How to Clean between Car Seats

How to Clean between Car Seats

Having a clean car is every car owner’s desire. You not only need to clean the visible parts of your car for it to be clean, but also between the seats. It is important to note that cleaning is not only getting rid of loose dirt and debris, but also removing stubborn dirt and stains.

You need to understand that at times you may not see the dirt, but it does exist. If the dirt is left to accumulate, you risk an allergic attack or stuffiness in your car. The effects can be riskier if you or your passengers are asthmatic or have other trachea ailments; dirt is known to trigger respiratory attacks.

Follow the right steps to experience a smooth cleaning session. Time is of the essence and you need to have a perfectly cleaned car seat in the least time possible.

5 Steps to Cleaning the Spaces between Your Car Seats

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Get the Right Tools

Any cleaning job no matter how simple it maybe can become complex without the right cleaning tools. You need a vacuum cleaner, attachments, and a variety of brushes to clean the spaces between your car seats.

The vacuum cleaner needs to be strong enough to get rid of stubborn dirt. You will definitely require attachments and assorted brushes as you are aware it is not easy to reach the spaces between your car seats.

Clear Trash and Your Personal Belongings

You might find trash and personal belongings trapped in between your car seats. Handpick these items or use a brush to remove them. At times, trash and your personal items are the ones cluttering your car, making it look dirty and disorganized.

It can also be difficult to clean your car if there are cans, papers, and other items lodged between the seats. Cleaning without collecting these items can make your work difficult. You also risk damaging your vacuum cleaner, including some of your personal belongings that might get in the way.

Vacuum the Loose Dirt

Using a vacuum cleaner can ease your cleaning process, helping you get rid of all the dirt particles in your car. A vacuum cleaner removes even the smallest of debris. A vacuum cleaner without attachments such as a stick vacuum is suitable for cleaning in between your car seats.

It can remove loose dirt while extenders access the hard-to-reach places to eliminate stubborn stains. Make sure you remove all the loose mats in your car and between the seats before cleaning. Brush and vacuum them outside your car.

Thoroughly cleaning between the seats is easier with the mats are removed. Slide the seats back and forth for you to get enough space for your vacuum cleaner.

Brush Off Stubborn Dirt and Remove Stains

After vacuuming the space between your car seats, you also need to remove stubborn dirt. Use a stiff and strong brush to get the particles off your car seats. It is advisable to be gentle to avoid removing fibers from the floor of your car.

A soft brush is a good finishing tool as it can pick even the smallest of the dirt particles. Use a stain remover to effectively eliminate stains from foods, drinks or polishes from your car seats.

Be careful when working on stubborn dirt or stains to prevent them from spreading all over your seats or even damaging the surfaces inside your car.

Remove and Avoid Bad Odors

Spilling foods and drinks inside your car can cause unpleasant smells. Use car sprays to neutralize the smell or better leave your car open for air circulation. Bad smells may also be as a result of stuffiness or dampness in between the seats.

Avoid wetting the area between the seats when cleaning as it might be hard to dry. If keeping the areas between your car seats dry is inevitable, give your car enough time to dry in an open area with the doors open. Use a hot blower or dryer to completely dry your car seats and spaces between them.


If you don’t have time to clean your car, professional car cleaners can help give your car the sparkle it needs. However, DIY cleaning with your home hand vacuum cleaner can save you some money. What’s more, cleaning your car the DIY way is bound to give it a thorough cleanup.

Clean your car in parts to make your work easier and for noticeable progress. Invest in plastic floor covers to keep the space between your car seats clean and manageable.