, cordless, robot, and wet & dry vacuums readily available for interested customers. However, I decided to focus on the Dyson cordless vacuums for today, exploring possible battery issues that can arise with them.

It is important to know that you can remove the existing battery and replace it with a new one purchased directly from the Dyson website. But this should not be your go-to solution - it is only an option you explore if you have exhausted all your other options.

Before deciding to get a new battery, you should explore the possible issues and try to learn how to troubleshoot your Dyson battery and bring your cordless Dyson vacuum back to its old glory. If you are interested in learning more about the topic, keep reading!



Dyson Vacuum Not Turning On At All

A few proud Dyson cordless vacuum owners have reported issues with the device not turning on. If this has happened to you, remember there's no need to panic. You can begin by following a few troubleshooting steps:

If your vacuum is not turning on at all, it might mean your battery has no charge. That can happen due to a faulty charger or even forgetting to charge the battery after exhausting the run time. But if you are sure the battery is charged and the vacuum still does not turn on, there are a few things you can do.

First, remove the battery from the vacuum and plug it into the charger. Ensure it is charging - something you can tell from its LED light. All batteries from Dyson have such indicators, at least for V6 to Gen5 outsize models.

Let the battery charge for at least eight hours without interrupting the charge, which is the longest it would need to charge, according to the Dyson website. When that time passes, put the battery back into the vacuum and try to turn it on. If nothing is happening, try removing the battery and putting it back in after 15 seconds to see if the vacuum needs a simple reset.

If nothing's happening with the machine and you are still not getting it to turn on, the battery is drained and needs to be replaced. All batteries from Dyson are under warranty for two years after the purchase, so contact the company to find out if you can get your battery replaced free of charge. If not, inquire about getting a new battery, its price, and how to make it last longer this time around.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Not Holding a Charge

Another common thing that can happen with a battery is for it to start cut down its run time significantly. That usually happens after you use the machine for a while, but it is not due to the vac - it's the battery that's at fault. This is inevitable and happens with all cordless devices - mobile phones, laptops, and even vacuums!

If your cleaning machine does not hold a charge, you might have to consider getting a replacement battery sooner or later. The more you use and charge it, the more quickly it will drain. The ideal Dyson vac should be able to hold a charge of 20 to 40 minutes, but no longer than that. If your battery's run time is less than 20 minutes, you need to swap it with a new one.

Once you get the new vac battery, try to be more careful with the usage. Avoid charging it too often or when not needed. Also, do not leave the vacuum cleaner plugged in all the time. That will only cause the battery to deteriorate quicker. It is best to remove the battery when not using the vacuum, while charging it only when absolutely necessary and when its run time is at the lowest possible level.

Dyson Battery Is Always Empty

The thing about smart devices, especially battery-powered devices, is that sometimes they continue running in the background without you even knowing. This can also be said about the Dyson, which does not power off completely even if you turn it off using the power button. Instead, it keeps running in the background, slowly draining the battery and causing the run time to shorten.

If you want to keep your run time intact, a safe bet is to remove the battery after using the vacuum, as instructed in the previous section. Also, we recommend keeping the device as clean as possible, which means cleaning the filters regularly, removing all dirt and dust from the dust bin after each use, and cleaning the brush head of larger debris.

Although cleaning the brush head or dust bin does not exactly help with the battery run time, it helps prevent overworking the motor, which would lead to quicker battery draining. So, apart from removing the battery, you should try to keep your device clean to prevent the Dyson cutting out and extend the battery life as long as possible.

dyson vacuuming the carpet

Check the LED Status

I mentioned once before that all Dyson batteries have an LED indicator that you can use to determine whether the battery needs charging or replacing. The indicator is a blue light that goes on and off as you use the vacuum. Here's what that light is telling you:

  • If the light does not come on even as the battery is plugged into a working charging station, the battery is likely completely drained and needs replacement.

  • If the light goes on and off constantly as you initiate charging, the vacuum tells you that there is a blockage causing it to malfunction. To get the vacuum working correctly, you must remove that blockage, most likely dust or debris on the brush head or in the dust bin.

  • If the light goes on for five seconds and then goes off, the vac is fully charged and ready for use. Unplug the battery, put it in your vacuum, and start cleaning your home.

If the first scenario happens and you cannot charge the battery, you will need to purchase and use a new one. Luckily, many YouTube videos and helpful guides on the Dyson website can tell you how to remove and replace the battery, so you do not need to dread the process. You can always contact customer support for help, too, so do not hesitate to do so if needed!

How Do I Know if My Dyson Battery Needs Replacing

How Do I Know if My Dyson Battery Needs Replacing?

If your vacuum started cutting down the run time or not charging completely, it is likely telling you that it needs a new battery. If there's no way to charge it despite continuous efforts, you need a new battery. These are the two most common things that can tell you that your Dyson battery needs to be replaced.

If you are still uncertain if a new battery is needed, you can go to the company's official website and use the digital assistant to diagnose your issue. Another thing you can do is visit the support page or community page and seek help from others who have had similar issues in the past. Finally, consider contacting the customer support agent through the phone line available daily during designated hours.

Final Words

Thank you for reading this detailed guide on troubleshooting the battery on your cordless vacuum from Dyson. I hope it helped you resolve your vac problems and determine how to keep your new battery intact for longer. If you have any tips or tricks on the topic you would like to share with others, please do so in the comment section. I always appreciate your input on any topic and would love to know if you enjoy using your vacuuming machine and if you would recommend it to interested buyers!