Dyson Light Ball Review

Dyson Light Ball Review

The Light Ball from Dyson is an impressive upright bagless vacuum that gives you a lot of convenient features at a very affordable price. In this Dyson Light Ball review, we’ll look at what the vacuum does well and what could be improved, along with the kind of user for whom it provides the most value, answering some of the most common questions users have.


How well does it clean?

The Dyson name is synonymous with quality cleaning equipment, and the Light Ball certainly lives up to this reputation. It uses a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically adapts to different types of floor. This means you can use it in your entire house, transitioning from linoleum or hardwood to carpet without stopping to change the settings.

The Dyson Light Ball has very powerful suction that cam remove even microscopic dust particles from deep within your carpets. It uses a Radial Root Cycle technology that maximizes the suction power on all surfaces. This suction power is especially impressive because it only uses about 700W to run, about half the power usage of other Dyson models.

Is it easy to use?

The Light Ball is both convenient and versatile, and it makes it easy to clean your home from top to bottom. In addition to the main vacuum head, it has a long-reach hose that releases from the body in a single smooth action. You can then use the wand to clean ceilings, corners, stairs, and other hard to reach areas.

Of course, the Light Ball is built around the Dyson Ball technology. This gives you smooth multi-directional steering for navigating around furniture and other obstructions. Since the weight is centered so low on the device, it also makes it easier for you to push around. It’s one of the lightest Dyson models already, and the easy steering means vacuuming takes almost no effort at all.

Is it good for allergies?

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The Light Ball has all the features you need to completely remove allergens from your home. It doesn’t simply use a filtration system at one or two points on the vacuum but throughout the system, meaning that even microscopic particles are completely trapped inside the machine. The air that’s spit out of the vacuum is free of any rogue particles, whether that’s dust or micro-organisms.

In one Dyson Light Ball review, it was found to remove over 99% of microscopic particles like mold spores, dust mites, and fungus or bacteria from carpets, without spitting them back into the air.

The ease of emptying the bin is another key factor in making this vacuum great for those with allergies. With some vacuums, the canister is so tricky to empty that you end up spilling it and disturbing the dust within, sending plumes back into the air you’re breathing. The Light Ball can be emptied by pushing a single button, making it much more hygienic than most vacuums you’ll find.


What we like:

  • Powerful suction on both carpets and hardwood
  • Long reach
  • Quiet motor
  • Extremely maneuverable
  • Bin is easy to remove and empty


What we didn't like:

  • Smaller than other Dyson models with a slightly smaller capacity
  • No specific tools for pet messes
  • Filter is slightly awkward to use

The Conclusion

The Dyson Light Ball has the suction to take care of all kinds of messes, whether that’s spilled food in the kitchen or dust trapped under your furniture. As you can see from this Dyson Light Ball review, it’s an excellent all-purpose vacuum for homes both large and small. It also gives you all of this power without sucking up too much power, letting you save money on your energy bills—a nice extra benefit.

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