Why Is My Bissell Crosswave Not Spraying Water?

The Bissell Crosswave is among the most convenient cleaning machines available on the market. It features a rotating brush, and it can spray water too. But there are times when it won't spray water. 

There can be various reasons behind it. And in this post, we will talk about them and shed some light on how you can resolve this issue and make your work clean again. 

So, scroll down to read further. 

Why Is My Bissell CrossWave Not Dispensing Water?

There can be various reasons why your Bissell CrossWave is not dispensing water. However, here are some of the top reasons it has stopped spraying water. 

  • Its pump belt has worn out, gone missing, or damaged.
  • That red gasket right under the formula tank is not properly in its place.
  • Its inline filter has been either clogged or blocked. 
  • Its spray tips have been clogged. 
  • The trigger button has been damaged and has no tension whatsoever. 
  • The unit has been in use for a long time and has lost its prime.
  • That valve present right under the water tank is not properly depressed.

Are you thinking about throwing your Bissell machine after it has stopped working? Don't do it. Let's troubleshoot the issue your machine is facing. 

Maybe the solution is much simpler than you think and it will avoid you incurring a cost to buy a new one. 

How to Fix the Problem?

Tools needed:

  • Old toothbrush
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Check that pump belt

Plug the machine in, keep it upright, and turn it on. Look at the front nozzle and see if the front nozzle is rotating or not. The same pulley drives the spray and the brush roll. If you see the brush is not turning, unplug your unit and open the door to access its belt using a  worn flat-head screwdriver. 

A pump belt will connect the pump pulley with the motor. You will have to replace it if it is damaged or worn out. However, replacing the belt will make your Bissell carpet cleaner start spraying again. 

Check that the red gasket present under the formula tank

Keep your belt intact, replace its belt access cover, and then recline the machine. Check if the formula tank has any formula and water in the inner bladder if it doesn't spray. Also, check if the inner rubber gasket is properly in its place.

If it is not in place, you will have to replace it using a screwdriver or pliers for lifting it out. You have to make sure to affix it properly. The gasket needs to cover the outer and inner edges of that valve. 

Press the valve on the water tank and the formula tank using your finger to ensure the liquid comes out. If it comes out, you need to move on to the next step.

Check that inline filter for any blockage.

Now it's time to check the inline filter for any blockages. First, you can unscrew that filter cap (flow indicator). You will find two pieces inside; the spinner and the filter. Pull both these pieces out and remove any debris using a brush and wash them. 

You need to pour hot water right through the flow indicator and check to see if any water comes out through the bottom of your machine. If the water comes through, you need to replace the spinner and the filter. 

Check those spray tips.

The next step is to check those spray tips if they are clear or not. Next, put the water tank and formula tank aside and flip your machine over. Next, flip its brush up and use an old toothbrush to remove debris. You might also see some hair clogging here. 

Check to see if any water sprays out. Put the water tank and the formula tank back in and the handle up. Now plug the machine in. Unwrap your hose and remove the tool. Plug the Bissell carpet cleaner in and see if any spray comes out or not. 

Prime the unit

Check to see if the trigger springs back when you press it. If there is no tension, you need to contact the Service Center. And if the tension is there but the spray is not coming out, it is time to prime the unit. 

For this, you will have to turn the unit off and hold the trigger for half a minute and then turn it on and check the spray. If this doesn't work either, you need to take it to the Service Center. 

Check that valve under the water tank.

bissell crosswave water tank

If your unit is still not spraying, you will have to check the valve under the water tank at the back of the machine. Make sure that this water tank is properly in place and depressed. The water tank has to be in this position for the spray tips to work. Make sure you don't have a dirty water tank. This dirty water tank can damage your cleaner in the long run. 

Remove the tank and put it back in properly to fix the machine. You will also have to clean the water tank properly as a dirty water tank can cause blockage. So, put this clean water tank back. This clean water tank will also prevent any clogging. 

Where Are the Spray Tips on A Bissell CrossWave?

The spray tips of the Bissell Crosswave clean machine are right under the brush window. To check them, grab the pull tab present on the brush window and remove the window by pulling it upward. You will see small holes near both sides of the brush. 

You will have to check for any clogs in these holes or any sitting flush. Plus, you can probe these spray tips using a paper clip to clear any clogs. Before you reattach the brush window, you must check for spray from the spray tips. Now, plug the Bissell carpet cleaner in and firmly push that hard floor button to turn it on and make sure not to recline. It will make it shoot up from the tips. 

If water starts running from spray tips, turn the Bissell carpet cleaner off and unplug it. Now, reattach the brush window by lining those tabs up present on the front edges of the foot of your carpet cleaner. Now, push the brush window back in its place until you hear the click sound. 

Turn the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro on and test your machine's spray. If the spray comes out of the tips, but it is not coming out of the brush window, you will need to replace the brush window. But if you are not getting any spray from the tips, it's time to contact the manufacturer. 


How do I fix my Bissell CrossWave not spraying?

There are various reasons that your Bissell carpet cleaner is not working. You will have to go through all the steps listed above. If that doesn't work, you will have to take your unit to the service center for fixing. 

How do you reset a Bissell CrossWave?

Using the Bissell connect app, you will have to click the hamburger menu button present on the top left corner of the screen. Click Bissell CrossWave Max. Now tap that gear button present on the top right corner of the screen and choose factory reset. 

How do you unclog a CrossWave?

You have to look for the spray tips and clean them using a paper clip. You also need to check the hose and the water tank connections and see any hair stuck under the head. Get rid of any debris using an old toothbrush. 

How do you prime a Bissell CrossWave?

To prime a CrossWave, you will have to turn the unit off and press the spray trigger for 30 seconds. After that, turn the unit back on.


Following these simple steps will fix your Bissell CrossWave, not spraying water. Of course, you have to follow these steps closely before thinking about replacing your Bissell carpet cleaner. However, it might help you save from incurring unnecessary costs.