I’m Jason, but you can call me Jay – a friendly person, whom others consider as funny, sincere and also very ambitious. Well, I really am hard working and want everything to be my own way.

I would say that I’m modest and I really hate bragging about myself (but this is not the time, lol). I’m brave in most situations and confident about myself but not sure that others can see it.

In my spare time, I like to run (it’s the best way to clear your mind), study new languages, read (especially on those dulls bus rides to work) and do some other interesting stuff. By the way, I’ve also recently taken up bike riding. I certainly do enjoy hanging out with my family and friends.

But I’m not always extrovert. If some time ago I thought it was a disadvantage now I’m sure it’s the advantage. I really enjoy social get-togethers but I also enjoy having time with myself.

And almost forgot to mention – I know this may sound strange coming from a 28 year old guy, but I am very, very meticulous and pedantic. I call myself a neat freak. So you know what this means. I can’t live in a mess. I love that my house is organized and clean. And this is one of the reasons why I’m sure I can write about cleaning.

The other reason is that I’ve worked in a shop so I know what I’m talking about (actually I think I’ve become an expert). And as I really hated to tell people that “you should buy this product” not because it was good, but because the manager told so (yes, lying is bad) I decided to make it up to you.

I created this blog to help you to choose the best products for your needs – the best vacuum cleaner. And I’ll give you also some useful, tested tips that will help to keep your house, car and other things clean.

So read my reviews and buy only those products that you’re sure of!

P.S. If you have an idea for an interesting topic, don’t hesitate to contact me here!

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