Oreck Vs. Dyson

Oreck Vs. Dyson – Back-To-Back Comparison

If you are looking for light-weighted and high-powered vacuums, don’t miss out on the Oreck and Dyson vacuums. Founded by David Oreck in 1963, the Oreck Vacuums are one of the most powerful yet lightweight, especially the 8-pound Oreck XL. Oreck vacuums were the first preference for those tired of their old-fashioned cleaners and looking for a high-end upgraded machine. These versatile, designed vacuums come packed with a lot of convenience, reliability, and cleaning abilities.

However, the Dyson vacuums are considered even more light-weighted. These cordless vacuums can be your best choice for deep cleaning, as their suction power is top-notch and can even capture pet hair. They even offer versatile solutions for hard floors.

Continue reading below to check out a comparison of their main features and areas of expertise.

Oreck Vs. Dyson – Pros And Cons

Anything that we normally buy, we judge by their pros and cons, and it’s not a bad thing to do. You are spending your money. It’s compulsory to consider what that particular thing can offer. Therefore, let’s examine some pros and cons of the Oreck and the Dyson Vacuums.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaners


  • Oreck vacuums are known for their simplicity and ease of use, often not requiring additional tools or attachments.
  • They are extremely lightweight, enhancing maneuverability.
  • The upright models like Oreck U2000R1 are powerful enough for both commercial and home use, with features like adjustable handles and top-fill style bags for consistent suction.
  • The canister models are compact and versatile, suitable for a range of surfaces including upholstery and ceilings.


  • Some users have reported issues with customer service, particularly in getting parts or service for their vacuums.
  • Oreck vacuums may not perform as well on the edges or non-carpeted floors.
  • They typically don't come with attachments for cracks, crevices, or upholstery, which can limit their versatility.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners


  • Dyson is renowned for its innovative design and powerful suction technology.
  • These vacuums often feature advanced filtration systems, capturing allergens and fine particles.
  • Many models are versatile, functioning as both upright and handheld vacuums.
  • Dyson vacuums are known for their durability and long-lasting performance.


  • Dyson vacuums can be on the higher end of the price spectrum, making them a significant investment.
  • Some models might be heavier and less maneuverable than other lighter vacuums on the market.

Both Oreck and Dyson offer unique features that cater to different cleaning needs and preferences. While Oreck stands out for its lightweight design and ease of use, Dyson is recognized for its powerful suction and innovative technology. However, considerations like customer service and price are also important factors in choosing the right vacuum cleaner brand for your needs

Oreck Vacuums 

oreck vacuum

Check out below some of Oreck Vacuum Pros:

  • Most Oreck vacuums are light-weighted as they are below 10 pounds.
  • By lying flat, they easily get under the tables and beds; they even work on bare floors, stairs, and carpets.
  • Powerful Filtration can capture 99.97% unseen particles and has a SaniSeal HEPA filter.
  • Easy maneuvering with slimSwivel steering features.
  • 7 years long warranty. 

Check out below some of Oreck Vacuum Cons:

  • No adjustments for their height.
  • Smaller motors when compared with other brands of similar features and price.
  • Components quality isn’t up to the mark as compared to its competitors.
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Dyson Vacuums

dyson vacuum

Check out below some of Dyson Vacuum Pros:

  • Twisting body feature that helps easy moving while cleaning.

  • Attachments with a hose on board as an all-in-one offer.

  • Filters are reusable and easy to clean.

  • Bagless vacuums, no bags are required to collect dirt.

Check out below some of Dyson Vacuum Cons:

  • Parts fail quickly due to Chinese low-quality components usage.

  • Due to no base for dirt storage, they need frequent maintenance and get messy from the inside.

  • Loss of suction power and face electrical issues with motor burning out after 1-2 years.

  • Only 2 years of warranty.

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Difference Between Oreck And Dyson Vacuum Cleaners 

Both Dyson and Oreck vacuums are second to none. But to say which is better, you can check that in the clear comparison table below.

Cleaning Results

The Oreck gives good results against debris for hardwood floors and low-pile carpets. Hardwood floors are difficult to clean, and the company claims Oreck can easily clean them. But the results are different, and I struggled a little with hardwood floors but didn’t disappoint.

The results were excellent for low-pile carpets using various debris, with 99.95 results. However, the high-pile carpets were better than the hardwood floor results but not as good as the low-pile carpets.

The Dyson vacuums are cordless and easily clean most tight and congested house spots. In addition, they have a versatile design suitable for whole-house cleaning purposes.

Especially for deep-cleaning rugs, they are best. As for hardwood, they, too, struggled a lot with not-so-impressive results. For pet hair, Dyson vacuums were a good choice for deep cleaning and pulling them out. Overall, Dyson is a quick and unique choice for cleaning.


The Oreck vacuums offer great power and performance together. Unfortunately, it still needs to work better on bare floors and hardwoods. It can’t turn off the beater bar, so instead of sucking small objects, it pushes them away beneath the vacuum.

Dyson vacuum can turn off the beater with a single button. It’s an excellent feature that works best when using an extendable hose with the vacuum still stationary.

Since no beater bar is functional, it will prevent ruining the carpet's quality and looks. Therefore, due to the addition of the excellent beater feature.

Compared with Oreck vacuums, Dyson vacuums have an overall good performance. Although however, they have flaws, they still deliver better comparatively.

Battery Life

The battery life matters a lot for any electric or portable device. Without a good battery life, that device can be useless. Especially when it comes to vacuum cleaners, there should be enough battery for all day and night work. Sometimes people use them before a function or event for thorough cleaning. So, the battery becomes a matter of debate at those needful times.

On average, these handheld cordless Dyson vacuums only have 3-4 years of battery life. It is because they usually have batteries that depreciate due to wear and tear after 1-2 years of use.

You can use the battery for an average of 7-8 minutes on turbo mode, 40-45 minutes with a suction brush, and 50-60 minutes without a suction brush. The voltage consumption will be around 22.5-25.2 voltages.

However, the Oreck vacuums use cords, which is why the batteries have more average lifespan of 5-7 years. Since Oreck Vacuums can convert into a handheld vacuum, the lithium-ion battery can work for around 35-40 minutes after a full charge. And it takes 2.5-3 hours to charge on a full empty battery.

Brushes and Accessories

dyson accessories

Brushes and accessories of a vacuum cleaner play a vital role in their cleaning style. It directly affects how deeply and properly they can clean any surface.

The Oreck vacuums have an adjustable hand roll brush with hard and soft alternating bristles for hard floors and carpets. They even come with pivoting brush roll, a soft-bristle brush for dust cleaning, and Crevice tools for enhanced mode cleaning. With these brushes, the Oreck vacuum can do a fair job of cleaning pet hair, food crumbs, and dirt. However, most of these brushes are easy to use around.

Dyson vacuums come with a roller brush shut-off suitable for bare floors. In addition, it has attachments and a hose to attach other brushes. The brushes are mostly motorized; therefore, you can easily unscrew them when in need.

Though they are very good at cleaning surfaces, they consume much more battery than others. You can keep adjusting the position of the roller to set it at different brushes like Mini, laser slim fluffy or Dyson Fluffy.

Docking and Charging

The docking station is a useful feature that allows you to charge your vacuum easily between use times. You can even store tools in some of these docking stations. We recommend putting them up in your living area, living space, or kitchen.

Dyson dockings and charging systems are highly convenient. These wall-mounted charging units aren’t used much with Dyson vacuums, as you would hardly need them. That is because they can get the job done without mostly feeling the need for their use. However, you may still use them. It takes up to 2.5 -3 hours for the battery to charge fully.

For Oreck vacuums, they do not come with attachments or hoses. Therefore, for most cleaning jobs, you may need to buy them. The Oreck has a paper bag holding a docking station that allows for the easy holding of most tools. Oreck vacuum’s full charge can take around 2.5 - 3 hours to charge on a full empty battery.

Suction Power

Suction power plays a vital role in vacuum cleaners' cleaning performance. They decide how hard and deep force they exert to pull the dirt, debris, and particles while cleaning.

Oreck vacuums are light-weighted and have a suction power of 180AW on average. So, unless you don’t need anything else besides the floors, this suction power for the Oreck vacuum is enough to do handsome cleaning. In addition, its suction power can make it sink in most carpets to clean them against most debris.

The Dyson vacuums generally have a range of suction power between 200-230 AW, ideal for most hardwood floors and low and high-pile carpets. In addition, Dyson has one of the most potent cordless models.


Canister Vacuums VS Upright Filters

Filters should be able to clean small particles, pet dander, pollens, smoke, and dust mites effectively. So, having a good quality HEPA filter with frequent proper maintenance is essential for these vacuum cleaners. Otherwise, they would be less effective, and performance will decline. In addition, dusty filters will reduce the suction power resulting in lower performance.

The Oreck vacuums are good when it comes to filtering. Their Filtration is powerful as it has SaniSeal with HEPA media filters that can capture 99.97% of unseen tiny particles.

Dyson has Whole-machine HEPA filters that effectively clean 99.97% of tiny particles as small as 0.2 microns. It even expels cleaner air while cleaning. However, some Dyson vacuums have two filters, like a motor filter or a post-motor filter. This two-filter option will make it less possible for the tiny particles to slip through its net.

Bin and Bag

oreck and dyson Bin and Bag

The bins and bags should have a good storage capacity. Oreck vacuums use two types of vacuum bags to fit the Oreck XL model. Although unfortunately, Oreck vacuums are stick vacuums, they do not come with bins or dirt cups. So, they come with a self-sealing POD that needs replacements once full.

Dyson vacuums are bagless, tend to get dustier, and need frequent cleaning. They include bins with a size of 0.5 gallons. Dyson does not require a bag and is bagless. Their filters are removeable and reusable after washing.


Warranty is an important thing to consider as any components can get damaged while used. Therefore, the warranty covers all these damages that incur by themselves. Vacuums mostly have a good warranty, and the manufacturers replace the product immediately. Therefore, you must acquire the warranty details when making a purchase.

Although Oreck Vacuums are very strong and USA-made, there are fewer warranty claims due to battery or motor problems. However, the manufacturers still offer 7-8 years of long warranty to assure their clients further. It is a handsome amount of warranty to offer.

The Dyson vacuums usually have only 2-4 years of warranty, and their components are Chinese. There have been a lot of complaints from repairs lately due to motor burnt or other components falling short during cleaning. They start to lose their condition after a year or two.


The weight matters a lot for a vacuum cleaner as the user will carry them around for an average of 25-30 minutes for cleaning. Therefore, vacuum cleaners need to be light-weighted for maximum time carriage.

Oreck vacuum cleaners are lightweight and easy to carry around as required. In addition, most of their vacuums are less than 10 pounds. So if you want the best light-weighted vacuum cleaner, Oreck can be your first choice.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner here clearly took advantage of the Oreck brand. Their vacuums have a light weight of around 6-7 pounds. However, it may increase with additional attachments. But it would still be less than the Oreck. Being cordless, they enjoy this benefit that most users consider at the time of purchase.

Are Oreck Vacuums Worth The Money?

Oreck vacuums are an excellent choice for low-budgeted vacuums with good quality. However, to decide whether something is worth buying, you must first compare your needs with what that particular item can offer.

Here, if you are looking for a vacuum that is easy to handle and can maneuver around your house and even under furniture items, Oreck is worth buying. If you want it to be lightweight and easy to carry around with an adjustable speed of brush roll at your fingertips, it's worth buying.

In addition, it has a low-profile design that provides comfort and a great look. Five LED lights provide great visibility with easy access to difficult and tight areas of the house. Lastly and most importantly, it comes with the support of 7 years warranty, so what else do you require?

Are Dyson Vacuums Worth The Money?

Dyson Vacuums are mostly Malaysian-made with Chinese components. Therefore, they are less reliable, which is a bit true. But that’s not always the case with these vacuums. They are worth buying or not, depending on their features. They have a versatile and slim construction design and can clean easily and properly. The motors are the most efficient, but they fail sooner than expected.

Their stronger batteries with 3 times faster recharging time can keep the suction power strong for better and deep cleaning. They support difficult cleaning tasks. They have bagless containers for dirt collection with easy washable and reusable filters. Most importantly, their body can twist around for easy and deep cleaning. Yes, they have some drawbacks, but they aren’t that bad and worth trying out.


When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, keep your house preferences, like types of floors, carpets, pets, and the kind of cleaning you will deal with. With all this in mind, it can help with better decision-making. All these factors help you to know which vacuum would suit your needs.

Undoubtedly, the Dyson and Oreck vacuum cleaners are a hit and can deliver a lot for cleaning convenience. However, if dust and tiny particles are much of a concern, you can look for other options too.