How to Vacuum under Your bed

How To Vacuum Under Your Bed? [3 Easy Step Guide]

We rarely think about cleaning under our beds. That’s because it’s a hard-to-reach place, especially when vacuuming.

Neglect to clean under the bed results in a dusty room. It attracts allergens, thus causing you to sneeze.

I will be showing you ways on how to vacuum under the bed. So here we go.

How to vacuum under your bed properly?

It is vital to vacuum the bed to keep it dust-free. After a move or remodeling, you may need to vacuum under the bed to get rid of dust left behind.

Dust collects everything that is under beds. If you have pets, they can also shed furs, which find their way into the bed.

When you vacuum under the bed, it’s best not to disturb all of this debris. It is best to have your vacuum bag ready then push it under the bed in one motion.

Anyway, here are a few tips on cleaning under your bed.

Step 1: Create Space

The very first thing to do is clearing up under the bed to create space. Remove anything that’s under there, and place it aside. You’ll put them back. A small brush is perfect for this role.

If you don’t use your bed as storage, that’s even better. But you still have to be sure and get rid of anything that may have found its way under the bed. It can be a toy, clothes, etc.

Bend on your knees and use a flashlight to make sure you’ve removed everything. If you are not up for bending or have a bad back, I recommend using a flat-head broom.

Step 2: Get Your Vacuum Cleaner

Once you’ve made sure nothing is under the bed anymore, it’s time to vacuum underneath your bed. The key is finding the right vacuum cleaner.

You don’t need a heavy, commercial vacuuming cleaner for the job. Neither will a small, handheld vacuum will do the job. It’s advisable to get a vacuum cleaner with a long wand. It should also have high suction pressure.

The vacuum cleaner should have long and extendable attachments that can reach every corner of the bed. Check out reviews and read comment sections to find out which cleaner works best for you.

What if your bed is too low? How do you clean or vacuum such a bed? You can install bed risers, which are placed underneath the legs to lift the bed a few inches higher.

Once you have the right vacuuming cleaner, do your vacuuming.

While attaching the sock, fasten it with a rubber band. To further get rid of the bunnies, hair, and cobwebs, you can soak the socks using a . It also helps with allergens by freshening under your bed.

Step 3: Dust off the Bunnies Using a Yardstick

Sometimes vacuum cleaners don’t suck in the sneeze-causing dust bunnies and hair. Therefore, I highly recommend attaching a wet sock on a yardstick and dust off the dust bunnies.

Make sure the yardstick is long enough. If you do not have a yardstick, be creative and find something similar. A long extension stick or crevice tool can do it. Wipe in overlapping strokes.

cleaning solution

How often should you vacuum under the bed?

How often should you vacuum under the bed

It is recommendable to vacuum under your bed at least twice a month. A month shouldn’t go by without cleaning under the bed.

However, some folks need to clean under their beds more often than twice a month. For example, an individual with strong allergic reactions will need to clean his bedroom every day. It includes vacuuming under the bed at least after every 2-3 days.

That’s because such an individual needs to be fastidious and keep the room as clean as possible. But for most folks, doing the vacuuming at least twice a month is recommendable. Don’t go over a month.

 If you’re the person who uses underneath the bed for storage, you’ll probably have to vacuum it more often. Having toys and boxes under the bed attracts more dust bunnies, making your bedroom stuffy.

How to vacuum under your bed fast?

How to vacuum under your bed fast

The fastest way to clean under your bed is by using a vacuuming cleaner. You need something that is not only an effective cleaner, but it should feature strong suction strength to suck in the dust quickly. Look for suction strength, and nothing more.

There are different vacuum cleaners for various tasks and services.

You certainly don’t want to choose a small handheld model, as this will find it hard to pick up dust and debris from underneath your beds. Instead, you want a vacuum cleaner with a hose so that you can easily reach all areas of the bed.

Some people worry they need a powerful commercial cleaner to tackle this task. But that’s not the case. There are lots of small, lightweight vacuum models that feature advanced cyclonic cleaning technology. It guarantees every single dust gets sucked into the vacuum bag.

Why does dust accumulate under my bed?

Why does dust accumulate under my bed

Well, dust bunnies love hiding under your mattress. There are a few reasons dust collects. One fungal species, for instance, uses filaments to float in the air and drift around collecting particles as they go.

It is an excellent strategy for the fungi in that they can stay airborne and ride breezes for days, which helps them disperse to new ecological niches. The downside is it almost guarantees that if you’ve got a bunch of them around, some will land underneath your bed.

Still, another reason dirt accumulates under your bed is the type of vacuum cleaner you use.

With a low-quality cleaner, you’ll be leaving behind dust particles every time you vacuum underneath the beds. Over time, the dust accumulates. Therefore, choose your cleaner carefully. And always go with something that vacuums efficiently in terms of suction power.

 Also, when cleaning under the bed, use a flat-head mop right after vacuuming out the dust. It guarantees no more dirt gets attracted underneath your bed.

How to clean under the bed without a vacuum?

How to clean under the bed without a vacuum

If you live in a shared space, you know it’s not always easy to clear the clutter from everyone else’s mess. The best way to clear the clutter from under the bed is with a vacuum cleaner.

However, if you don’t have one, or want to avoid vacuuming because it can be a chore, there are other methods to clean underneath your bed without a vacuum.

a) Using Hand

dust cleaning under bed

The first method is to clean under your bed by hand. This method is ideal for people who don’t have the time or energy for deep cleaning and are only looking to get rid of any annoying dust bunnies or crumbs underneath the bed.

All you need to do is get on your hands and knees and start cleaning. You can either sweep up dust bunnies using a broom or dustpan or pick them up with your fingers.

b) Using Dustpan

Dustpan cleaning under bed

Second, clean underneath your bed with a dustpan. Sometimes the best cleaning tools are the simplest. A dustpan and brush will do the trick just fine. Sweep or push any dirt or crumbs toward the edge of the bed, and use the dustpan to sweep it up from the floor.

You may need to move furniture to get to the corner of the bed, so make sure you put everything back.

c) Using a Squeegee

dust cleaning using Squeegee

Third, use a squeegee. It has many services and comes in handy when cleaning your room. It’s especially helpful if you have an old-fashioned metal bed frame or box spring, which could be rather difficult to vacuum around.

To clean sheets without a vacuum, wipe down your sheets with a squeegee before you put them in the washing machine.

d) Using a Flat-Head Mop

using Flat-Head Mop for dust cleaning

The fourth method is using a flat-head mop. Soak it on a cleaning detergent and wipe it under the bed. Move back and forth, and in overlapping strokes, from one end of the bed to the other. Make sure you’ve wiped every side.

But what if your carpet extends to the other end of the bed? How do you clean under the bed covered with carpet? Now, that’s best cleaned using a Roomba, or an iRobot. Such a device vacuums your floors automatically even as your sleep.

Set the machine to drift and in a side-to-side direction so that it doesn’t miss any dirt particles.


Now that you have all the tips on how to vacuum underneath your bed, make sure you do it frequently. Do not wait for a month or two to vacuum under your bed.

Also, do not wait to start sneezing to vacuum under your bed. One other piece of advice is to avoid storing stuff under the bed. And if you must, make a schedule to vacuum more frequently, at least every week, or biweekly.

The trick to cleaning under the bed properly is using the right vacuum cleaner. Look for great suction. For low-level beds, you can use other cleaning devices like Roomba or iRobot.

Anyways, break a leg cleaning up your bedroom.