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How To Charge Roomba Battery First Time? The Right Way [Explained]

A new device always comes with a thrill.  Like any other device, following the right maintenance practices will ensure that your device lasts a long time. The Roomba battery is one of the significant parts.

The Roomba uses a rechargeable battery that can last for more than a hundred cleaning cycles as long as you take good care of it. The ideal way to maintain the life span of your battery is by charging it right the first time and recharging it after every cleaning cycle.

The Roomba battery has 12 NiMH batteries joined together to create a nickel-based energy source.  The iRobot can run for 2 hours or more.  Based on estimates, it lasts about 400 charges.

If you do not give proper care to your robot’s battery, you may need to replace the battery sooner than expected. Without adequate care, it may not even last for 2 hours. Keep vacuuming longer and save yourself the expense of a new battery by following these charging tips.

How to Charge Your Roomba for the First Time?

It is necessary you know the right way to charge your Roomba battery for the first time. Before you start using Roomba, you need to remove the battery pull tab and charge the device overnight.

Subsequently, the charge time is just 2 hours. Knowing the type of battery you have will enable you to understand the capacity and charging behavior of the robot better.  If your Roomba has a Li-Ion battery (Lithium Ion), to wake up the robot, place the Roomba on the Home Base, and then use it right away.

Also, watch this video:

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How to Know if Your Roomba is Charging?

Most people complain about powering up their Roomba only to realize that it has a low battery, even after plugging it. It can be very frustrating and annoying. Knowing if the Roomba robot is charging can be quite tricky sometimes.

The truth is: the convenience of using Roomba is that it makes cleaning of hard floors and carpets easy and convenient. The ease of just switching on the unit and sitting back to watch it do its job is one of the fascinating things about it. However, we may not get the ease from the device if we don’t understand how the vacuum charges. Here are ways to know if your device is charging.

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  • Know the status of your battery. Know the current state of your battery by pressing the clean button on your robot and then observe the light ring (battery status indicator) on the Roomba to see the percentage of your battery. For different models/series, it is necessary to know about the specific battery status indicators of your model to be sure of the charging behavior. By studying the gauge, you will know when your battery is completely discharged/ battery too low/charging/ fully charged.
  • Using a charger. The Roomba has multiple options for charging. After inserting your charger, the charger will have a solid green power color to indicate that it is plugged into an outlet.
  • Using a Home Base. If you have a home base, the power indicator on the device should blink once every 4 seconds after plugging in the charger or power outlet. If you see your power indicator or lights go off after a couple of seconds on your home Base or robot when it is beginning to charge, it only shows the energy-conserving feature on your home base. It’s a normal behavior designed to help you preserve your robot’s power. Note that it is normal for the Roomba units to have their light indicator off when you charge through the home base because of the need to conserve energy while charging.
  • Using the iRobot HOME App. If you have the iRobot HOME App, the battery level indicator on the top of the Clean button on the iRobot App will show you the battery status.
  • The Clean Indicator. In some series, the clear indicator should be amber/pulse red while charging. For other robots, the robots will have their signs off after 1 minute, and it will continue to charge. Home bases may have a green power indicator while charging, while some others will turn off after about 4 seconds. They are designed to help conserve your batteries energy.
  • A Fully Charged Battery. After a complete charging cycle, the clean indicator on the Roomba will show a solid green color or will illuminate a green color after you press the clean button.
  • The Refresh Cycle. If the Roomba robot senses that its battery is discharging, it enters a stage called the single refresh cycle. After the refresh cycle is activated, the CLEAN indicator will turn into amber or pulse red. Don’t interfere with the period once it starts. It starts automatically by the robot, and you cannot start it manually. Some of the robots will turn off their indicators after a minute of charging in the refresh cycle to continue regular charging. [/thrive_text_block]

What if Roomba does not Charge?

IF YOUR ROBOT DOES NOT CHARGE TROUBLESHOOT by following these practical steps before reporting to the customer care;

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  • Try to charge the robot in another outlet if the Roomba’s indicator light does not illuminate. Also, check if the cord of the charger that comes with the device is not damaged.
  • Look out for signs of debris or dirt on the charging contacts. You can remove any dirt or debris by cleaning the charging contact with a lightly damp cloth.
  • Try to remove the Roomba from its Home Base. Flip it over and check the caster wheel. Dirt in the caster wheel can prevent the Roomba form charging and clean if you find any dirt.[/thrive_text_block]

Here’s a quick fix that might help:

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The Roomba iRobot will work efficiently with a well-maintained battery. The first charge of the battery is essential, and be sure to charge it overnight for the first time. Take time to know the charging indicators of your device to prevent disappointment when you want to use it.