How to Remove Roller Brush from a Shark Vacuum

How to Remove Roller Brush from a Shark Vacuum

A roller brush is an essential part of a vacuum cleaner. Whether yours is made of metal, plastic or wood, it is prone to debris and at times you will need it removed for cleaning. Some modern vacuum cleaners are self-cleaning, meaning you don’t have to detach them for cleaning purposes.

However, you’ll find this article useful if you need to remove a roller brush for replacement. Vacuum cleaners need just a simple maintenance service to serve you well for longer. A simple task as removing the roller brush for cleaning, maintenance or replacement may save you a dysfunctional vacuum cleaner.

Follow the right procedure for safe removal of a roller brush. The right procedure is fast, effective and secure to safeguard both you and your vacuum cleaner.

4 Steps to Removing a Roller Brush from a Shark Vacuum

# Detach the Shark Vacuum from Any Source of Power

This is an important step for safety purposes. You will find a number of people preferring to just switch off the power. As much as this will work, it would be better if you completely detach your vacuum cleaner from the power source. It can be hazardous to have your vacuum cleaner go on just when you have to remove the roller brush.

You may also have someone switching on the power source unknowingly, making it necessary to completely detach it from the power source. Apart from injuring yourself, moving the vacuum cleaner or roller brush when it is still connected to the power source may damage your shark vacuum cleaner.

# Access the Roller Brush

The roller brush is usually located on the underside of your Shark vacuum cleaner. It would be easier to remove it if you lay the machine down to expose its underside. At this position, the screws holding the bottom plate are easily accessible for removal.

In this position, you will be comfortable to turn the machine around as you remove the screws. At times, the vacuum cleaner screws get corroded and with the machine laid down, you can easily assess the situation. Use a rust remover to eliminate the rust on the screws for easy access and removal.

# Unscrew the Screws

This is where the right head screwdriver will come in handy. In most cases, the Shark vacuum cleaner comes packaged with a suitable head screwdriver. In case you lose your toolbox, visit the nearest electric appliances shop to get one suitable for your machine. Every vacuum cleaner comes with a number of screws holding the face plate.

In most cases, you will find four screws or more as per the make. It is good to use a container to hold your screws to ensure you don’t lose them. You’ll definitely need all the screws when assembling the roller brush back in position. Avoid using the wrong screwdriver as you may damage your screws or enlarge the screw holes.

# Pop It Out

Once all the screws are out and the faceplate detached, it’s time to pop out the roller brush. Usually, the roller brush slides out of the machine with ease. Only one end of the brush slides out; pull the other end out of its holding belt to completely remove the brush. In case this does not work, rotate the roller gently until it pops out.

Do not be in a hurry to pop the roller brush out of its belt as you need to check its sitting position and make sure it’s removed safely. Note the initial positioning of the roller brush so you can easily reassemble it back after cleaning. In case you need it replaced, you might need the manufacturer’s manual to fit the spare roller brush correctly.

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You will rarely get to remove your Shark vacuum’s roller brush if you are a moderate user. However, this short guide can be handy during the occasional cleaning and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner. This article will be of use also when you need to replace a worn-out roller brush.

If your Shark vacuum is used in cleaning places with pets or occupied by persons with long hair, you will definitely need to remove the roller brush more often for cleaning or hair removal. Removing the brush is easy and can take only 10 to 60 minutes depending on your experience.

With the right tools, you will enjoy the activity, with cleaning and maintenance of your shark vacuum cleaner taking a small fraction of your time.

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