How to Vacuum Car AC System Without Pump

How to Vacuum Car AC System Without Pump? [5 Step Guide]

Is your car's ac system getting as filthy as possible? It would be best if you cleaned it as soon as possible. The best way is to use a pump. Don't have a pump? Don't worry, as you won't have to sit in contaminated air on our watch. We have the best solutions for your car ac maintenance. Just follow the following method, and you will be good to go!

Step 1 - AC Systems Access Valve

Before you start to vacuum the air conditioning, you must fix access valves on the extreme sides of the compressor. This will help improve the operation.

Once you have done that, you must move on to the next thing, which is closing the high side access valve. After doing that, you must also turn on the compressor and specify its pressure on the low.

With the increase in pressure, the high side valve will close. This, in turn, will shut down the compressor.

Step 2 - Low Side Valve Charge

Now you must the low pressure of the A/C to 14 psi. After a while and friction later, the high and low sides will reach an equilibrium.

Step 3 - Depressure High Side Valve

You must disconnect the pressure from the expansive valve, and you can take the compressor behind the service valve to push it against the high valve just until you get the effect you are looking for.

Now you must close the high valve, including the compressor. Do it until the low-pressure side is finally able to operate the pressure.

Step 4 - Charge Low Side Valve and Remove Pressure from High Side Valve

After doing that, you must adjust the machine's pressure to 14 psi for the next three minutes.

To turn on the compressor, you must depress the valve on the high-pressure side. If you cannot find any vapor and moisture in the high maintenance valve, the valve should be closed.

The ac system itself completes the vacuuming. You do not need vacuum pumps for that.

Step 5 - Charge The Refrigerant

This is the final step. Here you have to put a suggested amount of refrigerant in the air conditioning system. The refrigerant amount is mentioned in the manual. You can either find it in the instruction manual or the appliance owner manual.

As soon as you introduce the refrigerant in the air conditioning, switching off the compressor would help.

This is the answer to your how-to vacuum car ac system without vacuum pumps. The procedure is quite simple, and you will easily do it on your own.

Why Vacuum an AC System for your car?

air conditioning button AC and AC MAX

It is essential to vacuum the ac system in your car. Vacuuming helps remove problems such as air, moisture, and dust. If you do not remove them, you might face issues with your air conditioning system. You might even have to replace it.

The performance of your ac system is also affected if you do not take care of all the dust in the system. If the water condenser on the ac system condenses, the ac might freeze.

What happens if you don't vacuum your AC system?

If you don't vacuum your AC System, you might bring down the pressure of the kit. This, in turn, can affect the overall cooling of your ac. You might also have to spend your time copped up in a car that is contaminated by dust and other allergens, causing you to go sick.

How To Vacuum Car Ac System Without Pump?

The article clearly addresses how you can use the method we explained to clean your car ac without a vacuum pump if you do not have a pump. Many people do not understand that they can do this and leave their car ac systems as they are.

How Frequently Should You Vacuum Your Air Conditioning System?

Your car ac system does not get dirty as frequently as you think they do. You do not have to service them every few days but can easily do it once a year. You can use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the ac in your car, and it will not be invasive to the system itself.

If you want to service your ac system, the best time to do so is spring. Springtime when you probably aren't using your car ac as much, and the dust might have gathered on it. You can clean it easily and in time for the next season. The procedure explained above is quite simple, and you can easily do it on your own. If you think there is some major problem, you should only contact the experts to assist you.

Can You Remove Oil From Your AC System By Vacuuming?

 Oil can stick to your ac system, and you should get rid of it as soon as possible. However, vacuuming will not be able to do the job. Injecting the oil will not be necessary if the accumulator and or the compressor is disconnected.

How To Recharge An Air Conditioner?

How To Recharge An Air Conditioner

You can recharge your car's air conditioner in two ways. You can either use small amounts of refrigerant to charge the system, or you can inject a vacuum and charge from the ground.

At the moment, you might not have a vacuum pump so let's focus on the first option.

You might first park your car on a flat surface and switch off the engine. Then, you must remove the protection mechanism of the valve seat.

Locate the low-pressure side of the device and the service port on the two refrigerant sides. Be prepared, as they may change. Dust off the low-pressure side covers and pull the retaining ring while simultaneously pressing the valve into the intel port.

Once you have installed the replacement kit, you must check the pressure gauge. It should show the change.

Now you can start the engine. There will be a pressure drop soon, and you must press the plunger valve inward for the refrigerant to enter.

Keep repeating this until the pressure is correct.


This is how you can vacuum your car's ac system without using a pump. It is pretty easy to navigate through it on your own. Just make sure you do not tamper with anything else to avoid creating a bigger problem for yourself. Hopefully, our instructions were helpful enough for you to do this independently without a vacuum pump.

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