Why Is My Bissell Crosswave Not Picking Up Water

Why Is My Bissell Crosswave Not Picking Up Water?

Do you love handing over daily tasks to your cleaning electronics? Surely, if you have a multi-surface cleaning system-composed Bissell crosswave pet pro version in your house, you may know that it's a great area rug and carpet cleaner.

While it's unlike any other electronic carpet cleaner in the market, various factors can cause the crosswave cordless max to stop functioning. Inadequate handling is a possible answer to "why is my Bissell crosswave not picking up water?

But, do you know that there are several other reasons your multi surface cleaning system-composed Bissell crosswave cordless max isn't picking up dirty water? In this post, we can inform you about those problems to sort them out and get with cleaning your area rugs.

Why Is My Bissell Vacuum Not Suctioning Water?

Several reasons could lead to your Bissell crosswave pet pro or crosswave cordless max not working efficiently. This is because the device itself doesn't have artificial intelligence to scream out the damage or malfunctions it faces.

Rather, being the owner of an amazing electronic carpet cleaner, you should be attentive about any or all issues that occur. Here's a list of several reasons that could prevent your Bissell crosswave cordless max from sucking up dirty water on your area rugs or around other parts of the house.

Full Water Tank

CrossWave Water Tank

The first thing you should know about your Bissell crosswave pet pro is that it contains a bladder, which is similar to a water tank installed inside the device. The device stores all the liquid it sucks up in the said water tank.

Hence, it means you have to keep track of suction quantity to know when the water tank might be full. The most likely reason that your Bissell crosswave pet pro isn't sucking water from your precious area rugs is that it has a full water tank.

Until the water in the Bissell crosswave pet pro is let off, it won't suck any more water or other liquids. One of the main things you must know is that whether you use it on hard floors or soft area rugs, the Bissell crosswave cordless won't pick up water if the float is activated.

Float's an automatic system that is activated once the tank's full. However, you have to stay sharp and make sure you don't let the device's bladder overflow or remain stagnant for long. This can lead to a dirty water tank and more internal problems.

It's best if you only use your electronic carpet cleaner Bissell crosswave cordless max to suck water from your carpets and areas rugs to dry vacuum them later.

This leads to the question, "will my Bissell crosswave carpet cleaner suck water after it deactivates the float?" The answer to that is, yes!

You can empty the bladder, restart the carpet clear device, and get on with the cleaning solution for both hard surfaces and soft area rugs. However, if the device has a low battery, make sure it's properly seated at the docking station. Otherwise, it will prevent the suction motor from working.

Dirty Water Tank Clogs

You must know that the filter could get clogged because of a dirty water tank. This happens when you don't take care good care of your Bissell crosswave vacuum unit. Your Bissell crosswave unit might not be sucking water off both hard surfaces (i.e. hard floors) and/or area rugs because the dirty water tank must have rendered the internal suction power non-functional.

The dirt and dust could lead to clogged filters that can also damage other components of the device. To take care of the clogs, you can disassemble the device yourself or call for the company's professional after-sales services.

Professionals can help clean or even replace the filters of your bissell crosswave vacuum. When too much water is stagnant in the collection tank near the float ball, it can dissolve the dirt and dust collected from the floors.

Loose debris can also mix with the collection tank water, causing ineffective filters. We will get to the right solution and steps to follow in a bit. For your information, you can use warm water to wash and clear debris stuck in the machine filter after manually removing it from your Bissell crosswave.

However, make sure you're not using too much water (i.e. warm water) on your Bissell crosswave vacuum. In the meantime, let's focus on other suction problems that Bissell crosswave faces.

Bissell Crosswave Suction Problems

Bissell Crosswave Suction

Apart from the two major problems that cause Bissell crosswave suction issues, here's a list of other suction problems that you must know beforehand. It will help you know which solution is the correct answer to the type of problem you're experiencing in your Bissell crosswave.

Issue #1

The tank might not be properly seated with the unit. If this case continues or is persistent, try to place the tank manually onto the unit by first removing it carefully.

Issue #2

The canister float ball can get stuck in an upright position, preventing the machine from working as a dry vacuum on hard floors and area rugs.

Issue #3

The whole unit might not have been assembled properly. You can go through the instruction manual or contact customer support for the proper guidance.

Why Is Bissell Crosswave Not Picking Up Dirty Water?

Bissell Crosswave Not Picking Up Dirty Water

The abovementioned issues can lead to Bissell crosswave suction problems. However, you should know that solving those issues isn't difficult. You can follow the step-by-step guide below to solve those issues.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1

Check whether your Bissell crosswave is turned off or on. Also, make sure it's not on the 3-in-1 docking station.

Step 2

Clean the dirty water tank if there's one and clear all the clogs that might have built up.

Step 3

Clear all the debris from the filter and screen by removing them carefully. Empty the dirty water tank and let the filter dry out before replacing it.

Step 4

Try to remove the multi-surface brush roll by pulling lifting it gently. Additionally, see if you can remove the multi-surface brush roll window in the same way.

Step 5

Remove clogs from other parts of your Bissell crosswave unit that could lead to dirty water tank unpleasant cleaning solution.

Step 6

If you have a Bissell crosswave pet pro version, check the machine for pet hairs and clear the special hair strainer. Make sure that you don't damage the special hair strainer when removing accumulated pet hairs.

An Alternative Tactic to Solve "No-Suction" Problem

Follow these steps to solve the suction problem:

Step 1

First, plug in the machine and activate the suction mode by pressing either the "hard floor" or the "rug" option. Troubleshoot the digital fingertip controls if the machine doesn't turn on.

Step 2

Press the silver release button and replace the dirty water tank. Make sure you hold the font handle for convenience.

Step 3

Check near the motor vents for suction strength when the unit is on a selected mode.

Step 4

Contact Bissell customer support to solve suction issues in case there are none. If the suction is sufficient, keep troubleshooting.

Step 5

It's best to remove the dirty water tank content beforehand and clear all the debris from the filter.

Step 6

Use warm water to hand wash the filter, float, and screen.

Step 7

You should only use warm water to hand wash those three things, and it's best to rinse the filter before and after the wash.

Step 8

Re-attach all the material and prefer using clear washing water.


Now, you're aware of the main reasons your Bissell crosswave might not be sucking water off the area rugs and/or hard floors. You can check for the problems thoroughly and ensure timely solutions. Or, if you can't solve the issue on your own, contacting the official Bissell crosswave authorized customer care center can make a difference.

However, you should know that usually, the Bissell crosswave doesn't pick up water either because the collection tank is full or the float ball isn't properly seated onto the docking station.

It could be because the suction motor is faulty or has experienced damage. In that case, you must seek professional customer support from official manufacturers.