Roomba 860 VS 805 Review and Comparison

The Roomba 860 vs 805

iRobot have been at the forefront of robotic vacuum cleaners for a number of years now and their innovation and constant improvement of existing products is what keeps them at the top. So, when we discovered there was a new model, the Roomba 860 we simply couldn't wait to dive in and see what the next big thing was all about.


What transpired is that this model is very similar to its older cousin, the 805. Therefore, what better way to truly test the new kid on the block by pitting it head to head with its grizzled veteran model. A few years have passed since the debut of the 860 and as such, the price range has gradually dwindled to slot neatly into the middle price range for robotic vacuum cleaners. So, it seems appropriate to re-visit these two variations and see how the compare and where they differ. Keep reading to find out differences between these two models -  roomba 860 vs 805.

Quick Comparison Table

Product Name Roomba 860 Roomba 805
Editor's Rating
Weight 8 pounds 8.4 pounds
Dimensions 13.9x13.9x3.6 inches 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches
Battery 14.4V 3500mAh Li-Ion 14.4V 3500mAh Li-Ion
Run Time (Tested) 100 minutes 90 minutes
Warranty 2 year limited 2 year limited
Price Check Price on Check Price on

Roomba 860 - Key Points

Before we get into our comparison, it's important to distinguish some of the key factors that encompass the 860.


As time has progressed and models have been updated, the amount of upkeep required for your iRobot vacuum cleaner has diminished. As such, Roomba models are now transitioning truly into a hands-free robot, where very little interaction is needed from human hands.

Tangle Free Extractors

Leading on from the above point, the introduction of tangle free extractors to the 800-series marked an improvement from days of old, where previous models would be troubled by things such as human or pet hair. It's still not completely perfect, but it's a big stride in the right direction.

AeroForce Cleaning

Another new feature for this series is the cleaning technology. The billed improvement is that it is "50% more effective at picking up debris." In reality, it's hard to quantify this, but from using the vacuum, it is noticeably better than previous models.

Improved Battery Life

Finally, the new battery pack used in this series are another marked improvement upon older models, lasting much longer than their predecessors.

With the 805 the features are by and large the same. Here are the important similarities of the two models;

  • AeroForce cleaning system
  • Adapt Navigation technology
  • Two dual mode virtual wall barriers
  • Tangle Free Extractors

As you can see, there are many similarities between the two models, marking them both out as very well equipped to tackle your vacuuming duties in the home. The devil is in the detail however, so let's examine some of the side by side comparisons to determine where the differences lay.


The two models share similar features in their makeup, namely the materials used and dimensions are pretty much the same. However, the contrast is in the color. The 860 comes in a sleek silver aesthetic, vs. the 805 which is dark black shade. This is the first marked variation between the two models.


There's really not much to separate the pair here. As we explored in the similarities above, they share multiple features and functionalities. The only real difference is that the 860 has an automatic dock and charge ability.


Whilst the two models are very close in almost all aspects, price is where the big difference is. The Roomba 860 is priced in the $500 range, whereas the 805 is situated in the $300 bracket. With that gap in purchasing, let's move on and examine the pros and cons of each item to really get a clear picture of how the duo match up.

Roomba 860 and 805: pros and cons


What we like:

  • Superior clean - Compared with previous iterations from iRobot, the cleaning and efficiency of the 860 is outstanding. This reduces the amount of time you actually spend cleaning, as the job is done effectively first time around
  • Great suction - Similar to the above feature, the suction capabilities of this model are again far beyond that of other, older models. This represents a big improvement, as initially robot vacuums could not compete with the more traditional units.
  • Automatic dock and charge - This was mentioned above, but it really is such a wonderful intuitive feature. Recognizing when the battery is low, the unit will automatically seek it's docking station and begin to charge.


What we didn't like:

  • No Wi-Fi control - With technology rapidly advancing as it is, the standard for many electronic units these days is to have an accompanying Wi-Fi control, either via an app or with the unit itself. This lacking ability is noticeable these days.
  • Erratic behavior - When cleaning, the 860 has a tendency to lurch around, somewhat alarmingly. Although this isn't a breakdown of the unit and actually is part of the cleaning method, it's still an alarming sight.
  • Corners - The 860 can't handle corners well, due in large to their circular design. Therefore, things can get missed and not cleaned as effectively.


What we like:

  • Ease of use - Not only is this a simple unit to maintain, it's very intuitive to operate, with a simple "CLEAN" button to be pressed to get started.
  • Automatic Adjustment - Able to differentiate between surfaces is a great feature that makes for an effective clean
  • Design - The compact and slender design makes it very adept at cleaning those difficult to reach areas, such as under the couch, to ensure a thorough clean has taken place.


What we didn't like:

  • In the main, the cons are very similar to the 860, so they don't warrant mentioning again. However, one thing to point out is that as time has progressed, this model is becoming increasingly outdated.

Final Thoughts

After looking at the Roomba 860 vs. 805 it's clear to see there isn't much separating these two robotic vacuum cleaners. They will both perform the task to a high standard, in that the clean will be thorough and effective, resulting in less time wasted on multiple runs.

Standing out as a big difference is the price. This will continue to decrease as time goes on, so the option to weigh up is whether to spend now to get a highly effective unit, or wait too long that it becomes so far superseded by other models that it's not worth purchasing.

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