Dyson DC 65 Animal Review

Dyson DC 65 Animal Review – A Great Upright Vacuum

Finding a good all-around vacuum can be really hard, especially when there are so many choices to consider. One great vacuum is the Dyson DC 65 animal. It comes with a great number of features that make it one of the best options in terms of upright vacuum cleaners at this time. Let’s get right to it and do this in depth Dyson DC 65 Animal review.


The Dyson DC 65 Animal, as you might be able to tell from the name, is especially suited to deal with messes created by pets, especially pet hair. It also has many other great features like top-notch maneuverability, great suction power, lots of accessories, and much more. It is by far one of our favorite vacuums we’ve ever used, so let’s talk about the main features & benefits that you get with the Dyson DC 65 Animal.

Features & Benefits

One of the things that we really like about the Dyson DC 65 Animal is that it works wonders for both our hard flooring and for our carpets too. We have plenty of both, so this is very important to us. With the flick of a switch we can easily turn the power brush head on and off.

This model does a perfectly fine job at sucking up all kinds of dirt from hard floors, and the power brush works just as well to get messes stuck deep in carpets. In fact, we love the new power brush that gets 25% deeper and 25% more dirt from carpets than before.

Something else that we really like about the Dyson DC 65 Animal is that it is fairly maneuverable. The ball technology incorporated into the front of this vacuum allows us to make on the dime turns, get around obstacles, and get under furniture too. All of these features definitely come in handy in our cluttered home.

On that same note, more of the components on this vacuum are located inside of the ball, which means that there are less external components, thus increasing maneuverability even more.

Like we said, the Dyson DC 65 Animal is specially equipped to deal with hair, especially pet hair, something that we in our home are all too familiar with. It has a couple of features which stop the brush head from getting tangled due to hair, a problem which many vacuums suffer from.

On that same note, the Dyson DC 65 Animal also comes with a special tangle-free turbine tool for removing pet hair from upholstery. Speaking of accessories, you get a lot of them with this model. Included is an up top tool for getting onto cupboards and appliances, as well as a reach under tool for getting under those same appliances.

You also get a soft dusting brush for blinds and other objects, a stiff bristle brush to really deal with carpets, a mattress tool to get all of that nasty stuff off your bed, and a 2 in 1 combo stair tool too.

As you can see, we love the fact that the Dyson DC 65 Animal comes with such a wide array of accessories. This makes vacuuming our whole home from top to bottom about as easy as can be. Of course, we cannot forget the fact that the Dyson DC 65 Animal does have a whole lot of suction power. We really haven’t encountered dirt on our floor that this vacuum can’t pick up.


What we like:

  • Big suction power
  • Great cyclone technology
  • Awesome brush head
  • Seamlessly switch from hard floor to carpet
  • Great for hard flooring, better for carpets
  • Great maneuverability
  • Stands upright on its own
  • Large dirt canister
  • Great for pet hair
  • Plethora of accessories included
  • 5 year warranty included


What we didn't like:

  • Not the best choice for stairs
  • Fairly short extension cord
  • Fairly heavy

Dyson DC 65 Animal


We hope that this Dyson DC 65 Animal review has given you a better understanding of what this vacuum is all about. If you have lots of hard floors, carpets, and lots of pets, we would definitely recommend giving this model a closer look.

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