How to Get Dog to Stop Pooping on Carpet

How to Get Dog to Stop Pooping on Carpet?

Everything that your dog does is just adorable. Except pooping on your beautiful carpet! There can be many reasons why dogs can get a habit to poop indoors, but you should stop it quickly, for obvious reasons! So bring out the Paper towels and puppy pads, because this guide will go over why a canine might poop inside and how you can help them with a spray or recommended techniques.   

Why Does My Dog Poop On The Carpet?

If a canine poops on your carpet, it is normal to an extent, but there will always be a slight lingering smell of urine. This is the obvious result of your pets peeing on the carpet, which means you need to stop it so that the smell does not spread.

However, if they leave urine or poop on the carpet regularly means you need to intervene by first learning about why they are doing it. One of the most common reasons why dogs poop on the carpet is their instincts.

They Poop in a familiar place

A canine will always try to poop where they can smell themselves. Since they always want to go peeing in a dedicated location they will usually look for urine or pee residue, which they can smell.

Peeing, in general, is a great way of marking their territory. So if your dog has already pooped on your carpet once, they will rid themselves in the same spot, leaving you with a lot of pee and urine to clean. Bring out the paper towels again!

But not all doggies poop inside your home instinctively leaving your carpet smelling foul.

They Poop for Attention

Some small puppies might poop or pee on a carpet on purpose to gain their owner’s attention. They will leave stains everywhere on your carpet, which you will later have to clean with a spray bottle.

Chances are that your dog, especially if they’re trained to go outside, is just trying to get your attention when they poop on purpose.

Changes in Routine and Behavior

Other dogs might be struggling with a routine change, and are regrettably relieving themselves on the carpet. If you recently changed your dog’s routine, it is possible that it could be making them restless or anxious.  

Scared Pooping

Anxiety is not the only reason why they might poop inside and leave a bad smell, as it could just be because they’re scared. From thunderstorms to fireworks, these things can be loud enough to catch your puppy by surprise.

Many experts recommend keeping your dogs near you in a noise isolated room, which can help them keep calm.

Medical reasons

It is also possible that your small pets might be suffering from health problems that is making them pee or poop on your carpet, leaving a bad smell. If you are taking your doggy on regular walks but they still pee or poop on the carpet, they might have inflammatory bowel disease, a parasite, or other types of health problems . Take them to the vet immediately so they can recommend treatment. The recommended treatment will be essential, so follow the steps accordingly.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs tend to be very loving, almost to a fault. When their owner leaves the house, they will usually get worried, thinking that the owner abandoned them. Some dogs can eventually figure out that the owner will be back through their special ways.

But some puppers take it a little too seriously, and soon start to display very destructive behavior. They could chew up your couch, knock over furniture, and even poop on your carpet. If they do poop, remove it quickly and spray the area before it leaves a smell, and encourage your little dog to go out.

Encouraging Behavior

Encouraging behavior like relieving themselves indoors is one of the fastest ways to solidify the habit. You may not be giving them treats when they poop on your carpet, but by not taking recommended steps to discourage this behavior, you are indirectly encouraging it.

One of the ways that you can discourage this behavior is to first find out why it is happening and look for solutions to the problem. If your dog is much older, you should try taking them to a vet who can offer a better solution.

But if your little canine leaves urine or pee stains, which go on to smell, on your carpet because of their lack of potty training, then you will have to properly train them.

Why does my Dog poop on the carpet at night?

Cute small Pomeranian dog pooping

In most cases, signs that your they pooped in your home will be apparent right from the start, mainly due to the smell. But even when you encourage your dog to go to same area, they will still come and poop inside. But sometimes, the peeing on the carpet can be sudden as well as the poops.

For example, they can poop on your carpet during the night, leaving you with a nasty surprise that will leave a lasting smell as well. So bring out the spray and find a way to remove it.

A major reason why they poop at night

A major reason why they are poop inside the house is because of a change of diet as well. If you start feeding them food late into the day, they won’t be able to hold it in until their next walk, so they have to relieve themselves inside.

Waking up in the middle of the night to poop can also be the signs of a disease in its early stages. Even if your doggy is young, you should take them to the vet to find out if they have some serious issue. The Vet can give you a more accurate diagnosis, but they can also put your fears to rest by crossing off any potential illness.

Should You Take Your Dog Out During The Night?

Now if your canine is getting restless during the night, you will have to take them out one last time at night before heading to bed.

That is especially true the if you have a small doggo who still has trouble holding in their poop. A dog peeing in a home always leaves a bad smell that can be hard to get rid of, which is you should stop them.

Midnight trips are common

In fact, with puppies specifically, you will usually have to wake up in the middle of the night at least once to take them out and relieve themselves.

But as they grow older, you don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night, as older canines can usually hold it in.  

Why does my dog poop on the carpet after going outside?

happy golden retriever dog running on the beach

Sometimes your pupper can poop or pee inside your home despite just taking them out. This little act can make you a little angry, but there is a reason for them doing this, and it can often be serious.

For one, they could be in the early stages of a condition, which could only get worse over time. Therefore, if you see that your little one poops indoors right after bringing them from a walk, then you should make a quick visit to the vet and check if they are ok.

Lack of proper potty training

Possibly one of the most important reasons why canines tend to poop on your carpet is that they don’t have proper potty training. If you’ve given your little pupper a lot of freedom to run about on their own, then they will poop or pee on the carpet since they haven’t properly trained yet.

Start by train them using puppy pads, and look after them at all times. If there are no accidents of your dog peeing doesn’t on the carpet for six months, you can consider them properly potty trained.

You could even use a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to cover the affected area. Once you spray this, they will not go near the same spot again, making for an effective solution.

Best spray to keep a dog from peeing on the carpet

Best spray to keep a dog from peeing on the carpet

Training your dog not to poop or pee in your home can be difficult, and there will be plenty of accidents along the way. Doggies don’t stop pooping or peeing indoors in a day, so you’re going to be seeing a lot of happy accidents when training, with a funky smell of pee that can be difficult to remove.

So when you’re cleaning up the mess or just want to avoid your dog peeing in the same area again, you can spray a good cleaning solution to deter them.

Off the shelf sprays are great

Nature’s Miracle is a good spray bottle brand that can eliminate. The smell used in these sprays can also deter your dog away from the place they first went to pee or urinate on the carpet. Now you might be thinking of buying multiple cans of solution as a way to stop your dog from peeing everywhere.

But unlike a cat spraying to mark its territory, canines will always go peeing in a single place, that you will have to remove. If they can’t smell their poop somewhere, they will usually keep looking around. So as long as you are done cleaning that single place down, your pets should stop going near in the affected area.

Making a Natural Spray with apple cider vinegar

A spray you can get from the market can get rid of a stain well compared to water alone. But if you want a quick solution, you can make a spray bottle at home to reduce the smell.

Just get some white vinegar, which contains acetic acid, and add equal parts water to it. That solution is fairly potent, but is not as effective. Acetic acid is one of the major components of white vinegar, and it is what eliminates the smell and stain.

It also helps that this acid used in White vinegar doesn’t have a very pleasant smell for a pupper. More concentrated vinegar can contain 30% acetic acid. You can even use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar if necessary.

Cater to Your Dog’s Needs Immediately

A dog pooping in your home can leave a lasting smell, so you should cater to their specific needs well.