Roomba 650 vs 655: Which Is Better?

Roomba 650 vs 655: Which Is Better?

Automated vacuums once were the way of the future, but now they are the present and they are here to stay. Finding the right automated vacuum can be a challenge, but we are here to help. Today we are doing a Roomba 650 vs 655 debate to figure out which one is better.


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irobot roomba 650 review

Automatically recharges itself,

iAdapt Navigation with full suite of sensors​

3-Stage Cleaning System

13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4

11.6 lbs

Automatically recharges itself,

iAdapt Navigation with full suite of sensors

3-Stage Cleaning System

13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6

7.9 lbs

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Roomba 650

The Roomba 650 is one of the slightly older models, but it does work fairly well none the less. It is a great vacuum for most homes and it works well on most surfaces. Let’s go over the main features which the Roomba 650 comes with.


roomba 650 review

The Roomba 650 definitely does a good job at picking up debris from both bare floors and carpeted floors. It features an awesome 3 stage cleaning system which works to agitate dirt caught deep in carpets.

It comes with dual cleaning brushes, one of which loosens dirt, and the other which picks it up. It actually does a fairly good job at picking up large debris, and even works pretty well for pet hair too. The cool part is that the Roomba 650 can tell whether it is on carpet or bare floor, thus adjusting its brush height accordingly.

Another cool feature is that the Roomba 650 has dirt detect technology, which means that it can easily locate dirty areas and will spend extra time cleaning them. It’s also a good option to go with for getting dirt along walls, which is thanks to the edge sweeping brush that comes integrated with the Roomba 650. Perhaps the best part about this Roomba model is that it uses a great many sensors to navigate its way around your home. It makes over 60 decisions every single second to avoid obstackes and find the best cleaning path for your home.

Moreover, the Roomba 650 does have decent battery life, but where it really shines is with its automatic docking and recharging feature. You can even set the Roomba 650 to clean your home up to 7 times per week using the scheduling system. You also get a virtual wall barrier with this model, which helps to keep the Roomba 650 in a specific room.


What we like:

  • Good for carpet and bare floor
  • Automatically adjusts brushes
  • Decent suction power
  • Good 3 stage cleaning technology
  • Decent battery life
  • Automatic docking and recharging
  • Ok navigational capabilities
  • Dirt detection
  • Easy empty dust bin
  • Works pretty well for pet hair


What we didn't like:

  • Does not come with many accessories or brush options
  • Tends to get stuck a lot
  • Small dust bin

Roomba 655

The Roomba 655 is a newer and upgraded version of the 650, so let’s take a good minute to take a closer look at it. We are going to be focusing on the features, but we also want to focus on what makes the Roomba 655 much better than the 650. In terms of features, if we don’t mention it here, you can assume that it has the same features as the 650.


One of the things which really stands out about the Roomba 655 is that it has a better navigational system than the 650. It still gets stuck in some places, but its ability to clean your home efficiently, plus the cleaning pattern it has, seems to be a little bit improved when compared to the 650.

While the Roomba 650 is a great tool, it is missing some accessories which have been included with the Roomba 655. The 655 comes with many more accessories that makes cleaning your floor much more efficient. They do both come with a virtual wall barrier, but in terms of useful brushes, the 655 has more. The side/wall brush on the 655 has also been improved.

Another key difference is the fact that the Roomba 655 has about twice the battery life of the Roomba 650. Both of them have the auto-docking and recharge feature, but the 655 will last a lot longer than the 650. In terms of the cleaning schedule, the dust bin, the dirt detect technology, and the suction power, those are all more or less the same.

Another improvement that we want to mention is that the Roomba 655 has a good air filter, whereas the 650 does not. Also, the 655 has a full bin indicator, which the 650 does not.


What we like:

  • Great suction power
  • Good for bare floor and carpets
  • Auto-adjusting brushes
  • Great battery life
  • Auto recharging
  • Lots of accessories
  • Improved side brush
  • Decent navigation features
  • Virtual wall barrier


What we didn't like:

  • May get stuck on obstacles
  • Still has a small dust bin


The bottom line in this Roomba 650 vs 655 debate is that both models have their own strengths and weaknesses. That being said, the 655 is a little newer and therefore has a few upgraded features and extra accessories.

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