How to get the hair out of the carpet

How To Get Hair Out Of Carpet? [Step By Step Guide]

Carpets in a home with long-haired residents or furry pets may accumulate plenty of hair every day. No matter how expensive your carpet is, it comes with tiny fibers that can trap hair strands. While these hair strands are almost invisible, they can become a pain in the neck if not removed or cleaned timely.

One of the common problems this dropped hair may cause is clogging in your vacuum cleaner. Excessive hair accumulation in a vacuum roller affects the appliance's machine efficiency. To keep your carpet free from hairballs and dusty clumps, you must use other methods before vacuuming it.

Using some simple tools for carpet hair removal, your carpet will look well-groomed and your home, spic-and-span. Besides, no one feels like living in a home with loose hair strands on the carpet.

Keep on reading to find out some of the most effective tips and methods to get rid of the stubborn hair from your beautiful carpet.

Step By Step Guide - How to get the hair out of the carpet without a vacuum?

How to get the hair out of the carpet without a vacuum

Use Fabric Softener

Your fabric softener can be of great help when it comes to removing hair from the carpet. Just as it helps you prevent clothes from stiffing or sticking together, it can keep sticking hair at bay. Plus, making a fabric softener solution is easy and quick. All you need is to use a few drops of a quality fabric softener in warm water.

It is better to use a spray bottle for this purpose, as it allows you to squirt the solution all over the carpet without using too much. Once you spray the solution on your carpet, it will loosen the hair and prime the carpet for other removal methods. Keep in mind that you can use plenty of different ways or options to collect the tiny hairs.

For instance, using a regular vacuum cleaner may do the job. Set it on 'high' and run it over each spot multiple times. Don't rush through with this method, as it may loosen the fibers of your expensive carpet. If you can't find a quality fabric softener, use dryer sheets to rub along the carpet and get a similar effect. It creates static to help you draw the hair from the carpet and remove it through vacuuming or brushing.

Use a Bristle Brush 

Bristled Brush

Another simple way to keep your carpets from accumulating hair is using a soft bristle brush. Of course, it will take a considerable amount of elbow grease to hand-brush the carpet. Despite being pain-staking and time-consuming, the process is incredibly effective. And once it primes hair in the carpet or rug for removal, it works well.

Accumulate Hair Using Carpet Rake

Carpet Rake

You might not have heard or tried using a carpet rake to collect or remove hair from the carpet, but it does work. The method may seem a bit rough for your exquisite and delicate carpet, but keep in mind that you're not using a garden rake to clean the carpet. There are specifically designed rakes available on the market for this purpose. You need to buy one that is gentle enough on the carpet and effective as well.

The products typically come with thin bristles, which are metal, rubber, or nylon-based. The thin structures easily penetrate the fibers of the carpet and draw the hair out. They are simple to use and require the same effort as a garden rake or broom. It is not much different from running a comb or brush through the hair of your carpet.

Buy the Carlisle Commercial Grade 18" rake or groomer if you're looking for a quality product. It's a good option that's easy to use and affordable, along with offering excellent results. If hair accumulation is a regular occurrence for the carpets at your home, it is best to invest in the right product from the get-go.

Try a Dog Grooming Glove or Brush

Dog rubber grooming glove

Using a dog grooming brush or gloves to remove hair strands from carpet, particularly pet hair, is another easy yet practical option you can try. Of course, you can use this brush on your pets to get rid of excess hair before it falls on the carpet. A dog grooming brush glove or brush works exceptionally well for short-haired dogs and cats. It effortlessly removes all the loose hair resting on top of your dog's coat. It comes with soft rubber bristles that are excellent for not only collecting hair but also drawing it. As it gently removes the shedding hair from your pet's coat, it can work equally well on rugs or carpets. However, you need to make sure that you use a product that is a good fit for your carpet.

Ensure that you buy a rubber brush with a comfort-grip handle. It makes holding the brush easier and removes hair that is tough to catch in your carpet. Use the KONG – Cat ZoomGroomer as it will suffice for the job. Another similar yet effective option is a pet grooming glove. It slips on the hand like a glove and draws up hair using its silicone balls.

Cleaning gloves are practical when you rinse them with soapy water and remove hair from the carpet. To get the best results, make sure you continue brushing the gloved hand over the carpet.

Remove with Rubber Broom

Rubber Broom

You may also use a rubber broom to sweep up all the pesky and unsightly hair from your expensive carpet. The product requires no additional effort as it functions the same way your broom does. But, it uses tiny yet strong rubber bristles to catch or collect dirt and hair from the carpet. This may sound bizarre to you, but a rubber broom works better than a vacuum cleaner when removing hair from the carpet.

Besides this, you can use a rubber broom to clean other surfaces, such as hardwood, to remove pet hair.

Use a Squeegee


A squeegee is another easy-to-go option you can use. It can be your all-time solution if you don't have access to a rubber glove or broom. Many expert home cleaners use a squeegee to ensure hair-free carpets as its rubber edges are great for gently pulling up hair from your carpet.

Try using a squeegee with a long, sturdy rod attachment to hold and draw hair comfortably. Once you collect the hair, go over the carpet and check it from a standing position for leftover strands. Run your hand-held squeegee over your carpet multiple times, especially over spots with accumulated hair. Remove it as you move the squeegee along.

Use a Cleaner Vacuum Attachment 

vacuum cleaner attachment

If your vacuum cleaner is not cutting it for effective hair removal, replacing the unit entirely is unnecessary. Perhaps the problem is with its attachment. Try using its brush tool attachment to clean or massage the carpet. It works well to pulls out a significant amount of loose hair strands.

That is to say, if your regular vacuum cleaner doesn't offer much in terms of sweep attachments, you can use the brush separately as a cleaning tool. It works great for cleaning or removing hair from the carpet if it is a regular problem for you.

Grab some Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tape

Though it is a labor-intensive option, double-sided tape on the carpet works well for hair removal. All you need is to wrap the tape (some of it) around your hands and crawl around the carpeted floor while pressing your taped palms against the carpet.

Just one round, and you will see a lot of hair on the surface area of the tape. The option takes some physical effort but certainly works if you don't mind greasing elbows to keep your carpet well-maintained.

Apply Baking Soda

Baking Soda

This is, without a doubt, one of the tried and tested methods for carpet cleaning. Many people use baking soda on carpets to clean and deodorize them. In addition, the method is well-proven for loosening dirt and hair in carpets as well. Using baking soda for this purpose is very easy and affordable.

You need to sprinkle the powerful cleaning agent across the carpet and rub it hard. We suggest you use a broom or your foot to give it a good rub. Allow the cleaning agent to set in the carpet for at least 10 minutes. Once done, collect the hair. You can vacuum (optional) to remove hair faster and freshen up the carpet's look.

Steam Clean the Carpet 

Steam Cleaner Vacuuming

Excellent at removing bacteria, dirt, and most importantly, odors from rugs and carpets, steam cleaning is the most trusted solution to remove accumulated hair. Though you may seek the services of professionals to steam clean your carpet, it may cost you hundreds of dollars, especially if you need to perform the step frequently.

How about investing in a quality steam cleaner and use it when you need it? Generally, a steam cleaner is a comprehensive product to keep carpets shining and hair-free. You can tackle the mess on your carpet in no time without having to put in much effort. Using a steam cleaner is a method that consistently helps you avoid hair accumulation in the first place.

Use Rubber Soled Shoes

Rubber Soled Shoes

Did you know that the sole of your shoes is a powerful weapon to tackle dropped-down hair expertly? While it certainly sounds surprising, try to remove hair from the carpet by;

  • Grabbing a pair of shoes that have rubber soles
  • Giving them a wash so the outsole is dirt-free and you can walk indoors with your shoes on (don't worry about sullying the floor).
  • While walking on the carpet as a snowplow, see the fur or hair under your feet.
  • Again, remove the furry balls from the shoes using hands or a vacuum cleaner

How to get the hair out of the carpet in a car?

vacuum carpet in a car

Dog Hair Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. It is especially true when it comes to getting hair out of your car's carpet. Given this, always brush your pet before you let him in the car. This is the easiest way to remove any loose hairs beforehand and reduce pet hair accumulating in the car.

Seat Covers

Keeping your car's seats covered with the right product is another smart way to remove pet hair from getting in the car. Use specialist seat covers to keep hair from shedding. They contain a manageable area to collect pet hair. Don't forget to clean your car's seat cover after coming back from a ride with your pet. You may also use an old towel to cover the seats if you don't have specialized seat covers.


You can use balloons to catch pet hair on the car's carpet. Though the idea may sound like a left-field suggestion, it is very effective. All you need is to harness the power of some static electricity while using a balloon as a tool to remove hair from the car's carpet.

Rub a balloon gently over the interior surfaces of your car to lift off or stick pet hair. By repeating this process, you can easily wipe the pet hair until the car is spotless.

This method works brilliantly to remove loose hair, but it's not as effective in removing embedded strands.

How to remove hair from a vacuum roller?

Follow the given steps to clean or remove hair from your vacuum roller.

  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner before you start any maintenance work to avoid injuries or accidents.
  • Locate the roller as it is beneath the cleaner. You will see a lot of dirt, debris, and hair on the plat. Unscrew it using the right tool and keep the screws safe somewhere.
  • Use a seam ripper to remove hair from the roller as it can remove even the tiniest hair. Use your hands to grab or draw visible hair. keep doing so until it is completely clean
  • Lubricate the roller well and check if it spins smoothly on the axis.
  • Once lubricated, screw the roller in its place carefully using appropriate tools.
vacuum cleaner brush


All in all, the steps mentioned above are simple and easy to keep your carpet hair-free and look brand new. Make sure you use the right tools and products that don't affect the delicateness and elegance of your carpet.