Shark NV750w vs NV752 Review and Comparison

Shark NV750w vs NV752

Some of the most heated and dirty vacuum debates have been over canister vs upright. Well, with the Shark NV750W vs NV752, this debate is settled. The bagless canister is removable from the body of the vacuum, instantly transforming these uprights into a powerful canister vacs. We were able to get under all of our tables, chairs, and workbenches with all the power of the vacuum without having to switch to an attachment.


Now that we’ve narrowed down the argument to two vacuums, let’s do a comparison and find out which of these two powerhouse convertibles give you the most suck for your buck.

Quick Comparison

Product Name The Shark NV750W The Shark NV752
HEPA filter HEPA filter, Swivel Steering, LED Headlights​ HEPA filter, Swivel Steering, LED Headlights​
Weight 15.6 lbs 15.4 lbs
Available Check on Check on

Individual Reviews

The Shark NV750W

The full name for the 750W is the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away, we’ll stick with the 750W, and that name means that this vacuum is like a hammerhead shark. It digs deep in any surface to remove dust, dirt, and allergens.

The 750 does really well on carpets, and is designed to truly remove more allergens than other vacuum.

The system uses HEPA filters to trap away the sneeze inducing irritants, but what sets this Shark apart is the sealed system that prevents debris and dust from escaping back out into your breathing space.

The detachable dustbin canister we mentioned earlier has wheels, so we didn’t have to carry the thing around like they show in promotional pictures. The detached wand maintains the vacuum head, so you don’t sacrifice the suction power and rotating brushes when cleaning the heard to reach places. The head does come loose allowing us to attach a crevice tool or furniture brush.

Watch this video to see the 750W in action:


What we like:

  • Control buttons are all located on handle
  • Large dustbin
  • LED headlights for spotting hidden dust monsters
  • Easily moves from one surface to another without having to switch modes or heads


What we didn't like:

  • Not well suited for hardwood
  • Heavier than similar mid-range vacuums at 15.6 lbs

When working with the 752 the first test we performed was the stair test. In the promo pictures the vacuum is shown vacuuming a set of partially carpeted stairs.

We put this Shark on our thoroughly abused workshop stairs to see if it actually cut the mustard, or lifted the dried mustard from lunch.

While the whole unit itself was a little heavy at fifteen pounds, removing the eight pound canister made jumping from step to step a breeze. We attached the motorized pet brush to add extra section power, and the mustard quickly lost the fight.

On the test floor, we loved that that the 752 is built with a swivel feature. We even got a little a carried away pretending we were racing an Indy car around tight turns. While it doesn’t corner quite that tight, it has great maneuverability for getting around corners and furniture. Popping off the canister allows the vacuum to reach under all but the shortest of features around the shop.

Like the 750W the allergen control was excellent. We didn’t notice the spray out of small particles, thanks to the sealed container.

See the shark 752 stalking in this video:


What we like:

  • Dustbin canister is easy to clean and wash
  • Filters are washable
  • Love the LED lights
  • 30 foot power cord
  • Very powerful suction


What we didn't like:

  • The lift-away hose is too short
  • Heavy weight makes vacuuming high up tough
  • Not enough storage slots for accessories


Anytime a vacuum makes you slip off into daydreaming of being an Indy racer, you know it’s the winner. Both vacuums had weight issues, and the NV752 is essentially and more powerful and maneuverable NV750w. So, we are going with the N752 as the winner in this Shark NV750w vs NV752 challenge.

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