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How To Remove Candle Wax From Laminate Flooring? [3 Step Guide]

Candles can serve as a relaxing and therapeutic tool. However, you may start to dislike it when it gets on your laminated floors and makes a mess. Although the sight of wax on your floor can look bad, it can also be easily removed once you know the suitable materials to use and the proper steps to take.

You also need to note that there are too many hardwood floors, which equally means different methods and applications to clean each one. All approaches to cleaning the laminate floor are safe. Still, to avoid damaging yours, it’s essential to test each method on a hidden or inconspicuous area before you begin.

Let’s go into some do-it-yourself ways to get candle wax off laminate floors in a few minutes.

Craftsman removing candle wax

What You Will Need To Remove Candle Wax From Laminate Flooring

  • Plastic windshield ice scraper
  • Hairdryer
  • Bucket
  • Warm water
  • Clean white cloths
  • White vinegar

Steps by Step Process To Remove Candle Wax From Laminate Flooring

Step 1

You can often remove thick wax by scrapping. Although it’s not essential to pitch first, using a plastic windshield ice scraper is a perfect tool for removing some of the wax and making the other steps easier. Get a hairdryer and heat the surface of the laminate floor affected by the wax. This makes it even easier to scrape off.

Step 2

There will still be some wax left on the surface of your laminate floor. To remove this, mix two cups of white vinegar and a gallon of warm water in and bucket.

Step 3

Get a clean white damp cloth or paper towel, dip it into the vinegar solution, and gently wipe it over the wax in one direction to strip it off your floor. Avoid scrubbing back and forth. That way can mess up the cleaning process. Also, rinse the cloth often. You can carry out this step by hand or wrap the cloth around the mop head and clean. If the stain is still challenging, repeat the steps.

Some Tips

  • If you have tried the method above, and the wax is not entirely out of the laminate floor, you can use paint thinner or mineral spirits to redo the cleaning process. Ensure you have enough ventilation and wear eye protection and gloves to avoid irritations.

  • Ammonia may seem like a popular and effective way to remove wax from hardwood floors but be careful and avoid it. Ammonia can strip the protective sealant from hardwood floors.

  • Especially with darker colored candles, the wax may contain dye which can stain your flooring. This is why you should always try to get the wax off the laminated floor as quickly as possible to reduce the damage.

  • While you may still have hot dripping wax on your floor, you can put a plastic bag of ice on the spill so that it cools and hardens. Then, use your scraper, plastic knife, or credit card to get off the floor. This will take out the clumps of wax that are stuck on the floor.

  • When the stains are more rigid, you may prefer to use wax remover, nail polish, or alcohol as an alternative method.

  • Do not put the cloth you used to take out the wax in the washer. It can form a buildup in your washer.

  • Try to work in small sections, such that the moisture you leave behind dries.

  • Before attempting any cleaning method, read the label on the material to ensure it is safe for laminate.

  • Avoid using abrasive tools or scouring pads as a cleaning tool. This can cause damages to the laminate.