How To Get Human Hair Out of Carpet

How To Get Human Hair Out of Carpet?

If you own a smaller army of pets, you might be concerned about removing those carpet hair. But if you do not own any pets, you still end up having hair stuck in your carpet. And it is human hair! 

Maybe someone in your home has long hair. And they are causing you all the trouble. Well, getting rid of human hair out of carpet can be a bit of a pain. 

In this guide, we will show you some steps that you can take to get it done in no time. So, keep reading. 

How Do You Remove Hair from The Carpet?

Homes with long-hair residents tend to accumulate hair each day. And carpet fibers are very notorious for trapping them. You might notice that vacuuming is entirely ineffective in getting rid of these hairs. Therefore, you need to take the following steps to remove hair from the carpet. 

Using fabric softener and vacuum cleaner

Step 1 - Making a solution.

Make a mixture of several drops of fabric softener and mix it with water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle.

Step 2 - Working on the small areas.

Work on those small areas and mist your carpet till you feel it damp. 

Step 3 - Using a stiff brush

Take a stiff carpet brush or a scrub broom with a long handle and start brushing your carpet. You can take a broom or a carpet brush that is designed for cleaning decks. A Stiff bristled brush can also work. 

Step 4 - Letting the carpet dry

Let your carpet dry completely.

Step 5 - Vacuuming thoroughly

Now, vacuum it thoroughly. Ensure you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush roller. This feature comes in handy to keep your carpet free of any stray hair.

Step 6 - Maintaining your cleaner

Keep your vacuum cleaner running efficiently. For this, you will have to clean its beater bar along with the roller brush. You will have to do this after each time you use your vacuum machine. 

Step 7 - Vacuuming daily

You should vacuum your carpet daily to keep the situation under control. 

Step 8 - Using baking soda

Between the deep carpet cleaning days, sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet. After that, vacuum your carpet to freshen it up. Baking soda is effective in making that stuck hair loose. It will make your carpet cleaning job much more manageable. 

Step 9 - Brushing hair in specific areas

Make sure to brush your hair and your pets' hair in a specific area only. It will keep the entire situation under control. This way, hair will not be shed throughout your home.

Step 10 - Changing the air filter.

Ensure to change the air filter of your vacuum regularly. 

Step 11 - Using window squeegee

If everything else fails, you can use a window squeegee over the problem area. This solution might be pretty labor-intensive, but it will get you the results that you want. Some squeegees have a rubber head, too, and they can attract hair with a static charge caused by friction. 

Step 12 - Hiring a professional

You can also hire a professional cleaner to do this job. A professional cleaner will steam clean the carpets and rugs. It is an excellent option to get a fresh start. 

Ways to remove hair without vacuum 

Ways to remove hair without vacuum

You might end up wasting a lot of your time removing that hair from your regular vacuum cleaner. So, here are some ways to remove hair without vacuum and save some time. 

Using a bristle brush

Take a stiff-bristled brush to get those long hair out of your carpet. Such a bristle brush will pull the hair out from the carpet strands of any carpet. You can use this bristle brush with deliberate small strokes. It will enable you to pick that hair out pretty comfortably. Using a bristle brush is a highly effective way to remove hair from the carpet. 

The bristle brush will create friction. Besides that, it will attract long hair, especially those that look like a lion's mane. But if you have bad knees, you will not get on the ground. Hence, you should go for a brush with a long handle.

Using a rubber broom

A rubber broom is pretty effective too. These rubber bristles work to gather up hair effectively. You might have noticed that a rubber broom is a pretty common sight in those classic barbershops. Make sure to go with stiff bristles for better results. 

You can use this rubber broom brush just like your bristle brush in small, deliberate strokes. Pull your broom towards yourself to have more control over your strokes and where the hair goes. Ensure to run your broom right along a straight line and work on smaller sections. 

You can know your broom against a wall when you get to a non-carpeted area, such as your kitchen or bathroom. Finally, collect hair and debris using a dustbuster. 

Using a specialized carpet rake 

You can use a carpet rake to remove human hair from the carpet. It can help you in your cleaning process. To make sure the rake works the best, you have to extend the handle according to your height. Then, press your rake against your carpet and pull towards yourself in short strokes.

For ease, you should work in small sections and pull the hair up, starting from one end to the other. If you notice you are not pulling the hair up, check the brush to see if it needs any cleaning. If it is crammed, pull the hair out and remove it into the trash. 

A carpet rake is pretty reliable in removing hair from carpet. But if you are looking for a more versatile tool, then stick to a rubber brush. Carpet rakes are expensive, and they are specialized in removing specific hair. So, a rubber brush is a better option. 

Using a damp sponge

Use a damp kitchen sponge if you do not wish to buy a specific carpet hair removal tool. You will not need any additional tools for this. The best practice is to use the sponge with rubber gloves. This way, you will be able to protect the dampness of your sponge from your hands. 

Soak your sponge in hot water and press it down on your carpet. You can run the sponge right along the carpet in circular motions. This method is highly effective in removing loose hair on stairs. There is no long-handle so that you can work in small and confined spaces too. 

Using crocs

People tend to doubt crocs to have fashion superiority. But they do combine the breathability of sandals and the comfort of slippers. Plus, they are effective in hair removal. These crocs have rubber soles, and they work just like rubber bristles. 

Rubber generates static electricity with friction. As a result, you can pick up clamps for hair with ease. You can save plenty of your time in terms of cleaning carpets with these crocs. Or you can wear rubber shoes in your carpeted rooms.  

Using a floor lint roller

A small lint roller is a highly effective hair removal tool. It works just like removing lint from your clothes. Nevertheless, hair messes can go deep in your carpet strands. You can go for a giant lint roller that is designed for carpets. You can go for a DIY sticky roller too.

Make sure to pull the lint roller to yourself as you are cleaning. Ensure that you do not travel too fast, or you will end up missing some hair. Also, this hair removal tool comes with a sticky surface, so it will not work if it is entirely covered in hair. 

When you are finished, remove the external strip and dispose of it into the trash. However, keep in mind that lint rollers are not cheap. You will have to continue buying more sheets to use. These sheets end up in the trash, so they are not suitable for the environment either. 

Using pet grooming gloves

If you have a pet in your house, you might also have pet grooming gloves. These gloves make the fur of your pets look beautiful. Such gloves can work on your carpets too. 

Even if you do not own a pet, you can use these rubber gloves on your carpets. If you are interested in detailed cleaning, this method is the best option for you. You can also use a rubber dog grooming brush for this purpose. 

How To Remove Long Human Hair from The Carpet?


You can use the above-listed methods for this purpose too. But there are various ways to remove long human hair or animal hair from the carpet. We are listing them below for your guidance. 

Using a vacuum cleaner with a motorized roller brush

Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner that has powerful suction. It will be able to remove any embedded hair out of the carpet pretty confidently. But a vacuum cleaner with more suction power comes with a hefty price tag too. 

Just make sure to go for a vacuum cleaner that comes with specialized tools to remove long hair. And when you clean your carpet, do use the total airflow of your vacuum cleaner. Clean that tangled hair or pet fur in your brush. But if you find that disgusting, then go for tangle-free tools. 

Using rubber broom

Again a rubber broom comes in handy to tackle long hair or dog hair. These rubber bristles create static electricity with friction and attract long hair. A rubber broom is highly effective in tackling long hair. Plus, you can conveniently use them throughout your house. Keep cleaning the brush when it gets packed with loose hair. 

Using double-sided tape

It is a pretty brilliant idea to use double-sided tape. But the method is a little bit labor-intensive and time-consuming. You can begin by wrapping up the double-sided tape and moving your hands around the carpet. Those long pet or human hair will stick to the tape. You will have to do it repeatedly to make it work. Keep replacing the tape as soon as it gets full of loose hair. 

Using balloons

You can use balloons to get rid of hair stuck on your carpet. These balloons can also attract hair just like rubber, as they also produce a static charge. You will be able to clean your carpet effortlessly. It is a highly effective method for getting rid of dog hair.

How Do You Get Short Hair Out of the Carpet?

Getting rid of short pet hair is not different from getting out long hair. Nonetheless, tackling short pet hair is a more straightforward job. The most effective way to get pet hair out of your carpet is wet cleaning. 

You can rub with your moist hands and remove short hair out of the carpet pretty conveniently. But, keep in mind, your hands will get pretty dirty this way. 

You can also use a sponge mop from your kitchen. Short pet hair will clump to the mop, and you can sweep the hair away. Moreover, a fabric softener can also come in handy. These softeners are environmentally friendly too. 

A carpet cleaner can also work in this regard. You can use these often with water and spray the mixture on your carpet. Allow it to dry and vacuum it. The pet hair will loosen and will get easier to remove. 

Baking soda is another effective method, and it can help you in cleaning the carpet too. Just sprinkle baking soda (some of it) on your carpet and let it rest for about 15 minutes. 

After that, vacuum the carpet. It will also deodorize your carpet effectively and remove the pet hair too. It is an effective method to deal with stubborn hair stuck in your carpet.

Carpet rakes and pet hair vacuums are pretty effective, too, in this regard. Plus, you can go for rubber squeegees and rubber gloves to remove those short hair from your carpet. Hairbrushes can come in handy, too, but they will need more effort. 

How Do You Get Deep Hair Out of the Carpet?

How To Remove Long Human Hair from The Carpet

There are times when you have to deal with stubborn hair on your carpet. To deal with them, you will have to use the different techniques mentioned above in combination. 

Begin by using balloons to attract long loose hair from your carpet. Balloons create a static charge as you wave them right over the surface of your carpet. This charge will attract long hair pretty conveniently. You can do the same with a rubber brush as it is equally effective against human and dog hair. 

If you do not have balloons or rubber brushes, you can use rubber gloves, squeegees, or even lint rollers to remove human, dog, or cat hair. Either way, you are working on getting rid of those short and long hair stuck in your carpet. 

After that, make a mixture of water and fabric softener (three parts water and one part fabric softener) and add it to a spray bottle. Just spray your rug lightly with this fabric softener solution, and do not overspray with it. 

Let it dry, and the fabric softener will loosen up any human, dog, or cat hair from your carpet that you can vacuum. In the end, sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Then, vacuum the carpet. It will remove any remaining dog, or cat hair, or human hair and will deodorize your carpet. 

Steam cleaning might also help here. A steam cleaner can help loosen stubborn hair in no time. But you will have to do a manual cleaning after your steam cleaner. So, it is a time-consuming process. 

Can You Vacuum Human Hair?

You can vacuum human hair, but you will have to be careful while doing it. Human hair can quickly clog your traditional vacuum cleaner up, especially if the hairs are long. 

Hair can get wrapped around your cleaner's brush and halt its operation. Therefore, you will have to be more cautious and keep the brush clean from any pet's hair at frequent intervals during the vacuuming process. 

A vacuum cleaner is not the only way to get rid of pesky hair from your carpet. There are various other techniques that you can use to remove hair from your carpet. For example, baking soda and fabric softener works pretty well. Plus, you can use rubber brushes and rubber gloves for more detailed work. 

What Vacuum Is Good for Human Hair?

One of the best vacuums for human hair is the NaceCare Henry. It has powerful suction and can handle a range of different carpet fibers. Moreover, it does not make much noise during operation. 

Another excellent option that you can try is Bissell CleanView. It also comes with powerful suction, and it comes with different accessories. It does make some noise during operation but is highly effective in cleaning hair from different carpets. 

Hoover MAXlife is another good choice with maximum suction power and dealing with short and long hair. This vacuum cleaner is highly versatile, and it will not make much noise either. 

There are various other vacuum cleaners available on the market. These include the ones by Dyson and Shark. They are pretty effective in doing their job too. 

Can I use dishwasher soap on my carpet?

No matter how dilute the solution is or how mild the dishwasher is, they are not for carpets. Therefore, going for these methods too frequently will damage the strands of your carpet. 

At times, your carpet might lose its colors in patches. Hence, the best solution to go for is using a fabric softener. But you still have to dilute them with water and do not excessively spray this mixture on your carpet. 

Do carpet rakes work on shaggy rugs and carpets? 

A carpet or rug rake has minimal use. These carpet rakes do not accomplish much. However, you can use them on multiple surfaces. You might have to go for an extended stick to get to those tough spots. It might get stuck into those high pile carpets. 

Is there a way to get that carpet pile stand-up? 

While removing stiff hair, there are times you end up affecting your carpet pile. You can use an iron and a damp cloth if you have ended up trampling your carpet pile. 

You can start by wetting the cloth and placing it over your affected area. Then, place a hot iron on top of it for several seconds. It will cause those trampled fibers to stand up again after removing stiff hair. 


You can use various methods to get rid of human hair from your carpets. These treatments are for both short and long hair. The good thing is that you do not have to use a vacuum cleaner in most of these methods. 

But for an effective deep clean of your carpet, it is better to vacuum it in the end to finish the job. Just make sure that you brush your hair in specific areas of your house. Keep your pet away from the carpets to keep the hair situation under control.