Neato D80 vs D85: Two Great Robot Vacuum Review

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85: Comparison – Which Do You Need?

Robotic vacuums are becoming ever more popular thanks to the fact that people no longer have to vacuum their own homes. These robot vacuums are definitely big time savers, allowing you to spend your valuable time on things other than sucking up dirt off of the ground.

Choosing a good model of robot vacuum can be pretty difficult, which is why we’re here. Today we are going to be looking at two awesome robotic vacuums, both from the Neato brand name. To be exact, we are doing a Neato D80 vs D85 comparison to see which one is better for you.

Neato D80 vs D85 – Comparison

Neato D85 Review

This is a comparison and we want to keep things short and simple, so what we are going to do here is list the similarities and the differences between the Neato D80 and the D85.

In all reality, the Neato D85 is very similar to the D80, just with a few upgrades.

What is similar?

  • Both models have a great mapping and navigational program;
  • Both models have the same shape to get into corners;
  • Both models have a great edge cleaning system;
  • Both models come with the same interchangeable brushes;
  • They both use the same dual-action brush and suction technology;
  • Both have a fairly high capacity dust bin;
  • Both have the awesome recharge and resume feature;
  • They both work well on hard floors and carpet;
  • Both models are ideal for picking up pet hair;
  • Both models come with boundary markers;

What is different?

This is where the Neato D85 really stands out. Let’s talk about the upgrades made to the D85 in comparison to the D80.

  • While the D80 has 1 high-efficiency air filter, the D85 has 3 high-efficiency air filters. This means that it is much better at purifying the air that comes out of it.
  • The D85 has a slightly longer battery life than the D80.
  • The brushes on the D85 are slightly improved to better deal with pet hair and carpeting.
  • The D85’s scheduling feature is a little better than the D80.


Neato D80 Review

The Neato D80 is without a doubt a really nice option to go with. It’s small and compact, it has a good battery life, good air filtration, and it can definitely suck up a whole lot of dirt.

Let’s talk about some of the main features which the Neato D80 brings to the table. You might like how the Neato D80 uses a very advanced mapping and navigation system to make its way around your home.

Unlike other robot vacuums that aimlessly wander around and bump into every obstacle, the Neato D80 maps a whole room, scans for obstacles, creates a precise battle plan, and heads into action. In other words, it creates an efficient cleaning path.

Another thing that you might like about the Neato D80 is that it uses something called SpinFlow Power Clean technology. In simplest terms, this means that it combines incredibly powerful suction with precision spinning brushes to pick up as much debris as possible. These brushes work for hard flooring and for carpets too.

One of the things which the Neato D80 is hailed for is cleaning up pet hair. We like this for our home with lots of pets because the special anti-tangle brushes allow the Neato D80 to pick up tons of pet hair without ever getting clogged.

  • The Neato D80 comes with combination brushes and blade brushes in order to make it just that much more versatile. It also comes with a special edge cleaning system to get dirt where the floor meets the walls. The special D shaped design also helps it get into corners and clean edges.
  • The Neato D80 has a pretty good battery life, but that is not the standout feature. What we love about the Neato D80 is that when the battery is low it will automatically head back to the dock to recharge. Once recharged it will resume vacuuming right where it left off.


The Neato D80 comes with boundary markers so we can block off rooms we don’t want it in or make it stay in rooms that we do want it in. Another cool feature is the extra-large bagless dirt bin. It is really easy to empty and its large size means that emptying does not need to be done all that often.

The Neato D80 can be scheduled to clean whenever we see fit, which is definitely a really neat feature.

It also comes with 1 high-efficiency filter to help clean the air which the Neato D80 spits back out.


When it comes to the battle of the Neato D80 vs D85, there is honestly no clear winner. Yes, the D85 is technically a little improved and more advanced when compared to the D80, but it does also cost a fair amount more.

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