The Best Vacuums with Retractable Cords

Keeping Clean: The Best Vacuums with Retractable Cords

Technology has come a very long way in the past few decades, including how we keep our homes clean and free of invading dust bunnies. There are few homes that don’t have a vacuum tucked away in a closet, hungry for dirt. We can’t imagine life without them and the convenience they provide. Newer vacuums even have cords that store themselves. But, with all the options on the market what are the best vacuums with retractable cords?


The benefit of the retractable cord is the increased ease and convenience of pacing up and storing your vacuum. A button or switch automatically pulls the cord back into the vacuum and stores it out of the way. No more cords to trip over, caught in doors, or wrapped around other tools.



Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Review


What we like:

  • Half gallon, easy to empty dust bin
  • Powerful suction
  • Ball design on body and head for better maneuverability
  • Easy to put together


What we didn't like:

  • Brush roll can get clogged easily
  • Can tip over if turning too fast

Over the years Dyson has successfully climbed to the top of vacuum performance profile. Their high suction power and consistent performance make them a tough competitor. Dirt, dust, and spills don’t stand a chance against the impressive line of vacuums.

For our list, we loved the Dyson Ball Canister Vacuum. Canister vacuums are great for their reach and portability. When cleaning with a canister you feel like you have a well-trained puppy following your around, except this dog cleans all your messes instead of staining your carpet.

What sets the Dyson Ball apart is the turbine head. This feature adds extra power to the vacuum right where the dirt lives. The brush head is comprised of nylon bristles that agitate the toughest ground in dirt from carpets, and carbon fiber filaments that sweeps up dust from hard floors. The combination of these bristles makes this vacuum a nearly perfect canister to clean your whole home.

Moving from one room or surface to another is really simple. We were even able to get the ground in dirt on the stairs. The canister is a little heavy at 16.9 pounds, but the impressive 45-foot (cord plus hose) reach meant we didn’t have to carry it very far.

The 21-foot cord easily retracts into the vacuum, and the whole vacuum folds down into a compact bowl for easy storage.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH70120


What we like:

  • Good maneuverability for its size
  • Attachments maintain cleaning power
  • Long cord
  • Easy to clean and empty the dust bin


What we didn't like:

  • Large and heavy compared to other similar vacs
  • No way to turn off floor brush roll

Hoover is one of those names that has been synonymous with household cleaning for decades. You don’t stick around for that long without having a quality vacuum that people love. Most of the staff in our shop have had a Hoover at one time or another, and so we were all excited to see how the WindTunnel Rewind stood up to the competition.

Hoover is one of those names that has been synonymous with household cleaning for decades. You don’t stick around for that long without having a quality vacuum that people love. Most of the staff in our shop have had a Hoover at one time or another, and so we were all excited to see how the WindTunnel Rewind stood up to the competition.

Even though this was a nostalgic favorite, we didn’t pull any punches in our testing. Hoover uses the it’s WindTunnel technology to create a vortex tornado effect to loosen and suck up dirt and objects on the floor. We threw cereal, chips, and candy all over the floor then walked on it with heavy boots. Anyone with kids knows that these things rarely lie nicely on top of our floors, but get crushed to powder.

The vacuum performed admirably in our tests. We were able to easily adjust the brush height for different types of carpets and hard surfaces. The vac is definitely at its best on carpets, but still did well enough on hardwood that we didn’t have to pull out the broom.

The WindTunnel Rewind has an eight-foot accessory hose with three attachments for specialty cleaning. We liked being able to take this suction power of the vac to our stairs and chairs. The dusting brush is a nice feature that helps get dust out of vents and curtains.

Oh, and the retractable cord worked fabulously. The Hoover uses a pedal to retract the 25-foot power cord. The mid body placement of the cord helps keep it out of your feet while navigating this vacuum around the dirt warzone.

Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, AS3030A


What we like:

  • Able to clean almost anywhere
  • Five brush roll settings for different floors
  • The hose is very stretchy and condenses down to a small size
  • Anti-allergen HEPA filter


What we didn't like:

  • A noisy vacuum
  • Heavy and slow to maneuver

The first surprise that greeted us with the Eureka Airspeed Unlimited was the tremendous 39-foot total reach comprised of a 12-foot “deluxe stretch hose” and a 27-foot power cord. For most people’s homes, that means you clean almost an entire room without needing to change outlets. In smaller homes or apartments, you may be able to do multiple rooms on one outlet.

The hose is long enough to tackle a flight of stairs without having to haul the vacuum up every step, or reach up into curtains, vents, and the tops of tall furniture. The hose has three attachments that add versatility to the Eureka Airspeed, and help create a whole room clean.

The power of the Eureka come from utilizing airspeed to create suction. By increasing the amount of air moving through the vacuum system the vac can consistently pick up dirt. We set the AirSpeed technology loose on our test floors, and found that even when the bin got fuller the suction didn’t suffer.

The retraction system for the cord on the Eureka reminded us of the old clothesline in Grandma’s house. The circular design of the cord keeper works pretty well at the touch of a button, but didn’t win any points for aesthetics.

Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum with Triple Action Brush, 1332


What we like:

  • Works well for houses with pets
  • Easy to empty dust bin
  • Good suction
  • Wide head covers more floor area


What we didn't like:

  • On the noisier side of similar vacuums
  • Cord comes out of the bottom, keeping it around user’s feet

The Bissell CleanView Plus is an upright vacuum designed to tackle all your floor types. At only 15.5 pounds the CleanView is easy to push around almost any surface. When we test out vacuums in our shop we don’t go easy, and we all but tortured the Triple Action Brush Roll.

The brush roll is designed with long thin bristles that dig deep down into carpets to shake loose dirt that has anchored itself below the surface. To test its power, we threw some dark soil on a white carpet, and walked across the piles to force them down between the fibers.

After attacking the test carpet with the CleanView we were surprised by the amount of dirt it pulled on the first pass. The suction was sufficient to pull the loose dirt off the surface, and the firm bristles of the brush roll did a reasonably good job of breaking loose the imbedded dirt. The first pass didn’t get everything out, but after a little persistence we were able to get the carpet clean enough to eat off.

The same feature is included in the accessory TurboBrush, which attaches to the hose extension and gives this vacuum the ability to clean furniture and stairs as easily as carpets and hard floors

The retractable cord was easy to operate with the push of a simple button near the base of the vacuum. These days, convenience is key, and the time and ease of the cord retraction it what put the Bissell CleanView on our list of beast vacuums with retractable cords.


Adding a retractable cord to a high-powered vacuum is a genius move by manufacturers. Having to clean up a 20 plus foot cord is tedious, and after spending an hour vacuuming it gets annoying. The added benefit of having a tidy home for the cord means less hassle and even fewer cord catastrophes. The best vacuums with retractable cords are a tightly knit bunch of dirt destroying machines.

While the retractable cords are a great feature convenience we had to make sure each of the vacuums still held substantial cleaning power. Every vacuum on our list of best vacuums with retractable cords performed admirable out of the box, and handled our brutal tests with a pleasing amount of power.

In the end we have to give our shop test victory to the Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum performed the most consistently. With 45-foot reach we got to almost every corner of the shop with ease. The stable base and light weight made it the easiest to use on stairs. We liked not having to support the canister as we moved around the room, and it was easy to clean and maintain.

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