Where to Store Vacuum In a Small Apartment

Where to Store Vacuum In a Small Apartment? [Things to Consider]

Don't worry, we've all been there. Getting decent accommodation in the middle of the city is just as difficult as sighting a unicorn. So you have no option but to make do with what you have.

It is no secret that small apartments do not have enough storage. You hardly have enough space to keep your vacuum cleaner, so stop dreaming about bringing in that loveseat, you don't have the space for it! However, about that vacuum cleaner -we can help you figure out where to store a vacuum in a small apartment.

Where Do You Put The Vacuum In A Small Apartment?

Things to Consider:

What Does Your Apartment Look Like?

What Does Your Apartment Look Like

The layout of your apartment is very important to consider. Most small apartments only have one bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. If you are lucky, you might even have a living room, and perhaps a garage.

Bedrooms are the most crowded places in apartments. You might have to cram a lot of things in one place, including your bed, a wardrobe and a dressing table or perhaps even a small sofa. This leaves little to no space for a vacuum.

The same goes for the kitchen. Most kitchens in small apartments are already very small so storing a vacuum cleaner can be quite troublesome.

Do Your Clean Regularly?

Do Your Clean Regularly

Before you store your vacuum cleaner in a place that is hard to access, you need to think about how often you will need it. If you clean your apartment very regularly, you shouldn't store the vacuum in difficult places. If you hardly get time to clean your apartment, then you can store it wherever you can find a place.

Which Vacuum Do You Have?

Which Vacuum Do You Have - vacuum types

To find the right storage space, you must consider the size and type of your vacuum. Here are some of the most commonly used vacuum cleaners:


If you are looking for the most powerful vacuum cleaner, then you should definitely opt for Upright vacuum cleaners. But with great power comes great space requirement. If you think that your wardrobe or your garage has plenty of storage space, then you should choose upright vacuum cleaners.


Imagine being able to clean your apartment without having to worry about the electrical plug. Cordless vacuum cleaners are very convenient but you may need to keep a corner solely for  storing your vacuum cleaner.

However, if you invest some money, you might even be able to store the vacuum cleaner on the wall. That is a great way to make space, while ensuring that the wall is in some hidden area and does not ruin the aesthetic of your apartment.


Canister vacuums are a great convenience for people who are short on time and want to get all of the cleaning done within minimum time. These types of vacuums are not that big but big enough to need ample space. They are taller, so setting them up against a wall can be a good idea. Moreover, you can even put the vacuum under the bed or the sofa and save space.


These types of vacuum cleaners require very little space. You can store them under the sink or within your closet crowded by your shoes.

Where to Store

Where to Store Vacuum in small appartment

Now that you know what kind of vacuum cleaner requires how much space, let's get on to where exactly you can store your vacuum. Here are some storage options you can look into:

In The Kitchen

Where to store vacuum in kitchen

How often do you cook in your kitchen? if you don't cook as often, then perhaps you don't need all the space to store groceries. Instead of keeping groceries, you can keep your vacuum there. If not, there are several awkward corners in the kitchen, and all you have to do is make use of them and prop your vacuum in that corner.

Is Your Bedroom A Better Idea?

Where to store vacuum in bedroom

Since we all like to hoard a lot of stuff, we are hardly left with any space in our bedrooms.

Try to give some items away and free some storage for your vacuum. Or if you do not want to let go, you can store your vacuum under your bed. Just make sure that it fits properly and does not break.

Much like the kitchen, there may be several awkward corners in your room that can be used to store the vacuum. If there are any spaces in-between furniture, you can make more space by readjusting the furniture and keep the vacuum there.

How About the Garage?

Where to store vacuum in garage

Most apartments do not have a garage, so this option can be ruled out by many readers. However, if you do have a garage you can make excellent use of it. All you need to remember is that your vacuum should not be in the way of you parking your car.

Moreover, if your garage is too far from your apartment it can be problematic as you will have to go over to the garage every time you want to clean your home.

Take things in your hands as you can be the better judge. Consider all the things we have mentioned, and you will surely be able to find the best place to keep your vacuum.

Take a close look at your flooring and see what kind of vacuum cleaner will work for you and if you will easily be able to store it without inconveniences.