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Roomba i3 Not Cleaning All Rooms? [Quick Fix Guide]

Looking for the perfect quick-fix guide to handle your Roomba i3 robot vacuum cleaner issues? Just like other electronic household appliances, the Roomba i3 robot is bound to start showing signs of damage or malfunction at some stage of its life. But, you must figure out the reason behind the issue to make sure you get the necessary assistance to clean your home. You’ll need to determine why your Roomba i3 not cleaning all rooms because it could impact the overall time it takes for you to clean up around the house.

Not solving issues on time increases the burden of cleaning up around the house on your own while decreasing the lifespan of the electronic device. Hence, in this quick-fix guide, we will make sure that you find the best tips and techniques to resolve your Roomba i3 cleaning problems. Besides, why should you have to go and clean your entire house manually from corner to corner when you have such a reliable device at hand already?

Roomba i3 Not Cleaning All Rooms? Check Out the Possible Reasons!

roomba i3 cleaning

One of the main reasons most homeowners and household cleaners choose the Roomba i3, and other models of the said cleaning robot are its agility. Agility is one of the device’s most important features, allowing you to relax as it cleans the home. Meanwhile, you don’t have to lift a finger. The Roomba i3 robot cleaner can indeed experience technical issues and malfunction at different stages of its life. This is a common problem in most Roomba robot cleaner models. However, the primary reason behind it is that household cleaners are unaware and carry out poor maintenance.

Remember, one of the biggest issues for your Roomba i3 includes poor maintenance and handling of the device itself. Let’s dive into the main reasons the device might not be cleaning all the rooms in your house to help you get on with your house cleaning chores comfortably.

Recharging/Battery Issues

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One of the first issues could link with any existing battery or recharging issues. Make sure that the “clean” button isn’t glowing and that your Roomba i3 hasn’t returned to its dock. In case the button is glowing, it must have run out of power prior to cleaning the entire map in its memory and is now recharging. In case you have a model different from the Roomba i3, it will resume cleaning from where it left off.

Lighthouse and Virtual Wall

Virtual Wall Barrier

Virtual Wall Barrier

Lighthouses and virtual walls are assisting devices for all Roomba models to perform better. But at times, they can disrupt your Roomba’s cleaning process. If your Roomba isn’t cleaning all your rooms, check to see if the infrared beam from the said devices is interfering with your Roomba i3’s navigation and map moving. Virtual walls are infrared beams that create an opening to prevent the Roomba i3 from entering another room. Conversely, lighthouses are automatic doors and nothing more.

They’re located on the opening and prevent the Roomba i3 from leaving a room that isn’t completely clean. It also allows the Roomba i3 to move to another room once it finishes with one. Repositioning or turning those devices on/off might help.

Dark Rooms

Lack of proper lighting in the room being cleaned is a major reason why your Roomba i3 isn’t cleaning all rooms completely. If you’re using the devices at night or in rooms with little or no light, you must know that the cameras on them aren’t capable of it. The machine requires accurate visual information to keep navigating and cleaning. Hence, lack of lighting is a big obstacle.


Getting caught between clutter or stuck in one place is a possible reason why your Roomba i3 isn’t cleaning all your rooms properly. Make sure that the floors in the room are free of any clutter, such as toys, clothes, or hard rugs lying around. Also, check if a table or chair is in an awkward position, making it difficult for the device to navigate properly as per its memory of your residential space. It’s common for chairs and table nooks to trap the device in one place. In fact, your Roomba i3 robot will continue cleaning the same area if it gets trapped or is unable to navigate properly.

Dark Carpets and Patterned Rugs

If your carpets or rugs are patterned, your Roomba i3 will find it difficult to clean appropriately. Plus, it can be a nightmare for the device if the said carpet or rug is black! Dark colors and patterns interfere with the device’s navigational abilities. Thus, it might not clean the space or room properly.

Edge Cleaning Mode (Off)

Normally, homeowners find that they forgot the turn on the “edge cleaning” mode in the Roomba mobile application. Since the device integrates with the phone app via high connectivity features, you must take it into account. Your Roomba i3 might not be cleaning all rooms or missing several spots, especially the corners and edges, because edge cleaning mode is turned off. 

Why Does My Roomba i3 Keep Cleaning The Same Area?

Roomba i3-cleaning-the-same-area

Above, we discussed some of the major reasons why your Roomba i3 might start malfunctioning and not clean all the rooms properly. From a simple battery and recharging issue to dark and cluttered rooms, several reasons can interfere with the device’s efficient cleaning operations.

Useful Tips and Fixes

You can take care of your Roomba i3 and solve cleaning issues (not cleaning all rooms) with a few simple tips. Even so, you can contact official customer support in case problems don’t resolve. Here’s what you can do:

  • Solution #1

Before starting your iRobot Roomba i3, check its sensors and clean them adequately to save yourself hours of troubleshooting headaches.

  • Solution #2

If the device keeps making the same mistakes or doesn’t clean all your rooms, you might want to erase its memory and reconfigure map settings. Then, you can let the device memorize the entire layout once again.

  • Solution #3

In case dark rooms and lack of proper lighting are the main issues behind the Roomba i3 not cleaning all rooms, there are simple ways to address this issue. Install proper lighting in dark rooms and those with insufficient lighting.

  • Solution #4

Lastly, you must check the Roomba app to confirm that you haven’t set the cleaning mode to a few specific areas. If you’ve done it accidentally or forgotten to rectify it, you can quickly select the whole map layout to make sure that the device is cleaning all the rooms in your house.

Does Roomba i3 Have Room Mapping?

Roomba Room Mapping

As a modern-day cleaning assistant, your iRobot Roomba i3 has room mapping functionalities. It can read and memorize the layout of a room and multiple ones at that, to efficiently clean when you intend it to. The device features state-of-the-art tracking sensors to help you vacuum troublesome objects such as carpets and hardwood. Plus, the existing model has features that allow it to map the entire home in rows.

Furthermore, Reactive Sensor Technology keeps the robot cleaner where it should be. Likewise, the said technology is also assistive in making sure that the device doesn’t go where it shouldn’t. Altogether, yes, the device is capable of handling entire home cleaning schedules by memorizing and mapping the whole layout.

How Do I Get My Roomba i3 To Clean One Room?

By following the simple instructions below, your iRobot Roomba house cleaner can take care of specific rooms and house areas. It’s important to integrate the Roomba mobile application to let the device know which areas to clean and which ones do not. Here’s how you can get it to clean one specific room at your command:

  1. Find the Roomba icon on the device to press and hold for a couple of seconds.

  2. Next, find the “Room” section and select one of the two main instructions.

  3. Moving to the next screen, you can assign the rooms that you want your Roomba i3 robot vacuum cleaner to take care of and those that you don’t want taken care of.

  4. After selecting specific rooms, you can go back to the home page of the Roomba app and exit it to start the device.

Note: First, you must define specific rooms in the iRobot app so you can select them later for individual cleaning with the help of your Roomba i3 cleaner model.

How Long Does It Take Roomba i3 To Learn Your House?

No electronic device is completely foolproof and perfect. The pure evidence of that comes from constant malfunctions. After all, if a device was absolutely perfect, why would manufacturers send an instructions manual and provide a technical issues-resolving contact page on the website? Several things can interfere with the efficient cleaning operations of your Roomba i3. But, with timely troubleshooting, you can figure out the cause of malfunction or the device not cleaning all your rooms.

If you’ve found the perfect solutions for your Roomba i3 not cleaning your rooms, you can get back to a hands-free house cleaning environment. Otherwise, it’s best to contact the official Roomba customer service.