Why Does Deebot Keep Stopping and Beeping

Why Does Deebot Keep Stopping and Beeping?

There are many possibilities that your ECOVACs DEEBOT suddenly stops working and gives off multiple beeps? Are the beeps in three, two, or one sequence?

Well, the DEEBOT device has been programmed to give off as many as seven beeps at once upon encountering an error. Since many common issues are regarding the battery and driving wheels of the DEEBOT, don't worry -they are extremely easy to solve and don't take much time.

This post is a definitive guide to help you navigate what it means when your ECOVACS DEEBOT stops working and starts giving off beeps in different sequences.

The most common issues include tangled hair, debris, and dust in the driving wheels. Of course, you can always contact customer service for your DEEBOT issues.


Were you enjoying a TV series on the couch on a Sunday when your ECOVACS DEEBOT stopped working and gave only one beep?

One Beep Malfunction

Well, it might have confused you at first, knowing that a single beep means something is wrong. Dust accumulation is a significant problem and one of the main reasons why your DEEBOT robot beeps too often.

When your DEEBOT is having a malfunction of the driving wheels, it beeps. So, to solve this malfunction, you can check the driving wheels of your DEEBOT.

DEEBOT Two Beeps

There are various instances where your DEEBOT's main brush will experience a malfunction. The main brush malfunction occurs when dust, tangled hair, or debris is stuck in the brushes.

This is when the DEEBOT will give off two beeps to let you know that the main brush has received some form of damage or isn't working properly anymore because of debris, tangled hair, or dust.

You should check your DEEBOT to ensure that there isn't progressive damage when a brush malfunction occurs.

DEEBOT Three Beeps

You may be wondering what it means when your DEEBOT robot starts to give off three beeps and stops working correctly for a while. You should know that three beeps on your robot don't mean that the main brush has encountered a problem, but rather the driving wheels.

The Driving Wheel Malfunction

Driving wheel malfunction is one of the most common issues because your house may have tangled hair, debris, or dust lying around. These items can hinder your robot's movement abilities.

Manually place the robot onto a safe surface and check for the clicking sound when you press the driving wheels.

However, when you don't hear the clicking sound from your DEEBOT, you should contact customer service immediately to take care of the wheel malfunction.

DEEBOT Four Beeps

Did your DEEBOT ring more than three times? Well, four beeps can either be a serious malfunction or a minor issue for which you need a reminder.

When DEEBOT Beeps 4 Times - Dust Bin Malfunction

The robot carries back-end programming to alert the owner about the dust bin malfunction through four beeps.

It may not be that big of an issue because the robot sometimes does that when the dust bin is either full, not working correctly, or when the dust bin is missing entirely.

So, when your DEEBOT beeps four times, you should pay close attention to the dust bin malfunction. The dust bin may be full, so you should reinstall it. Once you do that, the robot will begin working properly.

DEEBOT Five Beeps

The main brush malfunction and driving wheel malfunction takes place due to tangled hair, dust, and debris lying around on the floor.

The Main Brush Malfunction

Often, tangled hair gets stuck in the main brush and driving wheels while disrupting the anti-drop sensors. The sequence of beeps that you will hear from your DEEBOT will sound five beeps at a time.

Through five beeps, the DEEBOT robot alerts owners that its battery is low. Since the robot is self-aware of the battery condition, it is quite easy to learn when to charge it and for how long.

You can manually place your DEEBOT robot onto the charging dock and let the robot's battery stay there for 3-4 hours. If you place the robot's battery right onto the charging dock, the DEEBOT can give you a runtime of 100 minutes.

DEEBOT Six Beeps

Did you hear six beeps from your DEEBOT robot? Beeps are the easiest method for the DEEBOT to alert the owner about a malfunction. The cleaner gives off several beeps only when the DEEBOT detects any malfunction.

The Side Brush Malfunction

In most cases, owners don't have to spend any additional costs because malfunctions are usually minor due to tangled hair, debris, and dust.

When the DEEBOT has any side brush malfunction, it gives off six beeps at once. You can then check the brushes on all sides according to the time of the side brush malfunction.

The side brushes may have accumulated a lot of dust, debris, or even tangled hair that is difficult to remove. Each side brush should receive proper maintenance and care for seamless operations in the future.

DEEBOT Seven Beeps

Have you experienced a wheel malfunction and noticed tangled hair under your DEEBOT robot? That's a problem with fewer beeps than seven. But what if your DEEBOT beeps seven times?

The Anti-Drop Sensors Malfunction

Your DEEBOT detects tangled hair, dust, debris, and other things that stick to its wheels or any side. This means that you may know what's wrong nearly all the time. However, if your DEEBOT robot beeps seven times, you should know that the anti-drop sensors require thorough cleaning. You can wipe dust and debris off the sensors.

Click the auto mode button once you're done cleaning it, and your DEEBOT robot is ready to get back to cleaning your floor. Make sure the auto mode button is working. Otherwise, you can contact customer service at any time.

Furthermore, if you hear seven beeps, you should check other parts of your DEEBOT robot as well. Parts like the dust bin and driving wheelset may have debris, dust, or hair caught in them.


If your auto vacuum cleaning robot beeps a lot and doesn't work correctly, you can contact customer service at any time. If you cannot solve the beeping problem yourself, you can acquire professional help directly from the company.

If there is internal damage such as side brush malfunction or other sorts, the professionals will let you know about any additional costs for the repairs.

You can try to reset the robot cleaner if the beeping doesn't stop. As a rule of thumb, you should run a troubleshoot guide using the help of the answers and solutions above.