roomba 614 review

iRobot Roomba 614 Review

The world is smaller than ever. Thanks to technology, you can experience all the wonders of the Earth in the blink of and eye. So, why do you want to waste you time cleaning the floor when you can be out exploring? Let a robot take care of that chore for you. We put together this iRobot Roomba 614 review together to help get you off the floor and out on the trail.


iRobot is the pioneer of the robot vacuum. They started as an MIT project, and have grown to be some of the best and most reliable robots on the market. What we hope to accomplish with our iRobot Roomba 614 review is to determine if this robot is as impressive as its brothers.

Roomba 614 Review

Cleaning Made Simple

The problem with cleaning your floors is that to clean, you have to dig out the vacuum unravel the cord find an outlet. By the time you have started vacuuming you’ve already wasted precious fun minutes.

The Roomba 614 activates its cleaning with the touch of a single button.

The only plug you have to worry about is when you take this little puppy out of the box for the first time. You plug in the charging dock once and don’t need to go back. The 614 even has a built-in memory that will automatically return it to the dock when the room has been cleaned, or when the battery gets low.

Cleaning Power

Once you have sent the Roomba 614 on its cleaning path it uses a series of navigation sensors to learn the layout of your home. The 614 can detect where your furniture is and navigate under couches, tables, and chairs. It can even tell when it is getting close to stairs to avoid taking a tumble.

As it memorizes your home, the 614 is also using the dirt detect sensor to snag dirt along the way. This sensor works for both hard and soft flooring. iRobot has built the 614 with a pair of multi-surface brushes that work in tandem to agitate dirt.

The first brush shakes the dirt, dust, hoar, and other invading nasties loose from you floor and directs it toward the larger second brush. This larger brush forces the debris toward the suction channel to makes sure no tricky dust bunnies escape. The filtration system in the vacuum helps ensure that fine dust and dirt stay trapped and don’t return to haunt you.

Corners Like a Dream

For those tough corners and edges of your home, that you usually have to break out the crevice tool for, the Roomba 614 has an edge-sweeping brush that sweeps along the baseboards and corners and directs that pesky dirt toward the powerful dual brushes. No more straining your back to make sure the edges look good.

Room for Improvement

We want to make our iRobot Roomba 614 review honest, so we are going to highlight a few things we felt deserved a check in the “needs improvement” box.

The first is the lack of scheduling. Other Roomba models have a schedule feature that allows you to set up to seven days of automatic cleaning. The only time you need to touch the bot is to empty the dust collection bin. This is minor, because it really isn’t hard to walk up and touch “clean”.

Second is the dust bin. The 614 has a clearance of only 3.6-inches, so it has a small dust bin, meaning you have to make sure you give it love after a cleaning session to prevent clogging. Not a major hassle, since you are required to do the same with a vacuum, but we would like to see a little more storage.

Final Word

Our verdict of the iRobot Roomba 614 review is that this is a great household tool for everyday cleaning. Even with the little issues we would like to see improved, this is still a great and reliable cleaning tool.

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