Why Roomba Keeps Going In Circles

Why Roomba Keeps Going In Circles? [7 Possible Reasons]

When you buy a Roomba vacuuming device, you expect it to do all your cleaning for you.

Because of its automatic feature, a Roomba eases house chore duties. The device can remove hard-to-reach dirt, e.g. under the bed.

However, several customers complain that their Roomba keeps going around in circles.

There are a number of reasons why your Roomba behaves this way. Most of which are easy to fix.

Reasons: Why Does My Robot Vacuum Keep Going in Circles?

Roomba Robot Vaccum Going in Circles

Most people buy robotic vacuum cleaners for how they make their life easier. They want to properly clean floors without having to do the dirty work themselves.

Unfortunately, sometimes these machines start cleaning in circles. This can be really frustrating, especially if you paid a lot of money for it.

The following are some of the reasons why your robot vacuum cleaner keeps going in circles.

1. The Roomba starts cleaning in a specific room but doesn't know where to go after that

Sometimes your Roomba forgets where it's supposed to go next. That's a normal defect with the device. But, it ceases to be normal when this happens several times.

The reason why your Roomba forgets its next trajectory is due to its "Discovery Phase." During this phase, the robot will explore its new environment by going around and mapping it.

The problem is that Roomba has no idea of which way to go once it finished with the room where it started cleaning.

2. You set a boundary line for your Roomba, making it clean the same area over and over

The problem with setting a boundary line for your Roomba is that it keeps going in circles along this line.

Usually, you would want to do this to keep clearing one room so it will be clean. The solution for this issue is to remove the boundary line or set it up again but in a different place.

3. The Roomba got stuck under an object and kept moving around the same spot

If your Roomba keeps going in a circle, lift it to check what's under it. Sometimes the device gets stuck under some furniture or an object with wheels.

Although Roomba has a bumper sensor that should detect obstacles, it still gets stuck from time to time. It makes the Roomba go in circles until you remove the object or turn off the device.

Another option is to get your robot vacuum from the place where it got caught and turn it off. Do this before you play around with the device's wheels.

4. There is something wrong with the sensors of your Roomba

Besides detecting obstructions, the bumper sensor helps your machine avoid going over obstacles. It also lets the Roomba locate its charging station.

If you think there is something wrong with the sensors, it's best to troubleshoot it. Simply reset the machine.

5. Your vacuum cleaner is on maximum suction mode

It is okay changing your Roomba's setting to Maximum Suction mode. However, sometimes this causes problems, such as making the Roomba go in circles.

So, only use the setting when it's really necessary.

6. Your Roomba's wheels are stuck

The machine's manufacturers develop the wheels using rubber materials.

Unfortunately, these deteriorate over time. This makes it difficult for the Roomba to move around effectively. The solution is to replace the wheels.

7. Multiple Roombas are running around in the same area

If you have a huge house with several rooms, it's more likely you'll have multiple Roombas for each room.

The problem is that some of these Roombas may interfere with one another. Thus, your Roomba may go in circles, cleaning the same place over and over again.

 To prevent this, you can the Roombas, so they operate in different time intervals.

How Do I Fix This?

Now that you know what causes your Roomba to go in circles, what can you do to resolve this? The remedies are simple. You can do the following:

a) Resetting your Roomba

A Young woman starting her robotic vacuum

There are two methods to reset your iRobot Roomba, depending on the model you own. For vacuum cleaners with a dock for charging, turn off the device.

Then press and hold the Clean button for 10 seconds or more. Hold until the status light blinks yellow and green alternately. This is for Roomba models 500, 600, 700 and 800.

For models with no dock, such as the 5xx series, press and hold the Clean button for five to ten seconds. Hold until it turns off, then turn it on again.

If your vacuum cleaner still goes in circles, then view the suggestions below.

b) Replacing the battery

roomba-replacing the battery

Now, if resetting your robot vacuum does not work, then you should test its battery. Simply remove the battery and recharge using a different charger.

If there is still no change after a few hours of charging, then you should replace its battery with a new one. Make sure the new battery has the same voltage.

Once again, if this does not work, try the next suggestion.

c) Checking its wheels

roomba wheels checking

The rubber material on the wheels of your Roomba might have deteriorated due to frequent use. Perhaps this is why it keeps moving in circles.

As such, you should check the condition of the wheels. You can then change the wheels by hand. If the circling goes on, try the next tip.

d) Cleaning the Roomba's bumper

Cleaning the Roomba's bumper

The front sensor of your robot vacuum cleaner might be dirty or dusty. That is why it keeps moving in circles.

You can clean its bumper by using a soft brush to make it free from debris. If this is not the issue, then please view other suggestions below.

e) Resetting its Cliff sensors

Resetting Roomba Cliff sensors

Your vacuum cleaner might be going in a circle due to a dirty sensor.

You can reset the machine's cliff sensors by taking out your Roomba's battery for about 10 seconds. Check for error message. Then replace it.

Also, sometimes you only need to wipe the cliff sensors. Use a slightly wet melamine foam. If this is not the issue, then please view other suggestions below.

f) Checking its motherboard

Checking Roomba motherboard

If none of the suggestions does resolve the circling issue, check the motherboard. It means the Roomba has problems with its electrical components.

Here, you'll have to open up the Roomba by removing the screws. Then repair the motherboard. But, if your warranty is still valid, it's best to contact the manufacturer.


If your iRobot Roomba keeps going in circles, it's either one of the following reasons:

  • Stuck right or left wheel
  • The Roomba forgetting its next trajectory
  • Something is wrong with sensors, or
  • There are multiple Roombas are running simultaneously.

Fortunately, it's very easy resolving this issue. You need to reset the Roomba, change the wheel, replace batteries, or clean its bumpers. It's that simple.

Break a leg repairing your Roomba.