How to Get Permanent Marker off Vinyl Floor

How to Get Permanent Marker off Vinyl Floor – Effective Methods

Having permanent marks on your vinyl floors can be devastating to the aesthetics of your room. This is not the kind of stain that you will easily do away with by using a cheap polish remover.

One of the easiest and safest ways to remove permanent stains from the vinyl floor is to use a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Take a clean piece of clean cloth, dip it into the hydrogen peroxide solution and gently blot the stain slowly. After some time, the stain will start to disappear. Continue blotting until the stain is completely gone. Then clean the area with a clean cloth or white towel to finalize the removal.

How do I get permanent marker stain out of vinyl floor – Most Effective Methods

Dealing with sharpie stain, or marker ink stain on your floor shouldn’t give you a lot of problems. This is a common stain type that most people encounter from time to time.

The good news is that there is a myriad of ways that you can use to effectively get rid of marker ink. You can think about using hair spray, and non oily hairspray as simple home remedies for getting rid of the marks. With that said, below is a brief look at some of the most effective methods you can use to get rid of sharpie stains. Choose any that you are most comfortable with, or whose supplies you can easily assemble.

Rubbing alcohol method

Using rubbing alcohol is one of the most common and powerful ways of removing marker ink off vinyl floors. With this method, you don’t need to make any solutions and you can get straight to the removal process once you get the rubbing alcohol. To use this method, follow the steps below-:

  1. Take a soft towel or soft piece of clean cloth. To take out as maximum dirt as possible.
  2. With the dry piece of white cloth, try to clean as much of the stain as possible. This will prepare the stain for easy removal.
  3. Pour some rubbing alcohol onto the piece of cloth or paper towel. Rub the stained area gently with the dipped piece of cloth. You can start rubbing by making a gentle motion on the spot. Increase the pressure and intensity and keep on rubbing until you get rid of all the stain. Add more rubbing alcohol if the piece of cloth is becoming dry.
  4. After the successful removal of the marker, use a damp piece of cloth to clean the area for the perfect results. Rubbing alcohol is flammable. Be sure to keep it away from open flames.

Nail polish remover method

If you are a lady who love their nails, then a nail polish remover is something you are likely not to miss in your make-up kit. Apart from using it when working on your nails, it can also come in handy when you need to get rid of permanent marker ink off. Nail polish remover, so you may want to be a little careful when using it. Here are the steps you need to take when removing permanent marker from vinyl with the help of nail polish remover:

  1. Using a white piece of cloth, remove as much dirt as possible from the affected area. Soak a portion of the white piece of clean cloth with the nail polish remover. Use the part of the clean cloth you soaked in the nail polish remover to blot the marker region. Let it settle for a while.
  2. After about five minutes of the white cloth being in contact with the marker, gently rub the area gently to remove as much ink as possible.
  3. Damp another white cloth with cold water and then use it to wipe the area once you are through with the rubbing motion. If you see any leftover inks, apply the nail polish remover again. Once you are through with the job, let the area dry before finally inspecting the results.

Mineral Spirits Method

Mineral spirits are also very effective in removing permanent inks off vinyl floors. The use of mineral spirits is very common in removing colors or paint from cars and bikes. As such, it is a very good candidate when it comes to getting rid of marker stains. To use this method, follow the steps below-:

  1. Take a clean cloth then apply the mineral spirit to it.Rub the floor section with the marker stain in gentle circular motions. While you rub, keep on adding drops of the mineral spirit while rubbing simultaneously.
  2. Continue with the gentle rubbing motion until you remove all the permanent markers ink.
  3. Once you are through with the removal, take a piece of damp cloth with cold water solution and wipe the area to completely remove permanent marker stains.
  4. Use a paper towel to completely dry the area or simply allow it time to dry naturally.
Vinyl Floor cleaning

Turpentine Method

Turpentine is another solution you can use to remove permanent marker stains from your floors. This is a relatively harsh chemical and you will have to take proper precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents. With this method, use the steps below-:

  1. Put on a pair of rubber gloves before you start handling the turpentine. If possible, have a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from direct contact with turpentine fumes. Once you have the necessary protection, pour a portion of the turpentine into a smaller container.
  2. Take a clean piece of cloth and then dip a corner of it into the turpentine. Gently rub the permanent marker stains on the floor with the dipped section of the cloth. Continue doing this until you no longer see any marks on the floor.
  3. Rinse the spot with a clean piece of cloth in soapy water. Use a towel to wipe dry the area to complete the job of the stain caused by a permanent markers.  

Toothpaste with lemon juice method

If you don’t have any specialized cleaning product in your home, but you can find normal toothpaste and lemon juice, then you have everything you need to get rid of permanent marker off vinyl floor. This is a safe and inexpensive method that you can always turn to when you don’t want to spend additional money on buying appropriate cleaners to restore the looks of your floor.

  1. Start by preparing the solution. Add a small portion of toothpaste to a bowl of warm water. Stir with a spoon to dilute the paste in the water. Then squeeze a whole lemon into the solution. Stir again until all the content mixes properly.
  2. Take a clean piece of cloth and use it to wipe the marker region to remove any dirt present before you start removing the permanent markers stain.
  3. Gently spread the toothpaste lemon solution over the permanent marker area slowly. With a clean piece of cloth or a toothbrush, blot the spot before gently rubbing it in a slow circular motion. Continue with this action until you can no longer see any stain.
  4. Once you are through with the above, wash the region using soap and cold water solution. With a clean piece of damp cloth or towel, wipe clean the area using a paper towel to dry it and completely get rid of the permanent marker from floors.

Commercial Cleaning Spray

A commercial cleaning spray such as WD-40 is another excellent solution for getting rid of permanent stains from your floors. The WD-40 is an extremely popular product in the cleaning industry. It is safe to use, versatile and a real nightmare for all kinds of permanent stains. If you are looking for the fastest way to get rid of permanent marker stains from your vinyl floors, then this is one of the best solutions you are going to get.

  1. Clean the area you want to remove permanent marker stains from using a clean piece of cloth. For better results, ensure there is no dust or dirt in the areas adjacent to the region of focus.
  2. At a close range, spray the WD-40 right above the permanent markers ink. Allow it to settle for a few minutes.
  3. Using a white piece of cloth, gently rub the ink area in gentle circular motions. Apply more spray and continue rubbing until you remove all the ink.
  4. Once you get rid of all the permanent marker from vinyl, finish the job by cleaning the area with a soap water solution. Use a clean paper or a damp cloth towel to wipe the water to finally finish the job.

Mineral Spirits

With mineral spirits, follow the steps below-:

  1. Take a clean piece of cloth and saturate it with mineral spirit.Rub the affected area with the cloth in circular strokes. If necessary, add more mineral spirit to the cloth and continue rubbing.
  2. Rub until all the unwanted marks are all gone.
  3. Wipe the non porous surface with a clean soapy cloth and allow time to dry.

A word of caution

While working hard to get rid of the marker ink, you should be aware that some of the chemicals you are likely to use may affect you in some way. As such, you need to be very cautious when using them. For example, WD-40 spray may be harmful to your breathing.

Nail polish remover may also cause allergic reactions when it comes to contact with your skin. Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol and turpentine are highly flammable and should never come into contact with any flame during the process.

Wrap Up

Removing permanent stains off your vinyl floors shouldn’t be an arduous task. Use any of the methods described above to restore the aesthetics of your floor in case of permanent marker from vinyl.