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How To Clean Leather Car Seats with Holes?

Leather car seats usually get dirty and stained, so cleaning them is essential. Restoring the leather car seats is a simple method.

You can use different DIY methods to clean the leather car seats immediately. These leather car seats are difficult to clean due to the buildup of dirt. Accidental staining is also common in leather car seats.

We understand that you are tired of seeing your leather car seats dirty. So, to help you get sorted, we have listed down the step-by-step guide to deeply clean leather car seats.

How to Clean Leather Car Seats with Holes? [Step-By-Step Guide]

For cleaning the leather car seats with holes, you need the following tools:

  • Leather cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Leather conditioner
  • Microfiber towel
  • Air compressor or soft bristle cleaning brush
  • Steam cleaner
  • Toothpick

Now dive in to have a look at the detailed step-by-step guide on how to clean the leather car seats:

Determine the dirt level on your car seats:

When cleaning the leather car seats, you need to identify the dirt level. The grime and dirt built up on the car seats with grease and oil stains need professional cleaning. You need a professional upholstery cleaner for cleaning the car seats.

Make sure to prepare the entire work area:

The next step in cleaning the leather car seats is to manage the work area. Make sure there are no pens, papers, or such stuff.

It is because these items are affected by the leather conditioners or cleaners. Ensure a well-ventilated area with windows to get rid of all hazardous vapors.

Vacuum the seats:

vacuum cleaning car interior

Next, you start cleaning the leather car seats with vacuuming. Vacuuming is done if it's only covered in debris and dirt without being soiled.

You can suck all the liquid spilled over the seat. It prevents any damage to the interior of the car, like carpeting.

You can use a soft-bristle brush to clean leather car seats and prevent damage. Next, dislodge the grime and dirt hiding under the crevices and seams around stitching or buttons.

Using leather cleaner for cleaning car seats:

Once you are done vacuuming, you can use the leather cleaner. It serves as an excellent way to clean the car by applying a small quantity of leather cleaner.

Put it over a concealed area. Next, inspect it. If you feel there is a dark spot, you should avoid using such a product.

For applying the leather cleaner, use an automated buffing machine to achieve results. However, if you don't have this tool, you can leave the leather cleaner and wipe off the car seat.

You can also use a sponge or microfiber cloth. To break the dirt particles, you can use a toothpick over the crevices and seams.

Make use of a toothpick for removing dirt:

You can use the toothpick if you don't want to use an air blower on it. You can also use a broken toothpick for cleaning dirt particles in stitching and seams.

Then you can remove the needle-nose pliers or tweezers.

Allow your leather car seats to dry out:

Once you are done cleaning the seats, allow them to dry. You can use an air blower or the compressor but place your blower away from the seats.

Next, you can use an old soft bristle brush to apply leather conditioner. Use it in circular motions to get rid of stains.

After brushing, use a microfiber cloth for wiping the stains and spots, letting the leather conditioner seep into the seats.

Apply leather conditioner:

Apply the leather conditioner once cleaning is done over the leather car seats. Using leather conditioners depends on the car seat size. Leave the product for around 20 minutes.

Deep cleaning using compressed air:

You need compressed air for cleaning seams and crevices, which is the best way. Using an air compressor helps in dislodging the dirt particles present in the tight areas making the car seats look fresh.

You need a professional cleaning service for seats with dried-up body fluids and stains over the car seat. If the seats are dirty without lasting damage, you might need to use denatured alcohol with water.

Steam cleaner to get rid of stains:

Steam cleaner to get rid of stains

You can use a steam cleaner to clean stains and spots on the car seats. The effectiveness of this process depends on the type of stain and seat material. To clean the older stains, you need professionals to sand off the stains.

For cleaning dust and dirt buildup, you can also use a mixture of white vinegar and water over the affected area.

Maintenance of Perforated Leather Car Seats:

It might not be easy to maintain and simple upkeep perforated leather car seats. However, it's critical to take care of the automobile or truck because it's an investment.

The maintenance of car seats offers comfort and safety. To keep the perforated leather seats looking beautiful and smell fresh, you should clean them with extra care.

Leather-type car seats are the most hygienic and comfortable options. For their continuous maintenance, you need to pay the price. 

  • There is no need to worry about car owners who maintain perforated leather car seats. Instead, clean perforated leather seats are accessible using a sharp knife, needle, or toothpick to lose dirt from tight spots.
  • For cleaning perforated leather seats and maintenance, you need to perform the following:
  • Lightly clean the leather seats each month.
  • Next, wipe down all seats using a damp cloth once you wash the car.
  • Deeply condition and clean the seats 3-4 times each year.

You need to check dirt buildup more frequently than dark leather seats for white or silver-colored leather seats.

How to clean white leather seats?

white car seats at the front row

Non-liquid or liquid leather cleansers can be used for cleaning white leather. You can prepare your liquid solution by mixing eight parts of warm water with one part of simple, mild soap.

Then spray the solution on all stains and gently rub the leather surface using a damp cloth. Corn flour or saddle soaps are examples of non-liquid cleansers.

How to clean vomit out of perforated leather seats?

Clean perforated leather car if there is vomiting on it by getting rid of vomit using paper towels. Next, use the leather cleaner, bristle brush, and next rubber gum stimulator for cleaning vomit.

You can also use the seat heating method by steam cleaning to remove vomit smells and stains from perforated leather car seats.

Clean perforated leather car with cleaning solution and bristled brush is easy by preparing a solution. Add 2 parts of any linseed oil and one vinegar part to a spray bottle. Apply this solution over the car seats and let it seep in for around 5 minutes.

Now, put the leather cleaner over the bristle brush and start scrubbing in all directions. Then wipe using a damp microfiber cloth to eliminate all vomit residues.

Next, use the damp cloth and wipe with extra cleaner. Next, use a dry cloth and apply the leather conditioner and then let it dry.

Clean perforated leather car seats to get rid of vomit by using a steamer that results in a high temperature for getting rid of stains.

You can also use a rubber-tipped gum stimulator for cleaning the vomit smells and stains.

How to clean leather car seats with household products?

For cleaning the leather car seats with household products, you can use the following:

Vinegar solution

  • When using this method, you should make a solution using distilled water and vinegar. It helps in cleaning leather car seats.
  • Make sure to mix equal distilled water and white vinegar parts within the spray bottle. Next, spray this mixture over the perforated leather car seats and allow it to sit for around 15-20 minutes.
  • The next step is to clean the surface using a microfiber cloth and remove all smells and stains.

Hydrogen peroxide, mild dish soap, and baking soda

  • This is another homemade solution using household products. Mix equal parts of all three products, but the hydrogen peroxide should not be more than 12% strength.
  • Add all these products to a spray bottle. Next, spray this solution over the leather car surface. Now let it seep for around 15-25 minutes, depending on the stains.
  • After allowing the solution to sit, wipe the leather car surface using a microfiber cloth. The stains and the odors should completely go. Lastly, allow your seats to air dry.

Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover


  • You can easily blot the stains using a cotton ball dipped in any of the solutions mentioned.
  • They help eliminate all the mess from your leather car seats. As soon as the stains are lifted from the car seats, you can clean the nail polish remover or alcohol using dish soap and warm water.

Use non-gel toothpaste

  • It is one of the unique techniques to get rid of stains and spots from seats. Dab a small amount of toothpaste over perforated leather car seats and scrub away all the stains.
  • Make use of cream of tartar paste and lemon juice- for this procedure, you need to mix equal amounts to form a paste; next, apply it over the stains.
  • Allow this paste to sit for around 25-30 minutes, and wipe it using a damp cloth or sponge. This paste results in a bleaching effect, so make sure to use it on light-colored seats.

How to remove odor from perforated leather car seats?

Dive in to look at the simple, effective methods to remove odor from perforated leather car seats.

1. Vinegar method

White vinegar is highly acidic, which helps get rid of all bacteria. It helps deal with mildew and molds and helps get rid of the smell.

Leather car seats are good for resistance against stains. However, they have a higher ability to absorb moisture and smell bad.

You can leave an open bowl or jar of vinegar in the car. Vinegar aids in absorbing all bad smells from the car.

You can also use water and vinegar solution for cleaning and getting rid of all smells from leather car seats.

2. Baking soda method

This method helps neutralize the odors in leather car seats. You can sprinkle some amount over the leather surface.

Leave it overnight and let it absorb all smells. Next, you can use the vacuum to remove the baking soda. Next, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the entire surface.

3. Charcoal Briquettes procedure

This method also helps in eliminating all toxins that cause smells. If you leave charcoal briquettes in the car, they absorb a bad smell leaving the fresh interior of the car.

Placing a bag full of charcoal briquettes can easily filter air and eliminate all bad air. Apart from the bad smell, charcoal also helps in removing mildew and mold.

4. Silica gel method

Keeping silica gel in the car helps get rid of moisture and smell. Silica gel is made using sodium silicate, which can prevent smell buildup in the vehicle.

5. Air freshener method

Last but not least, you can use the air freshener method. It is an effective way to deal with foul smells in leather car seats


I hope this entire guide helps you clean the leather car seats with simple methods. We have listed down the whole step-by-step guide with effective household products.

You can now eliminate all the smells and spots on your leather car seats. Get the perfect fresh look of car seats with proper cleaning.

If still, you cannot get rid of stains and smells, then get help from professionals.