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How To Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet?

Sometimes, life takes you on adventures of different kinds. Cleaning adventures! 

Yes, a moment in your life will come where you will be forced to make tough cleaning decisions. It can be either your kid got too enthusiastic in the house with those spray paints. 

These moments can also arise when your car paint fixing ends up having some of it on your car carpet too! 

Yikes, What a nightmare. We have you covered for situations like these. 

Fresh or dried, there's no worry when spray paint removing guides are here for your rescue. 

How do you get spray paint out of the carpet?

I bet you and your kids were having a great time spray painting that model for their science project. Before you noticed, you had it all over your carpet too! 

Moments like these can turn out to be catastrophic memories. 

Suppose you don't take the right actions at the right time. These incidents happen all the time. You need to act carefully and on time to avoid having significant regrets. Paint is one of those things that, once it dries, leaves a stain behind. So you need to be quick. 

Here is how to get spray paint out of carpet without ruining those precious memories and much-loved carpet of yours!

How To Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet

Step 1 - Get your supplies

First, make sure you have all the right ingredients and tools to get this fixed. In most cases, you would need hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, rag, terry cloth, wet and dry vacuum, and much patience! 

Step 2 - Remove spray paint stains

As soon as you notice that spray paint is all on the carpet, you should take action. Call professional cleaners. Meanwhile, cover the affected area with a cellophane wrap immediately. Unfortunately, this slows down the drying process till the professionals come. 

But, if you decide on cleaning it yourself, then take an old rag or a terry cloth. Using that, get as much spray paint out as you can before it penetrates even deeper into the carpet. If you have a wet and dry vacuum, this is also the best time to use that. 

It can suck off all the excess moisture from your carpet. If you don't have a wet and dry vacuum, you can use a plastic spoon and scoop out as much spray paint as you can. However, you do not want to press it against the surface hard and run it across the carpet. 

Step 3 - Terrycloth

Next, get a moist terry cloth to get that spray paint off your carpet. You don't want it too wet. Doing so will push the spray paint in a much more profound. Thus, increasing the chances of leaving behind spray paint stains. It will again absorb the spray paint, transferring as much as it can to the damp cloth. 

Step 4 - Type of cleaning solution

Next, depending on the kind of spray paint. Finally, determine what kind of cleaning solution you will be needing. In the case of water-based paint, You won't be needing solutions with a higher level of acetone or hydrogen peroxide. 

Mixing dishwashing soap in water and using that dishwashing soap mix will help you out. However, if you have oil-based paints, then you will need a higher concentration of the solution. 

Step 5 - Rub Alchohol

Use the required solution, but remember never to use it directly on the carpet surface. Instead, dab the solution on your rag or terry cloth and gently pat it onto the carpet surface. Rubbing alcohol also does wonders in situations like these. So get that alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution and very patiently dab on the carpet till you get your desired results. 

How do you get dried spray paint out of the carpet?

Removing dried spray paint out of your carpet surface is not an easy task. Using harsh chemicals will ruin your carpet, leaving a sore spot for your eyes on it.

You won't want that to happen. The most important ingredient you will need to help you overcome this task is your patience. Slow and steady, you will win this war with the dried spray paint. The task at hand is not only to remove that paint out of your carpet but also to keep your precious carpet safe! 

Before you move on, remember that most of these products can also cause damage to your skin and eyes. So make sure you have your hands and eyes protected by necessary protective gear. 

Here is how to get dried spray paint out of your carpet step by step:

how to get dried spray paint out of your carpet

Step 1 - Supplies to get the paint out of the carpet

Make a list of all the removal supplies and tools you will need for the spray paint, that carpet, and of course you! You will need gloves and goggles or a proper PPE kit for yourself. To remove that stubborn dried paint, you will be needing warm water, liquid detergent, rags or terry cloth, paint thinner, and a scrubber. 

Step 2 - Try warm water solution

Once you have made sure you have all the necessary items, start by using that warm water to rinse the affected surface. If the paint is still wet, it does tend to be removed at this stage. But in the case of dried paint. There sometimes is a possibility of still having some softened paint underneath that crust. You can permanently remove that by rinsing it. Once done, make sure you dry the spit effectively. 

Step 3 - Dishwashing liquid to remove paint

Next, take that dishwashing liquid detergent and mix it with some lukewarm water. Once you have a soapy warm water mix, use this soap solution. And gently try scrubbing the paint off with an effective scrubber. Again, make sure your movements are steady and soft. 

Trying to remove spray paints with a heavy hand will end up damaging the carpet. Patience is the essential ingredient in this task to remove paint.

Step 4 - Use a paint thinner

At this point, you should have successfully removed some of the dried paint off. Now, use a paint thinner or acetone and water mixture. Make sure the acetone concentration is kept low otherwise, you will damage that particular carpet spot. 

Use the water mix to remove the dried paint by rubbing it off the area. You need to do it as quickly as possible. Prolonged exposure to the carpet fiber will end up making it weak and fuzzy. 

In the case of latex paint, you would have been rid of the stain by now. But, in case it hasn't happened yet. Try increasing the amount of acetone in your mixture. Now do a scrub and rub motion till you get all that crusted spray paint out. 

Step 5 - Remove the leftover

Lastly, remove all that leftover crust. And most of the remaining spray paint stain has been separated successfully from your carpet strands using warm water. 


Phew, we understand all those scrub a dub motions end up tiring out your arms and testing all your patience. But we hope that these guides helped you in removing the paint itself. At least most of it, for the remaining paint stains? Of course, you can also call in those professionals.