Why is My Dyson Vacuum Not Spinning

Why is My Dyson Vacuum Not Spinning? [Quick Fix Guide]

Dyson vacuum cleaners have taken the world by storm. More and more homeowners are using it to clean their homes thanks to its innovative technology and sleek design, mimicking centrifugal separators. The Dyson vacuum's exceptional technology collects dust effortlessly by spinning air at high speed. However, when a Dyson vacuum stops spinning, you may run into some technical problems.

The problem could be with the brush bar or a broken belt. If you don't clean out your brush bar regularly, it risks clogging. Fortunately, you can solve this issue by cutting blocked fibers and threads. Overheating is another major problem that affects the function of the Dyson brush.

If you can relate to these issues, the guide can help you identify and fix your Dyson vacuum brush problems.

Why is the roller not spinning on my Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Dyson vacuum not spinning

Check if You’re Using the Dyson Vacuum Correctly

If the brush bar or head in your Dyson vacuum is not spinning, it is possible that you're not using it the right way. It might not be working due to these three reasons.

  • The vacuum is locked. If you're not using the vacuum, lock it into an upright position. It causes the vacuum's motor, which spins to power the brush, to disengage. All you need is to unlock the vacuum's handle. Press the button using your foot.
  • The setting of the vacuum cleaner's head is too low. It helps if you use the right height to clean the setting. But don't use the same setting for cleaning the floor as you used for cleaning carpet.
  • The cleaner head is unlocked. The unlocked or unsealed head of the vacuum motor doesn't spin the brush bar. That is why you must unplug your vacuum near the cleaning head and fix it by pushing the cleaner head to the main body of the cleaner. Keep doing it until you hear a "click" sound.

Dyson Ball Vacuum Brush/Head Not Spinning

One very common problem with a Dyson vacuum is when the head or brush bar is not spinning. When it happens, you won't be able to turn on the vacuum. However, if you do, it will turn off anytime unexpectedly.

As mentioned above, it may happen due to multiple reasons that may include;


You might not know that, but your Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with some amazing safety features. It automatically switches off if the vacuum's main body overheats. When it happens, you should immediately check the vacuum's filter for the fullness. Keep in mind that full filters affect the vacuum's ventilation system.

You can quickly fix the problem by emptying and washing the filter. Make sure to check if the vents of the vacuum's motor are clear. Let the filter cool for thirty to thirty-five minutes.

Broken/ Loose Power Cord

If the vacuum cleaner switches off suddenly or doesn't turn on, check the power cord. A loose or broken power cord interrupts the vacuum's performance or causes it to stop entirely. You need to buy a new cable for the vacuum in this case.

Dyson Stick Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

If the problem is with your Dyson vacuum brush, it might be due to filters or battery. Plus, there could be a blockage in the cleaner's head, causing the vacuum not to rotate or spin. Though the Dyson vacuum is long-lasting and excellent, it may run into problems sometimes.


Dyson comes with a long-lasting, powerful lithium-ion battery. However, if this battery wears out, it can affect the vacuum's performance. Even full charging or placing it correctly on the dock will not bring its former glory back. If your vacuum's battery has not passed the warranty period, you shouldn't buy a new one.


Dyson filter cleaning

Debris clogging or clogged hair in the filter of your vacuum cleaner is a significant problem. It will not switch on with dust or debris on the filters. However, avoiding this problem is possible if you clean the filters regularly. If your vacuum doesn't accumulate a lot of dust, you can clean it thrice a month. Once the vacuum is clean, it won't smell either.

It would help if you unplug the vacuum before you start cleaning. It also mitigates the risk of getting an electric shock. Then empty the dust canister. Clean it properly with a damp microfiber cloth from inside. Make sure you don't use detergent to wash out the canister as chemicals can make it sticky. Plus, your dust cleaner must be completely dry after cleaning to prevent dampness.

You can clean vacuum filter by:

  1. Rinsing it with water.
  2. Avoiding chemicals or detergents for washing.
  3. Using cold water to clean any dust and dry the filter


Note that even the slightest blockage may cause your vacuum to stop. Dyson vacuum has an automatic system that causes it to shut down whenever there is a blockage. You can avoid a jam by making sure the vacuum stays clean.

Dyson Handheld Vacuum Head/Brush Not Spinning

Dyson vacuum has a brush with angled bristles to sweep dust into the tiny hose. The mechanism works when the motor in the vacuum cleaner’s head moves or spins the brush. But there are some instances when the vacuum brush/head doesn't spin. For instance, the vacuum is locked, the cleaner head is on the low setting, or the head is unsealed.

If there is no issue like this contributing to your Dyson vacuum brush/head's poor functioning, then one primary reason is excessive debris clogging the brush. It would help if you got to the brush bar to solve the problem. For this, unplug the vacuum cleaner and lay it on the floor. You will see a red retaining ring in the upper part of the brush bar.

Hold its side and gently twist it to remove the ring. Now, remove the brush bar to turn the locking screws on the vacuum's head base. Pull out the bar assembly. Use a screwdriver to open two locking screws on the vacuum brush bar.

If it doesn't work correctly after that, check for a loose or broken belt. The vacuum contains a single belt extending across the bar assembly. This single belt controls the bar and may wear out eventually. Replacing the belt is essential to make the vacuum brush spin again.

How to fix the spinning brush on Dyson vacuum cleaners?

The good news is that fixing a vacuum brush that is not spinning is easy with some basic steps. We have you covered here on how you can do it.

What To Do With A Vacuum Brush That Is Not Spinning?

As mentioned earlier, the vacuum brush has angled bristles to sweep and force the dust. They suck the debris into the hose. A motor inside movies these bristles in the vacuum cleaner’s head. This entire mechanism of the Dyson vacuum cleaner makes it practical for vacuuming hard floors, upholstery, and carpets.

You may also check if the height setting on the cleaner head is too low. Typically, a Dyson vacuum cleaner has different height settings for cleaning carpets versus bare hardwood floors. Suffice to say, make sure that you set the height setting to a appropriate level with the surface you’re cleaning.

If the vacuum brush in your vacuum stops spinning, the main reason is that the unit has been locked into a firm position. The motor inside that powers the brush is detached when it's locked. You need to unlock the vacuum cleaner to drive the mechanism again. Press the button near the head of the machine to get the brush spinning.

Clear Clogged Hair Or Debris

Another thing you must know is the brush of Dyson vacuum cleaners gets jammed if not cleaned regularly. As a result, they will not spin. It happens mostly if you have pets in the house who have long hair. It would help if you got rid of debris or hair first.

Unplugged the vacuum cleaner and lay it with its backside facing you to access the brush bar. Inspect the brush bar for jammed hair. You cant cut the hair with scissors. Look for the retaining ring on the upper part. Hold the side and twist it towards you. Remove the brush and unscrew two locking screws on the base. Pull apart the bar assembly and unscrew the four screws that attach the brush to clean it.


Dyson vacuums are famous for their innovative design, portability, and suction power. When a vacuum doesn't spin, it faces issues related to the head. The Dyson vacuum needs regular cleaning if used for collecting debris and dust on the hard floors. Otherwise, it jams or doesn't work at all. You may need to replace the belt to get back the proper spinning.

One culprit that causes the vacuum not to spin is the clogging debris. Users need to unscrew the parts to remove things that are clogging the vacuum. The battery can also be a problem if it gets worn out. In that case, you need to change it.

Thus, the article explains vacuuming through powerful Dyson cleaners and how to fix them if a problem arises.