Help! My Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Not Working

Help! My Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Not Working

In nature, sharks are apex predators with almost no rivals in the entire ocean. In the world of vacuums, the Shark line of high powered vacuums holds a similar claim. Few vacuums can rival the sheer power and cleaning efficiency of the Shark. But even the great Shark vacuums have problems, so what happens when if the Shark vacuum brush roll is not working?

Fortunately, the build quality of the vacuums means that the list of problems the cause the Shark vacuum brush roll not working is a small group. We will go though some of the common causes of brush roll malfunction, and provide some trouble shooting tips. If non of them helps you might want to check these great replacement brush rolls deals on Amazon.

My Shark has lost its bite

What gives the shark such efficient power is the activated brush roll mode. The spinning brush roll is powered by a drive belt to get down deep into carpets, and extract all the ground in dirt to make your carpets look fresh and clean.

As silly as it may sound, the first issues that cause a problem with the brush roll are a result of a little brain skip.

Make sure the vacuum is plugged in and has a secure connection to the outlet. Outlets that are loose can allow the plug to lose a firm electrical connection preventing power from reaching the vacuum and brush roll.

Ensure the power switch is in the brush roll position. The first time we grabbed a Shark in the shop we just jumped in and started rolling across our dirty carpets. If you did the same, you might miss that that the “I” activates the suction of the machine, and the “II” position activates the brush roll. Probably the easiest cause to remedy, but frustrating nonetheless.

Plugged in? Switch in the “II” position? Nozzle fully engaged? Debris clear? Still no rotating brush roll? You have two other potential problems:

If you’re all plugged in, and the power switch is in the brush roll “II” position, and still find the Shark vacuum brush roll not working your next step will be to check the vacuum nozzle. In order to help protect the vacuum from damage, the brush roll will not engage if the nozzle isn’t seated properly. To make sure everything is in order simply apply light pressure downward on the nozzle. The slight push should be all you need to remedy the problem.

The next step is to inspect the brush roll for clogs or debris. If you are like us and have a bunch of people with long hair running around your home or office, all that hair can be a stubborn foe. If you don’t check and perform proper maintenance, hair and other similar debris can wrap itself around the brush roll and prevent it from rotating. Turn off and unplug the vacuum for safety, then use scissors to cut away the entanglement.

If you have some other Shark Troubleshooting questions I suggest to check Customer Support section in Shark website –

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