How To Get Syrup Out Of Carpet

How To Get Syrup Out Of Carpet?

Do you prefer to keep your home a shoe-free environment? If so, you are not the only one. In fact, many people do that, and most of the time, it's to keep the home germ-free and the carpet clean. But shoes aren't the only factor to cause a dirty carpet. What about when your favorite carpet gets a syrup stain?

Carpet fibers can be of different qualities, and a single stain remover solution might not suit all types of carpets. So, if you have syrup stains on your carpet and no stain removal appears suitable for your niche or high-quality carpet, rest assured that this simple guide is for you.

You can have the syrup stains completely removed and leave behind the sticky mess with the following stain remover solution.

How To Clean Syrup Out of Carpet?

Syrup stains welcome unwanted frustration. You may know that wool carpets or dark-colored carpets aren't as susceptible to syrup stains as their light-colored counterparts. But you can always remove stains from a wool carpet by using a mild dish liquid detergent solution or a dull knife.

However, you can't always go for a heavy enzyme detergent and risk the quality of your beautiful carpet. Hence, stick to the best possible solution that eliminates the stain and allows you to maintain the quality of your wool carpet or any other.

Pancakes are an amazing option for breakfast, but there is no reason to let wool carpets suffer from pancake syrup or maple syrup stains.

So, if you have any confusion on how to get syrup out of carpet, keep reading this post to find a solution that will restore your carpet's aesthetic.

How to Remove a Syrup Stain Using Cold Water/Warm Water

Firstly, if you want to remove the syrup from the carpet, assess the time it has been there. If the syrup stain is fresh, you can remove excess syrup stains from your carpet with a dull knife.

After that, you can use paper towels to soak the remaining syrup on the affected area of your carpet. Following that, remove the remaining syrup by gently blotting the stained area with a paper towel.

Besides paper towels, you can also use a damp cloth, a soft cloth, or a white cloth. By doing so, you will remove the excess syrup from the carpet. Now, removing the rest of the remaining syrup stains will call for a proper cleaning solution.

Various solutions involve the use of rubbing alcohol, warm water, cold water, white vinegar, club soda, ammonia-based removers, dish liquid detergent solutions, hydrogen peroxide, and more.

We will go over several solutions to remove stains from corn syrup, maple syrup, and pancake syrup. Keep reading to learn more.

What Takes Syrup Out of Carpet?

What Takes Syrup Out of Carpet

So, what exactly helps to remove the syrup from the carpet and dissolve the sticky situation? Well, for any syrup stain, you must use proper cleaning methods, or you will end up damaging your precious carpet quality, especially when it comes to wool carpets.

Notably, you have to avoid using your broom or mop and, more importantly, your vacuum cleaner as the first step of the process. Instead, make sure that a fresh stain receives adequate attention.

Otherwise, you can go for different types of cleaning solutions to get rid of the stain. The main things that can help remove the syrup from the carpet include:

  • A dull knife.
  • Ammonia-based solution.
  • Paper towels.
  • A white towel.
  • Any other sort of clean cloth.

You must remove the excess syrup with a dull knife or something such as a spoon and then use whatever cleaning solution you see fit. The solution dissolves the syrup and helps it foam up. However, you have to blot the stain to remove it from the carpet completely.

Once you're done blotting it, you can work on the stains that appear even after all the syrup is gone. You can use ammonia mixed with a few cups of warm water to work on the stain.

However, make sure that you are not using chlorine bleach and ammonia together because the resulting fumes can be hazardous to your health.

The stain will disappear once you blot it with warm water ammonia solution. After that, you can use a dry cloth and dip it in cool water to blot dry your carpet after removing the syrup stain.

How to Get Maple Syrup Out of Carpet?

Maple syrup is a perfect addition to a breakfast that includes pancakes, waffles, sausages, and even bacon. You cannot deny the burst of flavor that maple syrup, or should we say, "pancake syrup," brings to the breakfast table.

Maple syrup is tasty, delicious, and sweetening. However, its sticky texture makes it hard to come to remove it once it stays on your carpet for too long.

Even wool carpets can suffer from maple syrup stains. Hence, what makes this syrup good for taste, also makes it difficult to remove.

But here's how you can remove pancake syrup stains from your carpet.

Steps of Removing Pancake Syrup from Carpet

Use a spoon or a dull knife to remove the syrup from the carpet if it's still fresh.

However, dip a sponge or a white cloth in warm water if it has hardened and softened it by scrubbing gently. Then, you can scrape the excess syrup from the carpet using a dull knife. Please refrain from using extremely hot water as it can cause the stains to set and destroy the carpet fibers.

Keep using the warm water-soaked sponge, white towel, or clean cloth to remove the stain.

If the stain remains, create a solution instead of using a sponge. Mix half tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with one and a half cups of water. Blot the stain to remove the syrup from the carpet.

You can also go for a liquid enzyme detergent if any additional stains remain. Use the said detergent with cold water and form studs to blot the stained area on the carpet. Keep this detergent solution away from your wool carpet because it destroys its fibers.

Enzyme stain remover like pet feces cleaner can be effective, but be cautious as it might not suit every type of carpet.

You can also mix one tablespoon ammonia with a half cup of lukewarm water. While it doesn't work for wool carpets, use the solution to blot that stain.

After blotting the area, use a sponge dipped in cold water to remove the remaining stain or sugar residue.

Lastly, make sure that you use a white towel or dry sponge that is similar to a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess water from the carpet.

Additional Information

  • Avoid heating the stained area with a steam cleaner or blow dryer because it can damage carpet fibers.
  • If the stain appears even after blotting it with a sponge and liquid dishwashing detergent, you can use the above steps again to remove the residue sugar stains.
  • If the sugar stains remain, use color dyes to hide the stains
  • Check proper guidelines when using ammonia and avoid using more than the prescribed amount in the above-mentioned stain removal process.

How to Get Dried Syrup Out of Carpet?

How to Get Dried Syrup Out of Carpet

You might get dried syrup stains on your carpet after accidentally spilling maple syrup or corn syrup on it. While removing hard and dried-up syrup stains from pans and other stainless cutlery items may be easy, carpets require timely due diligence.

Removing Dried-Up Syrup from Carpet

For your information, you can repeat the same steps as above to see the results for yourself. The same stain removal process can work for dried syrup stains. However, there may be slight additions and changes when it comes to dried syrup.

Once you remove the hard and dried-up stains, put warm water in a spray bottle and use it over the stained area with a sponge. Once you remove the excess syrup, remove the remaining sugar residue using cold water and a sponge.

Make sure to use a clean sponge the second time around. You can use the same liquid dishwashing detergent to clean the syrup stains from the carpet. If you think it won't work, you can use an ammonia-based solution to remove syrup stains effectively.

Whether it's a corn syrup stain or a maple syrup stain, you have to use proper solutions like rubbing alcohol, warm water mixtures, ammonia-based solutions, a clean, soft cloth, etc. Avoid using a steam cleaner at all costs and use hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and chlorine bleach with caution.

Lastly, if you think that the fibers are setting low after stain removal, use your vacuum cleaner to straighten up the fibers. However, don't use your vacuum cleaner until your carpet is dry after blotting the stain.


Sometimes, getting syrup stains out of your carpet can be a difficult task. But, proper techniques can quickly recover the lost aesthetics and prevent damage to your high-quality and precious carpet. While a syrup stain on your carpet warrants concern, rest assured that the provided solution and steps work wonders for nearly all of those stain situations when it comes to syrups.

The solutions mentioned above are tried and tested to provide important results. However, if nothing works for your permanent carpet syrup stains, you can rely on professional help at any time.