Shark Ion Robot Troubleshooting

Shark Ion Robot Troubleshooting [Most Common Problems]

The Shark Ion represents a new revolution to home cleaning devices. It provides excellent services on a variety of surfaces and operates via a smartphone app. This way, you can send them to specific rooms, give them a cleaning schedule, and some units self-clean. However, like all machines, it may stop working as expected.

So what do you do?

This article will explore some of the issues your Shark vacuum can develop, the common causes, and how to solve the problems.


Why is my Shark Ion robot not connecting to WiFi?

If you have an unstable WiFi connection, you will find it impossible to control the device.

In the first place, you need a steady and reliable internet connection all through your home to get the best of your Robot vacuum.

However, when you have tried, and your Shark Ion robot would not connect to WiFi, there are a few reasons this may happen.


Here are some of the most common issues that can affect your Shark vacuum’s WiFi connection. 

  • Wrong WiFi password
  • Dual-band WiFi router
  • The app may not connect with the WiFi if there’s too much distance from the router

Most of these issues can be solved with a strong connection even before installing the appliance in the home.

You will always have problems connecting your Shark Ion Robot if your connection is too weak to handle the robot vacuum in places with unreliable WiFi. However, there are easy fixes.

How to fix

Your first bet should be on the wrong WiFi password being inputted. Follow the correct steps this time, and enter the WiFi password carefully and correctly. Note the unique characters and capitalisations this time. 

If you are operating on a dual-band router, the Robot may be struggling to connect to the wrong frequency. The right network for Shark Vacuum is 2.4GHz. Unfortunately, it will not work with 5GHz networks. So, when choosing WiFi, you need to check the manufacturer’s website for the type of router and go for the 2.4GHz networks.

A general fix to the problem could be closing the app entirely and reopening it to reset the bugs causing the connectivity issues. Then, move closer to the router while setting up the connection for a stronger signal, reboot the app, and connect. In some cases, restarting the phone can help.

Now, if you have tried all these and still cannot connect the Shark Ion Robot to the WiFi, you can reboot the router and start the processes of connecting to the app and your phone again, as we have discussed above. But, you may have to wait for some minutes while the router reboots.

robot vacuum not connecting to WiFi

Why is my Shark Ion robot not charging?

Like every electronic device, the charging issue is a common problem with several robot vacuums. And this doesn’t exclude the Premium brand models . Often, it is caused by dirt in the charging contacts.

Generally, the charging contacts are underneath the robot vacuum closer to the floor and can easily get covered by lint, dust, and other bits of debris.

You should be able to solve this problem by cleaning the contact with a dry cloth. You can also use an abrasive pad or steel wool if the issue persists. 

If, after all these, the Shark Ion robot is still not charging even when it’s in the charging dock, the battery could be faulty, or you may have a stuck charging contact. 


There is a range of other problems that could cause a Shark Ion robot not to charge. Check out the following possible causes to find and solve the problem. 

  • The Shark Ion Robot is not correctly plugged in
  • The Shark Ion is not fully docked
  • The Shark Ion may have a faulty battery

How to fix

If the vacuum is not charging correctly, the fault can be from the power source. The Robot may not be properly plugged in.

Ensure that the charging dock is plugged correctly into the power source. It could be a wall outlet, power strip, or any other similar source of power you are using. If this is done, also look at the source’s switch and ensure it’s on. 

It would be best if you also were sure the Robot is fully docked. It may be finding difficulties to dock rightly.

To ensure the robot docks, check for obstructions that may restrict its path. Remove debris like clumps of hair, socks, or any other object that may be in the Robot’s docking area.

With the charger plugged in and the docking area already sorted, if you still have issues with the Shark Ion robot not charging, you may be having problems with the battery.

First, you need to be sure the battery is holding near the specified charging time. But if the battery is losing charge too quickly, it may have no choice to replace your battery. 

Why is my Shark Ion robot not cleaning?

When the Shark Ion robot is not cleaning as it used to, the most common cause is a worn-out brush.

Usually, the side brushes are the first to wear out and need to be replaced every six months. You may also need to check the roller brush too.

Asides from the worn-out brush, a clogged filter can result in the Shark Ion not cleaning as it should by reducing its suction. With this, the Robot finds it challenging to pick up dirt or pet hair. 

To keep the Shark from having a poor cleaning performance or leaving dirt on the floor, you should ensure to dust the filters and remove every hair and dust that may be stuck in them.

For foam or mesh filters, you need to maintain a washing frequency of 15-30 days. Replace the HEPA filters after every six months to keep them effective. 


Here’s a breakdown of the causes of a Shark Ion robot not cleaning

  • Dirty side brushes
  • Dirty main brush
  • Faulty brush motors

How to fix

Dirty brushes beneath the Shark Ion robot can be a reason why it stops picking up dirt.

You need to ensure they are clean and in good condition. A build-up of hair or debris can also cause this.

You should remove the side brushes from the Robot base and clean out the bristles of any air or obstruction using a damp microfiber cloth.

If it seems that the brushes are worn out after inspections, consider getting a replacement.

For the case of a dirty main brush, remove the end cap to access both the main brush and the cleaning bristles and check for debris and ensure it’s in good condition. Then, with a damp microfiber cloth, clean out every hair or dirt that’s built up in the brush, cleaning bristle, and cap.

Consider getting a replacement, if after inspecting the cleaning bristles or the brush, it seems worn. 

There’s another chance of a faulty brush motor being why the Shark Ion robot is not cleaning. Inspect the brushes in the Robot to see if they are turning.

Check for any build-ups around the brushes or even in them that may cause obstruction. If you don’t find any, and the brushes aren’t still moving, you may replace the motors. 

robot vacuum not docking

Why my Shark Ion robot not docking?

The Shark Ion robot comes with an auto-recharge feature that automatically sends it to the charging dock when the battery gets low during vacuuming.

Unfortunately, when your robot vacuum begins to wander around without find or reaching the dock, it can be a problem of quality, and there’s not much you can do about it.

It also could even happen that the battery dies or gets stuck before reaching its dock. 

Your situation could be that the robot vacuum starting by working fine and suddenly refuses to dock. On the other hand, it could be a result of problems with the sensors. You need to check if the Shark Ion robot vacuum is having navigation issues around the house.


But before blaming the manufacturer, ensure you have also taken the proper process into getting the Shark Ion robot to its correct position. 

  • The vacuum is stuck
  • Faulty sensors
  • Dock’s position 

How to fix

Check the positioning of the dock and ensure it’s placed on a hard flat floor in an open area where it is appropriately cleared from any furniture, stairs, wall, or obstruction. 

It would be difficult for the robot vacuum to dock if you have your dock on a rug, near stairs, under furniture, or on a dark floor. Change the position of the charging dock by taking it to another place to see if it works. 

Watch the cleaning pattern, see if it clean haphazardly or bumps hard into obstacles.

Next, you should clean the sensors and see if that helps. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe off any accumulating dust that may be disturbing the sensor.

And if it doesn’t, you may need to replace the sensors.

You may have recently moved the dock. And to sort this out, you may need to factory reset the Robot using the app.

Go to settings, and tap on Recovery Reset to give your Shark Ion robot a new start.

After this, your Robot should find no problem navigating through your home and docking in its correct position.

You can also perform a test on the Robot by using the app to start the cleaning session and then recall the Robot to its dock.

Again, remember to give enough clearance to the Robot to have enough convenience to find the dock. When you have set everything rightly, and it’s still not docked, your model may be defective, and you may need to contact Shark for a replacement.

Why my Shark Ion robot not running on schedule?

Your vacuum cleaner is not programmed to act possessed. However, your Robot may begin to vacuum at the most unusual times. Well, something may be wrong with the machine’s scheduling function, and you would have to fix it. 


Here are a few reasons why your Shark Ion robot is not running on schedule 

  • Wrong time and date settings
  • Wrong scheduling 
  • Software problem

How to fix

A straightforward method can solve it, go to the mobile app to clear the current vacuuming schedule and check the date and time of the machine to ensure that the robot vacuum has the correct time. If it’s wrong, change it.

From scratch, re-enter the schedule. If the problem has been a wrong time and date, your Shark Ion robot should now work correctly and start vacuuming your home at the correct times. The good thing about these is that you may not need to under the lengthy resetting process. 

If your vacuum cleaner still doesn’t run on schedule, the factory reset or hard reset is a feature you can use to return to its original plan. It reboots the device and sends it to the state where it left the factory before coming to you.

However, the factory setting will also remove others setting asides from the schedules including the robot data including maps, WiFi credentials, 3rd party speaker connection, and other from your device and app. In addition, the entire Robot’s memory will be wiped clean. This way, you can get rid of all software problems and make it as good as new.

Why is my Shark Ion robot not holding a charge?

There’s almost nothing as annoying as struggling to ensure your robot charges, and it just would not.

But, with a 10-minute chore time, you can find out what’s stopping your device from holding a charge and get how to solve this problem.

The most obvious reasons could be a dirty charger blocking the connection contacts, a faulty charger, or a bad battery.

However, you first need to test the vacuum to see if the issue is with the Robot itself. 

Plug the device directly into the wall and turn on the switch. Ensure the suction is strong and it usually functions.

If the Shark Ion robot vacuum doesn’t show any problem while plugged in, the issue is likely with the batteries or the charger. 


It’s always frustrating to have a Shark Ion robot that would not hold a charge. Here are a few reasons why this may be happening.

  • Faulty outlet
  • Dead battery
  • Dead or dirty charger

How to fix

When the Robot is docked and not charging as it should, you may be having problems with the power source. Ensure the charging dock is well plugged into the wall outlet or any other power source you use and switch to on.

There’s a possibility that there are obstructions like small debris restricting your Robot from fully docking. With all these checked and it’s not apparent that the vacuum is receiving power as it should, it’s not holding charge at or near the specified charge time. 

Just like phone batteries, sometimes your vacuum batteries can lose their ability to hold a charge. Well, this happens most times with older vacuums. However, you should not be faced with this if you have just bought your vacuum. 

The typical charging time should take only sixteen hours to charge. If you have left it to charge for the entire length of time and lasts only for a few minutes, you may need to replace the battery. If any of these isn’t why your Shark Ion robot is not holding a charge, it can also malfunction. Contact Shark Company and check if a warranty covers you.

Why is my Shark Ion robot making a loud noise?

If your Shark Ion robot starts making loud noises, the extractor may be having difficulties turning. What you need to do is clean the brushes and the extractors. You can begin with cleaning the multi-surface rubber brushes and replace the cleaning head module.

Then proceed to the main brushes and align the Robot with the extractor frame. It’s better to inspect the multi-surface rubber brush at least once a week. You should even do it twice if you have pets.


  • Dirty multi-surface rubber brush
  • Damaged extractor
  • Unaligned extractor

How to fix

Approach the multi-surface rubber brush by opening the cleaning head module door. Push the green tab on the right side of the multi-surface brushes and remove it from the Robot. Ensure debris and hairs are removed from the square.

Clear out the debris around the gray bearings and insert it on the multi-surface brushes to ensure the vacuum has a clear path. Match the cleaning head module’s shape with that of the multi-surface brush pegs.

If you have to replace the cleaning head module, place your Shark Ion robot upsides down on a plane surface and find the brush fame release tab. It should be on the right side of the cleaning head. Press the tab to lift the latch, and remove the brush caps from both ends of the brushes. Now, ensure all debris and hairs are removed and reinstall the brush caps in the Robot.

Also, clean out the main brushes by removing the bin and clearing dirt from the vacuum path. Remove and clean out the hair or debris stuck in the brushes and the yellow brush bearing.

If you have adequately cleaned the brush caps and removed the hair from the bristle brush, all the loud noises should stop.

Why does my Shark Ion Robot Bumper keep getting stuck?

Usually, your Shark robot vacuum will repeatedly stop if the bumper gets stuck. It could be as a result of something blocking the path of the robot cleaner.

Your first move should be to check and remove every obstruction on its path. Also, if it’s working on an uneven floor, it can get stuck. 

You can move your Robot to a new location with a levelled surface and watch its movement to see the reason why the front bumper keeps getting stuck. 


Let’s see the causes of the Shark Ion Robot Bumper getting stuck

  • Obstructions
  • Blocked suction motion
  •  Wrongly assembled bumper

How to fix

You need to check and ensure you are not dealing with a blocked suction motor. When this is certain, focus on the bumper.

While the Shark Ion Robot works, some items or debris can get stuck in front of its sensors, causing it to run into rigid objects over and over. So, the Robot’s bumper can get damaged. Or it may just be assembled inaccurately. 

In many situations, you may need to replace the bumper once it’s damaged.

Flip the Shark Ion robot to the underside to access the screws.

With a hex screwdriver, remove all the screws from the bumper and lift the thin side such that it is removable from the Robot.

Also, lift the Shark Ion robot vacuum to allow the more significant part of the bumper that stays on the floor to be removed. With both pieces removed, you can put down the Robot.

Check all the Robot’s sensors to take out all the debris in front of it and swap out the bumper for a replacement if needed.