The Bissell CrossWave On Carpet: How It Performs

Can You Use Bissell Crosswave On Carpet? How It Performs?

Vacuum cleaners are essential tools when it comes to keeping your home free of dust, dirt, and more. This is especially true when it comes to your floors, both hard flooring, and carpeting. Most vacuum cleaners do a pretty decent job on hard flooring, but carpeting is another issue. The Bissell CrossWave might just be the solution to this problem.

It can be really difficult to get all of that dirt out of carpets, especially thick ones. Sure, vacuuming does a good job, but what about washing the carpets and rugs? Well, that’s why we are here today, to take a look at a particular vacuum and how it performs on the carpet. When it comes to the Bissell CrossWave on the carpet, it does a fantastic job at both vacuuming and washing.

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Can You Use a Bissell Crosswave on Carpet?


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The Bissell CrossWave is definitely a really neat vacuum cleaner to go with for several different reasons. When it comes to vacuuming and washing hard flooring and carpeting, in our opinion, it has to be one of the best options around. The reason for this is because it is both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

First off, it comes with dual tanks. In one tank, you can put water with vinegar, soap, or some other kind of cleaning solution. This solution will then run through the Bissell CrossWave, spray on the floor, and then get sucked back up along with any dirt, dust, and other debris.

The second canister is the storage tank which holds the wet and dry debris until you empty it. On a side note, emptying the tank is nice and easy. Simply press the button, release the tank, and pour out whatever is on the inside.

We do really like this feature because it eliminates the need to have a vacuum, mop, and carpet cleaner. This is an all in one tool that takes care of our carpets, hard flooring, and more. The Bissell CrossWave comes with a dual-action brush roll that can be used on carpets and on hard flooring, plus it works wonders for picking up both wet and dry messes.

The brush roll can be easily removed for maintenance, something that is convenient for homes where lots of cleaning is needed. The bristles are specially designed to work for both wet and dry messes, which is a huge advantage in our home. What is also cool is that you can choose whether to just vacuum your carpets and hard floors, or you can choose to wash them at the same time too.

To make sure that your carpets don’t get soaked through and through, the handle features a switch that you can use to choose between hard floor and carpet cleaning. Yet another bonus, especially for houses like ours that have some really thick carpets that shouldn’t get too wet. The Bissell CrossWave does actually have really good suction power, which means that it can even pick up the spilled cereal which my kids love to get on the floor all of the time.

The Bissell CrossWave is also a convenient option to go with because it stands up all on its own even when we let go of it. Moreover, this model is actually pretty lightweight and compact, meaning that it’s easy to maneuver and can be stored in tight areas too.


What we like:

  • Seamlessly switch from carpets to hard flooring
  • Vacuums and washes in one
  • Moisture control for carpets and hard flooring
  • Can be used with or without water
  • Specially designed high-speed brush roll to pick up wet and dry messes
  • Two tank system – one for clean water and one for dirty water/debris
  • Very lightweight and maneuverable
  • Stands up all on its own
  • Easy to maintain


What we didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t do too well with pet hair
  • Fairly noisy
  • Needs to be close to an electrical outlet

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When it comes to the Bissell CrossWave on the carpet, the verdict here is that it’s simply one of the best options around. It can vacuum and wash your carpets and your hard floors in one single go, which is all that needs to be said as far as we are concerned. The Bissell CrossWave is reliable, it’s easy to use, and it’s highly effective too!

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