Bissell CrossWave vs. SpinWave: Let’s compare!

Bissell CrossWave vs. SpinWave: Let’s compare!

Are you torn between two of Bissell’s light machines? We were too! Let’s look at some of the differences between these two machines to help you decide today. 

Though the machines are designed for sealed hard floors (vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and linoleum), some differences set them apart from each other!


The first major difference is that the Bissell CrossWave is a wet/dry vacuum and the SpinWave is a mop. When choosing between the two, consider which would be better for your cleaning needs. 

If you have hard floors and rugs, then the CrossWave is the better option as it can be used on both surfaces. As the SpinWave is a mop, it is unsuitable for soft floors such as carpets and rugs. It is limited only to use on hard floors. 

Let’s look at the specifications a bit closer. The CrossWave has a rotating brush roll that will pick up the dry mess, mop, and a water extraction feature. These features provide great diversity for the cleaner and save you needing an additional mop!

There is a separate tank too that holds dirty water and a tank for a clean solution. The solution is no replacement for a vacuum or carpet cleaner, though; it is better for quick cleaning.

On the other hand, the SpinWave is capable only of mopping. There is a water tank for your solution and two counter-spinning mop heads that scrub the floor. The two heads allow for a larger surface area to be cleaned. 

Both machines are corded, with the CrossWave having a slightly longer cord of 25 feet long. In comparison, the SpinWave has a 22-foot cord. The CrossWave does use more power though, it has a rating of 4.4 amps, compared to 0.9 amps on the SpinWave mop.

They are both easy to use thanks to their swivel steering! Both machines use warm tap water that is easy to fill up. There is no heater, headlight, or auto cord rewind, which can be deal breakers for some users! 

Price-wise, the CrossWave is more expensive than the SpinWave. We can put this down to the CrossWave being able to vacuum as well as mop your floors. 


Which one will it be? Be sure to select the cleaner that is right for you in terms of features, performance, and price.

Happy cleaning!