How To Keep Dogs From Peeing on Carpet

How To Keep Dogs From Peeing on Carpet?

Bringing new dogs can be challenging as they might pee on your carpet. In addition, dog urine is very irritating as it has enzymes, hormones, plus ammonia composition. These chemicals make dog urine unpleasant for the people living in the house.

When you are training the dogs for urinating outside, you must keep some repellents at home. Moreover, it's best to clean the entire soiled area immediately. So, to help you on how to keep dogs from peeing on the carpet, dive in to have a look: 

How To Keep Dogs From Peeing On The Carpet? 

To keep your dogs from peeing on the carpet, you can follow the simple steps. These steps make sure that your new rugs are not soiled from dog urine:

Step 1: Identify The Ultimate Cause

When your dog pees over the rugs, there are specific reasons. You can look into them and make sure to get rid of these causes:

New Dog:

If you have a new pet at home who is not trained and not accustomed to the house rules, they might pee over the rugs. The dog's pee, being stressed by things and people. 

Change in the Environment:

When you move into a new house with your old dog, this can result in tension which is expressed due to peeing. 

New Guest in The House:

When you bring a new dog home, your old dog might urinate over the rug leading to new territory formation. 

Potty Issues:

If your dog's potty is dirty and placed within the wrong locations, dogs won't use it.

Dirty Rugs:

Dogs hate the smell of decomposing stuff, rot, or dirt. If the rug is dirty, it will eventually attract more dogs over the pee. 

Feuding Dogs:

With several dogs within the home, elder dogs bully the smaller ones. Once the dogs are bullied, they stop peeing and get away from the feud. 

Medical Issues:

Dogs can have medical conditions such as urinary tract blockage or kidney issues. They can also suffer different metabolic diseases such as diabetes. 

For instance, old dogs might suffer from inconsistency issues. They might face this if they are not properly house trained. 

Poorly Trained:

If the new pup is not house trained, they might pee over the rugs.

Step 2: Clean The Mess of Your Dog Pee

You can clean the rugs and get rid of smells in the following way:

First, clean the area rug immediately so that all smells of the puppy pee are gone. The smell of the dog's urine is because of the enzymes, which lead to odors attracting the dog over the same spot. This smell encourages your dogs to urine more over the rug rather than preventing dogs from peeing.

If these enzymes stay over the same spot, clean them using the enzymatic cleaner. This cleaner breaks the urine chemicals, and all smells are gone. Unlike household cleaners, chemicals might seem harmful to pets. These cleaners trigger allergic reactions to family members at home.

An enzymatic cleaner is the most recommended one, which removes the dog's urine. When this cleaner sits over the rug, the catalysts react with urine enzymes, leading to decomposing. 

Step 3: Make Use of Dog Deterrents Plus Repellents

The deterrents prevent the dog from peeing over the area rug. However, it can create fear among dogs. You can make use of the following deterrents which dogs hate keeping them away from the rug:

Commercial Pet Repellents:

They discourage the new dog from peeing on your new carpet. Apart from repellent sprays, you can use collars that start vibrating at times of pup pee. This fear of sound prevents dogs from peeing. There are also motion sensor detectors in the market. They produce solar rays and sound detecting your new puppy movement. 

Natural Repellents:

There are citrus repellents, too, which create a natural smell from the puppy, which the dogs hate. You can use lemon juice, grapefruit juice, or limes and add them with water to create a mixture. Then spray this mixture over the new carpet. 

Apart from it, you can also use citrus essential oils. Add around 20 drops of oil in a water bottle, shake well and then spray it over the rug. Apart from citrus fruits and all, you can make use of other deterrents. Make use of vinegar, baking soda, or alcohol too in your new house as dog deterrents. 

For applying baking soda, you can put a thin layer over the damp spot. Then, take around 1/4th cup, which is enough for sitting overnight. You can then let it sit overnight and then do regular cleaning. 

Physical Barrier Deterrents:

In case of different deterrents, you can also use physical measures like the room's door or a motion-sensing deterrent over the area rug. 

Step 4: Make Sure to Give Frequent Potty Periods

Dogs might pee over your confined areas if they are not offered enough potty breaks. House-trained dogs might also pee over the rugs if you lock them for a more extended period. It is, therefore, best to give them frequent potty periods. 

What Can You Spray on The Carpet to Stop the Dog from Peeing? 

What Can You Spray on The Carpet to Stop the Dog from Peeing

Are you still worried about how to prevent dogs from peeing? You can spray over the carpet to stop them from peeing around. You can spray a thin layer using an enzymatic cleaner which serves as the proactive solution for stopping the dog from peeing. 

Worried about spraying the entire new carpet or a new house, don't stress as dogs usually pee on the confined space, so you need to spray on the local spot. 

For a natural home-based cleaner, you can use vinegar or lemon juice spray as they stop the dog from peeing. Vinegar has acetic acid, which serves as a natural deterrent to dogs, and dogs hate it. 

Mix an equal amount of vinegar with water within a spray bottle, creating a solution. Then give it a good shake and spray it all over the home area to prevent the dogs from peeing. 

Does Pepper Stop Dogs from Peeing on The Carpet?

If your dog is in the potty-training phase and you cannot stop dogs from peeing on the carpet, try cayenne pepper. It serves as a natural dog deterrent and comprises capsaicin. 

This irritant can irritate the pet's eyes. You can spread some amount of cayenne pepper over the new carpets or the soiled areas. If you use a small amount of pepper, dogs will immediately sense it and deter from that confined space. 


What Scent Repels Dogs from Peeing?

You can use lemon juice or homemade vinegar cleaner when you bring new pets into your new house. For example, this solution prevents dogs from peeing over the carpet. 

It also deters the dog from urinating over the confined space. In addition, the acidic scent repels dogs from peeing. Apart from it, make sure that the carpet is cleaned regularly. 

What Can I Use to Stop My Dog from Peeing in The House?

You can visit the veterinarian as the dogs might pee because of some medical conditions. Also, there might be some urinating issues like obstruction or infections. 

Senior dogs might suffer from diabetes, bladder stones, liver, kidney disease, and more! Make sure your new puppies undergo potty training, get a senior dog eBook. 

You can also neuter or spay the dog as infected dogs are highly likely to undergo urinary issues. If you have a senior dog at a new house, urine markings might become their habit. You might need to teach them new techniques. 

Apart from it, make sure the carpets are cleaned regularly. Make use of enzymatic cleaners and household cleaners to get rid of the dog's odor. 

Why Is My Potty-Trained Dog Peeing In The House?

Why Is My Potty-Trained Dog Peeing In The House

There might be some issues that your potty-trained dog is facing leading to dog pee. It might be suffering from medical conditions which result in potty-trained dog peeing in the house. These include urinary tract infections, bladder stones, bladder infection, bladder tumors. Along with arthritis, feline idiopathic cystitis, or constipation. 

The dog might also be experiencing territorial behavior due to new pets in the home leading to house soiling. 

Apart from it, the senior dogs might sense some psychological stress due to house soiling. For example, the dogs might pee if the owner is absent for a long time and there are new pets, or you moved to a new house. Even if you have a new carpet, this might lead to a potty-trained dog peeing in the house. 

Will Vinegar Keep Dogs Away?

Yes, vinegar is quite effective in keeping dogs away. Vinegar comes with acetic acid, which serves as a natural deterrent for dogs. Dogs have a strong sense of smell, and they identify the acetic acid smell as very irritating. It means your dogs won't pee in your new house or your new carpets. 

Do Coffee Grounds Repel Dogs?

Coffee grounds are perfect for serving as a natural deterrent. They keep your dogs out from the rugs and your new house. The smell of the coffee is quite strong. The caffeine in coffee, even in small amounts, might seem toxic for the dogs. It is because of this reason that dogs deter from the areas having coffee grounds. 


Using these techniques might help you prevent the dog from peeing. Apart from it, you can also use voice commands like getting down the carpet, don't pee on this new carpet. Again, these voice commands might help to stop the dog from peeing. 

You need to stay firm with your dog but at the same time stay gentle. Dogs are intelligent and considered as one of the best friends of humans. So, be friendly to your dogs and use preventive measures with natural or chemical deterrents for dog pee.