Bissell CrossWave Models Compared Which One is Best

Bissell CrossWave Models Compared: Which One is Best?

In need of a new vacuum cleaner? Or curious to know more about Bissell’s CrossWave machines?

Vacuums are a tricky purchase to make, there are so many features listed, and they all claim to be the best vacuum there is. How do we know who to believe?

It can be murky waters to tread through, and when you are in desperate need of a new vacuum, you don’t often have time to scroll through thousands of results and reviews.

But luckily for you, that’s where we come in to save you from vacuum-induced stress!

Today we will be comparing Bissell’s CrossWave’s models to find the best one for you and your needs!

Let’s get into Bissell CrossWave models compared: which is best to help you find the vacuum of your dreams!

When searching through Bissell’s CrossWave range of wet and dry cleaners, you might find yourself getting confused between them. After all, there are a lot of similarities!

Today we are going to compare the Bissell CrossWave regular (models: 1785, 1785a, 1785w, 1785b, 1785f, 1785g, and 17859), the Bissell Crosswave Pet (models: 2303, 2305, 2306, 2306a, 2328), and the Bissell CrossWave Premier Model 2304P. 

What are the differences between the models?

You might be wondering, what are the differences between all these models and types of vacuums? The main difference between these models is the added extras that they offer. 

For example, the Pet Pro models feature a pet hair strainer in the dirty water tank and use the tangle-free brush roll. Apart from that, there are some differences in the color of the models.

Some models have more color options than others but don’t worry; we will look at that in closer detail further along. 

What do the models have in common?

Now that we have covered the differences, let’s look at what unites the vacuums together.

All CrossWave and Pet models feature the same 4.4 amps motor that delivers excellent performance when in use. They also come with a  25-foot long cord that will allow you to maneuver the vacuum around your home with ease. 

They also come with a separate water tank for clean and dirty water. The dual-tank feature is excellent, allowing you to mop without changing your water and avoiding using any dirty water on a clean floor. 

The cleaners all feature a 12-inch cleaning path width allowing for a great range of movement while you move through the house. These models are all the same weight, 11.5lbs, which should be easy for most users to move around their homes. 

CrossWave Pet Pro:

The Pet Pro model features a pet hair strainer that sets it apart from other models. The strainer works to collect pet hair and large particles and stop them from entering your sink drain.

The strainer avoids debris entering your dirty water that will end up in your sink drain. It helps to prevent any blockages or clogs hair can cause and makes the cleaner easier to empty when you are finished. 

A tangle-free brush roll works to minimize pet hair from wrapping around the brush roll. It helps to avoid tangled hair getting caught in the vacuum when cleaning.

Bissell tested the brush with hair length up to 8-inches long, so it should be perfect for pets of all kinds! 

There is also a multi-surface pet brush that uses a blend of microfiber and nylon to mop the floor and pick up debris at the same time. The softness of microfiber and nylon will ensure that no damage comes to your floors while you are cleaning. 

Customers overall found the pet features to be successful and caught the hair with minimal issues. They found the cleaner easy to use and that it was durable, providing years of stress-free use!

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Some customers did note issues with the dirty water tank and found that sometimes dirty water was visible on the floor. The problem was not reported by many customers, though, so it should not impact you.  

The vacuum features a 28 oz clean water tank and a separate 14.5 oz dirty water tank like other CrossWave models. The separate tank here also stops animal hair and other debris from mixing with clean water used to clean the floor. 

CrossWave’s Pet Pro has a slightly longer warranty period than other models. With the Pet Pro, you get a 3-year limited warranty for protection against any issues you might encounter with the vacuum.

Comparatively, the regular CrossWave models feature a two-year limited warranty. There seems to be no specific reason for the different warranty periods. 

Does the CrossWave Pet Pro sound like the vacuum for you? Why not purchase it here!

Another difference between the vacuums is their included accessories and colors. 

CrossWave Pet Models:

What about the other pet models? There are a few different models within the Pet range that we will look at briefly now. 

The Bissell 203 CrossWave Pet Pro Upgrade is a multi-surface wet and dry vacuum cleaner that features the same pet brush roll. It comes with some added features that the Pet Pro does not have. 

For example, it comes with a multi-surface brush roll, a wood floor brush roll, an area rug brush roll (80z), a wooden floor formula (8oz), a multi-surface pet formula, a storage/parking tray, and an extra filter.

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That’s a lot of added extras with this vacuum, and great for those after formulas too. 

The Pet Pro Upgrade also features an impressive five-year limited warranty that will provide peace of mind for any user. The vacuum is also available in titanium with grapevine purple and sparkle silver options. 

CrossWave Series:

Now, what about the CrossWave original series? There are some differences between the different models that we shall look at to help make your difference. The main difference between these models is the accessories included with the cleaners.

1785, 1785a, 1785w feature a multi-surface brush roll, a parking tray, and a bottle of multi-surface cleaner (8oz). They weigh the same 11.5lbs as the CrossWave Pet Pro and feature the same cleaning width as we mentioned earlier. 

The models also feature the same dual tank feature and size to hold dirty water separately while cleaning your floors. 

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They are backed by a shorter two-year warranty period, giving you less time covered should anything go wrong with your cleaner. However,  customers noted minor issues with their cleaners, so this should not be an issue. 

Customers were pleased with the CrossWave series in general. They praised its ability to clean tile and hardwood floors with ease, delivering excellent results time after time. 

Some customers also found great success using these models to clean pet hairs too. Remember that these models do not have the designated hair strainer, so be careful of hair entering your drain when you empty the dirty water tank! 

There were some comments about streak marks left on floors after mopping. Few customers reported the problem, and a common solution to this is to sweep down dirtier floors before use.

You might need to use the cleaner more than once to achieve streak-free floors, cleaning the brush roll in between uses. 

Don’t let this put you off! It is a common issue among mops, and dirtier floors, so bear with it! 

Now, what about the colors? You have few options here. 1785, 1785b, 1785f, and 1785g  come in lime green only. The 1785w is teal, and both the 2211w and 17859 come in blue. 

You don’t get color choice and options here that you would with other vacuums, which can be off-putting for some users. If you are not bothered about the color, this should not be an issue for you. 

If the CrossWave model sounds like the option for you, then why not check it out now! 

How much?

Price is an essential factor when choosing your vacuum cleaner. The Pet Pro is your more expensive option due to its extra features explicitly designed to target pet hair!

Generally speaking, the other models are all reasonably priced. They are a little pricier than other vacuum cleaners on the market, but with the added mop features, it is easy to see why they cost more!

When deciding on the best Bissell CrossWave machine for you, be sure to consider your budget and ensure that it is an option you can afford.

With so many great offerings from Bissell, we are confident you will find the best wet and dry cleaner for you and your home!  

Final Word

Here we are, at the end of our comparison today! Now, don’t look so sad, we have learned a lot, haven’t we? There is much that divides these wet and dry vacuum cleaners, but they have similarities too. 

When it comes to deciding which cleaner is best for you, it is worth considering the accessories you want your vacuum to have.

If you have pets that shed a lot of hair, then the Pet Pro or Upgrade model are options to strongly consider as they have designated brushes for targeting hair and keeping it out of your water tanks. 

If you are looking for a wet and dry cleaner and live in a pet-free home, any of the original CrossWave series will be suitable for you! Why not pick the color that suits you!  

If you are after a  reasonably priced cleaner that will keep your floors dirt and pet-hair free with minimal effort, then it's the Bissell cleaners for you! Now that we know the differences go forth and grab the wet and dry cleaner of your dreams!