Dyson V6 Slim vs V6 Motorhead Review and Comparison

Stick Vacuum Showdown: Dyson V6 Slim vs V6 Motorhead

Stick vacuums offer users the ultimate combination of cleaning power and convenience. With their V6 line of cordless stick vacuums, Dyson delivers on both points. Comparing the different models in the line—such as the Dyson V6 Slim vs V6 Motorhead—you’ll see that each of them is designed with a specific best use in mind. Read on below for a breakdown of the difference between them that can help you figure out which one is the right choice for you.




Dyson V6 Slim

The V6 slim from Dyson is a lightweight, cordless stick vacuum that gives you all the power of the digital D6 motor in a very convenient package.


What we like:

  • Powerful suction on both carpet and hard floors
  • Two head materials make it adaptable to all floor types
  • Very lightweight for easy use
  • Great at picking up pet hair
  • Cordless so you can use it anywhere in your home
  • Convertible hand-held mode makes it even more convenient


What we didn't like:​

  • Shorter battery life than some models
  • Relatively small bin, will need to be emptied frequently
  • Difficult to maneuver on especially thick carpets


The motor used in the Dyson V6 line is designed to give you an excellent clean on any floor type. It can pick up even microscopic dust particles from hardwood floors, and has a powerful enough suction to pull even ground-in messes out of your carpet fibers.

Though it doesn’t say so in the name, the cleaner head is still motorized, letting it spin as fast as 110,000 RPM—nearly three times the speed of conventional motors. It uses a combination of carbon fiber filaments that are relatively soft and nylon bristles that are harder for your most exceptional clean.

The Dyson V6 Slim is also very easy to use. At under ten pounds, it’s one of the lightest full-power upright vacuums you can get. The entire vacuum uses a balanced construction, with the center of gravity shifted toward the handle. This makes it easy to move the entire vacuum anywhere you need it to be, even straight up and down.

For an even more convenient clean, you can detach the cleaning head from the handle to make it a hand-held version. Since all the Dyson tools fit onto the cleaner directly, you won’t be sacrificing any functionality.

The docking station can be mounted easily on the wall and gives you a place to both charge your vacuum and store it when it’s not being used. On a full charge, you get 20 total minutes of cleaning time. Since the battery only kicks in when you’re actually cleaning, you’ll get the full time no matter how far you have to take it.

Dyson V6 Motorhead

Comparing the Dyson V6 Slim vs V6 Motorhead, you’ll find them to be similar in many respects. Both give you a deep clean with cord-free convenience. The difference is the Motorhead packs a bit more punch.


What we like:

  • Cleans any carpet thickness without issue
  • Great for crevices on hard floors
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Lots of included accessories
  • Easy push-button system to empty the bin


What we didn't like:​

  • Short battery life (as low as 6 minutes on maximum power)
  • Noisier motor than other Dyson stick vacuums
  • Brush heads require frequent cleaning


The V6 Motorhead uses a direct drive system. This enables the motor to push the brush bristles deeper into thick carpets for an even better clean. In fact, the V6 Motorhead has about 75% more power than the V6 Slim mentioned above. You’ll definitely notice the difference if you’re sensitive to dust or have a lot of thick carpets in your home.

The extra power has other benefits, too. Though its weight isn’t significantly different than other Dyson stick vacuums, it will feel lighter and more maneuverable on tricky surfaces. You’ll also get more dirt on the first pass and won’t have to waste time and energy going back over trouble spots.

Dyson definitely thinks about convenience when they design their stick vacuums. The docking station and handheld mode are examples of this, but the attachments that come with it are also extremely useful. The Mini Soft Dusting Brush, for example, gives you a gentle enough clean you can even use it to get dust out of your keyboard.


When you look at the Dyson V6 Slim vs V6 Motorhead, you’ll see a very similar list of advantages and drawbacks. Both of them are great for short, intense cleaning sessions. They offer a consistently high-level clean, even on tricky areas like stairs and creviced hard floors. Unless you have a small home or apartment, though, you likely won’t be able to clean your entire home on a single charge, something some users may find frustrating.

Ultimately, the difference between the Slim and Motorhead is power. The Dyson V6 Motorhead is one of the most powerful stick vacuums on the market. While you have to exchange some battery life to get it, if you want the option of a short, intensive clean for especially tricky areas, the Motorhead is the choice for you.

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