what is a stick vacuum

What is a Stick Vacuum?

A stick vacuum is an upright type of vacuum cleaner. It is light weight, but not as powerful nor has many attachments as its counterparts. It is simple to use and even easy to store. Vacuum cleaners are becoming better and more convenient each passing day.

A stick vacuum lacks a cyclone and the flash of a transformer. However, it has several amazing features. For instance, it has container attachments, swivel steering, rechargeable and motorized brush, a HEPA-type filtration system and is cordless.

The amazing features a stick vacuum comes with make it outstanding and a more efficient cleaner than traditional carpet cleaners. With all the features of a stick vacuum mentioned above, it can be your best vacuum cleaner if meets your needs and suits your application area.

Here are some benefits of stick vacuum cleaners and why people love using them:

Top 5 Benefits of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

1. Small sized and lighter

Stick vacuums are smaller and lighter for increased portable use. The good thing about this vacuum cleaner is that you can easily carry it anywhere even when all you want is to clean a spot of dirt on your carpet. When it comes to size and weight of a stick vacuum, there is no type of vacuuming machines that can beat this cleaner.

It can benefit people with difficulty when it comes to carrying, pulling or pushing heavy machines, especially those with special needs or the elderly. A vacuum cleaner isn’t just easy to use and operate, but also occupies a small storage space due to its compact design and size.

2. Cost Effective

If you are on a tight budget, stick vacuum cleaners are available at affordable prices. A stick vacuum cleaner isn’t expensive because its motors are less powerful and are made compact for storage purposes. It also has no attachments on it.

However, this isn’t the vacuum cleaner for you if all the features mentioned seem like cons of a cleaner to you. It’s always best to buy a cleaner that fits your budget and meets your cleaning needs. The stick cleaner is only suitable for small-scale use, hence its cost-effectiveness.

3. Easy to Use

Your pet can mess your carpet or flooring just when you expect friends over or even upon their arrival. A stick vacuum cleaner comes in handy to help you quickly clean up the mess in less time due to its light construction. Its upright design and added technology makes cleaning quicker and easier.

Its brushes are motorized to increase its cleaning effectiveness. Some are attached with containers that hold swept dirt and debris for easy emptying. Others have wands for flexibility in cleaning hard-to-reach-areas in your home. The design also enables ease of adjusting its height so you don’t have to strain your back when cleaning.

4. A Stick Vacuum is not Noisy

A stick vacuum allows you to clean your carpet without filling your space with noise or disturbing the peace of your neighbors. The decibel level of a stick vacuum is lower than those of its larger counterparts.

You can hear some vacuums on this video:

5. Versatile

A stick vacuum can be converted into a cordless machine as it runs on a rechargeable battery. It gives you the freedom to clean all corners of your home without being limited by a cord, ensuring your home is cleaned from edge to edge.



A stick vacuum may not be as powerful as its larger counterparts, but it comes with many amazing features. If you have a small apartment, you won’t have to worry about storage space as the cleaner comes in a compact design for easy storage. Most models can even be hanged on walls.

Before deciding on a vacuum cleaner to purchase, there are some questions you need to ask yourself first. What type of floor do you have? Do you need to control allergic reactions in your home? How often will you be vacuuming your house? What additional surfaces will you need to clean? How much noise can you withstand?

With the right answers to the questions, you’ll be able to get the right vacuum cleaner for you. A stick vacuum cleaner works well on almost any type of floor. It can also control allergens in your home. It is flexible enough to clean areas other vacuum cleaners can’t clean such as under heavy seats.

With a stick vacuum, you won’t need to clean additional surfaces. It also produces less noise than larger vacuum cleaners. In general, it is ideal for small-scale, light use in cleaning small rooms, surfaces or areas that don’t require powerful vacuum cleaners to remove stubborn stains.