How To Reset DEEBOT N79

How To Reset DEEBOT N79?

While some people love to clean their house regularly, others don't have the time to do daily chores due to work and other household responsibilities.

Let's also agree that if we could automate most tasks at hand, we would certainly go ahead with it. While that technology is still far away, rest reassured that you can still automate some of the most mundane chores.

When discussing the prospect of automating household chores, you might hear a highly popular name nowadays: the ECOVACS DEBBOT N79. This device lets you relax comfortably while it takes care of different chores around the house.

In this modern-day and age, many people are comfortable with the idea of letting robots take care of household chores. But if you're a beginner at using the ECOVACS cleaner, you may not know how to reset DEEBOT N79.

In this article, you will learn how to reset DEEBOT N79 step by step. Follow the instructions carefully, and should you feel uncomfortable getting into the technicalities of the device at any point, contact customer support.

Step-By-Step Guide - How To Reset DEEBOT N79?


Your automated cleaner may be dealing with numerous problems. After all, the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 is just another machine with artificial intelligence that tries to solve our household chore problems.

You may want to factory reset your ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 to fix settings failure, internal malfunction, or malware detection through the Wi-Fi. Anyways, let's get down to the step-by-step guide below on how to reset DEEBOT N79 and fix the issues that you're stuck with.

Surprisingly, resetting the ECOVACs DEEBOT N79 isn't that difficult, and for someone who doesn't have the relevant experience in handling automated cleaning machines, following the steps below will do the trick.

How to reset DEEBOT N79:

  • Find the start/pause button present on your ECOVACS DEEBOT N79
  • Press and hold the button on your DEEBOT for 3 minutes straight
  • Your DEEBOT N79 will factory reset instantly after a short time of pressing the button for 3 minutes straight
  • Following that, to use the automatic cleaner again, insert the correct time into your DEEBOT
  • Check if the cleaner is working fine and contact customer support in case of further problems

Before you leave your automatic ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 cleaner back into the house for automated cleaning, make sure that it's working fine.

Things to Check After Restoring Factory Settings (Including Anti-Drop Sensors)

DEEBOT N79 blue botton

Here are several things that you should check beforehand to ensure that your DEEBOT N79 is working fine after a factory reset and new configuration.

  • When you use the factory reset button (i.e., the start/pause button) on your DEEBOT N79 to reset it, you will hear a beep sound three times. This will indicate the automatic cleaner has gone back to factory settings effectively.
  • Make sure that the indicator light on your DEEBOT N79 turns blue. If you don't notice the blue light, it means that you have to reset the cleaning device again.
  • The programming in the latest models of DEEBOT N79s allows them to show a green light through the indicator. This means the DEEBOT canceled the scheduling that you tried to program right after resetting the device.
  • If you see the green light on the machine, make sure that you factory reset your DEEBOT N79 effectively.
  • Contact customer service and have the motherboard replaced by professionals from ECOVACs if the same problem keeps occurring. This rarely happens and means that resetting the device will not solve any problem.

But, what does it mean when you get a red light indicator on your DEEBOT N79?

Well, this has nothing to with the battery. Initially, many users thought that a red light meant some expensive repair mainly related to the battery.

You might also view ungenuine information on several websites regarding the red light indication on the device. However, those are websites that don't review the product by buying and using it first.

You should know that the red light isn't a cause of panic but rather a minor issue. Red light means either a beater brush or the main brush error. It means that there is either too much debris or dust in the beater brush on your DEEBOT.

To solve the problem, here's a step-by-step guide that can help:

  • Use a special screwdriver to remove the tiny head screws present around the brush compartment on the device.
  • Make sure that you remove the wheels safely from the device first.
  • Once you take the front wheels and screws off, start cleaning the brush on the device
  • Following that, you may factory reset DEEBOT N79 or keep using it with the already set configuration.

Here's a list of different lights that show different errors, problems, and alerts:

  • If the indicator on your ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 is flashing blue light, it means that the DEEBOT is charging effectively.
  • When the light turns solid blue, it means that your automatic DEEBOT device is in cleaning mode.
  • Moreover, if your DEEBOT N79 indicates a flashing red light, it means that there is an internal issue such as a problem or malfunction.
  • When the battery is low, your ECOVACS DEEBOT will indicate a solid red light. However, be sure to check on the device properly as it could also mean a serious malfunction.

After You Factory Reset Your DEEBOT

There are several problems that you may encounter as a new user of the DEEBOT N79.

If you haven't used or seen someone using this excellent automatic cleaner, you shouldn't worry because this article can guide you about a few of the most common issues users face.

For one, how do you connect the device to Wi-Fi to use the ECOVACS home app effectively? Well, whether you just bought a brand new DEEBOT N79 or reset it, you may not know how to reconnect Wifi on the device.

Remember, you can use the online digital manual or the one that comes with the packaged product to learn how to set up the Wi-Fi connection.

For starters, make sure that you have an ECOVACS account on the ECOVACS app. Here's how you can connect your ECOVACS DEEBOT robot to the ECOVACS app while also connecting it to the WiFi:

  • Establish a connection between your ECOVACS app and ECOVACs DEEBOT robot
  • Check whether or not the Wifi network system setting in your house is automatic or manual. If it's intuitive, you may not have to do anything as the automatic change in the band system will allow the device to connect optimally with the built-in WiFi network
  • Bring down the standard 5Ghz WiFi network in your house down to 2.4 GHz, which is usually compatible with most DEEBOT N79s
  • Start the ECoVacs home app on your phone and near the device to establish a connection.
  • Find the AUTO button and press it for 3 seconds, after which you will hear the music sound coming.
  • After doing that, you will notice the WiFi light indicator turn on on your robot.

Where Is the Reset Button on My DEEBOT?

You have to press the reset button on the device to send it into the reset mode. To reset DEEBOT, you have to press the reset button next to the device's power button. You have to use a toothpick or something sharp of a similar sort to press that tiny button.

Factory Reset Using Power Switch

When trying to reset DEEBOT, you should know that the process is simple. The method is monotonous and works for nearly all models, including the DEEBOT N79s:

  • Press the power switch on the device to turn it on before you reset DEEBOT
  • Once the device is on, you can use the provided button to reset DEEBOT N79
  • You may want to press the reset button for nearly 3-6 seconds until you hear a music sound coming from the device.
  • When the device has fully reset to factory settings, you will hear a beep sound three times.

Without cloud data backup, the device may lose all the data, including schedules, WiFi connections, and mapping data.

When is a Factory Reset Necessary?

First of all, there are many reasons for a factory reset. You may have recently brought a device from a previous owner who requires you to update all the schedules and data regarding your household settings.

Otherwise, when you open a brand new ECOVACS robot, you may have to reset DEEBOT N79 before using it. You should know how to reset DEEBOT N79 safely, and the steps mentioned above can help.

If you don't know already, a factor reset means that you will be wiping out the existing memory and data of your DEEBOT N79. This may also be necessary when you wish to solve any unexpected or malfunction issue.

Often, problems can arise and render your device useless. These include issues like malfunctions and programming errors that resolve when you reset your DEEBOT.

You should know that the most common problem behind resetting a DEEBOT among most users revolves around charging problems and battery issues. Resetting back to factory settings can fix nearly half of the issues.

Below, you can read about how to reset the battery inside your ECOVACS DEEBOT N79.

Deebot N79 Battery Reset

DEEBOT N79 back side

One of the main aspects to look out for when using the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 is its battery. Charging the battery on time doesn't require you to place the device on the charging deck manually.

However, this might become necessary under certain circumstances. For now, here's a step-by-step solution that can help you reset the battery on your ECOVACS DEEBOT robot:

  • The first step is to keep your ECOVACS DEEBOT vacuum connected to the charging dock when the robot's battery is low. This is how you can ensure that the robot will give off a complete/full charge in the next cleaning period.
  • If the battery is loose or detached, it may lead to the ECOVACS DEEBOT not charging even when you connect it to the charger.
  • You can replace and reactivate the battery without any problem. If the battery keeps functioning improperly, place the device on the charging dock manually.
  • Give the device a 3-minute quick charge and disconnect it. Follow this step 3 times.
  • After repeating the abovementioned step greatly, you can start charging your ECOVACS DEEBOT usually.


Now, you have the most simple and one of the most informative guides to reset DEEBOT N79. When most people try to reset DEEBOT N79, they usually encounter several problems.

While the main problems that may occur are mentioned above, contact customer support if the issues seem to persist. Before resetting, make sure that you restart the device. When you restart, it clears out the cache.

The best course of action to avoid damaging the critical parts of your ECOVACS DEEBOT is to make sure that you read the complete guide and follow each step carefully whether you want to solve the main brush error or clean anti-drop sensors.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT also has an anti-collision bumper that prevents any harm to your furniture while in cleaning mode. Unarguably, it is one of the most efficient and effective automatic cleaner robots in the industry.