Eureka 41a vs 71b Review and Comparison

Eureka 41a vs 71b Challenge

During the gold rush in 1850’s Western United States miners would call out, “Eureka” when they found gold. “Eureka” was an expression of finding treasure hidden away, and realizing a dream come true. When it comes to cleaning your house, we all look for that eureka moment that signifies that we found some way to make cleaning easier. Today we will be putting two vacuums together that might make you shout; the Eureka 41a vs 71b. A pair of handheld vacs built to help you find dirt wherever it is hidden.


Handheld vacuums offer portability and flexibility that uprights and canisters don’t. Their light weight and suction power let you reach high and low. Plus, they are perfect for those little messes when you don’t want to pull out the large vacuum. The Eureka 41a and 71b are two powerful handheld vacs, but which is the better of the two? Find out as we compare features and benefits of Eureka 41a vs 71b.


Eureka 41a Eureka 71b
Power 6 amps 5.5 amps
Cord length 25 ft cord 20 ft cord
Filter Washable filter (Eureka DCF-11) Washable filter (Eureka DCF-11)
Attachments Crevice tool, 3 foot hose Crevice Tool
Weight 4.8 lbs 6.8 lbs
Available Check on Check on


Eureka 41a

The full name of the 41a is, Eureka RapidClean Step. This little vacuum is specialized for cleaning stairs. Even the best canister vacs are cumbersome to haul up a flight of stairs.

Cleaning the stairs becomes neglected, even though they are heavily trafficked and are a favorite hiding place for dirt and spiders. Don’t worry, though, the 41a makes cleaning the stairs simple and quick.

The vacuum weighs six pounds, which isn’t the lightest out there, but when we took it up against our heavily abused stairs we were able to clean every step with only mild fatigue and discomfort. The motorized brushroll agitates all the carpet fibers and breaks loose muck that is ground in by work boots. We noticed that some of the dirt left by other tested vacuums was worked out by the extra power of the brushroll. You can turn the roll on and off if you have non-carpeted surfaces to clean, which prevents scratching or damaging hardwood floors.

Speaking of hardwood, the 41a is sold as a stair specialist, but we wanted to test how well the 41a worked in other areas. Surprisingly, it performed very well on almost any surface we put it to. Our cement shop floor, the hardwood of the office, and even the sofa in the breakroom that is constantly littered with potato chip crumbs. The 41a was up to the test all along the way, and the 25-foot cord let us reach almost anywhere we wanted to go.

The added benefit of the 41a is the washable filter that is easy to remove and clean from the bagless dust bin. Not having to constantly purchase new filters gave the 41a a few bonus points on our scorecard.

Check out the 41a in action here: 


What we like:

  • Powerful 6 amp motor for great suction
  • Double filtration system keeps dust in vacuum
  • Cord caddy makes organizing and storing easier
  • Comes with 3 foot hose and crevice tool


What we didn't like:

  • A little large for a handheld and weight is tiring for extended cleaning
  • Filter can collect dust between housing causing clog
  • Noisy for a handheld vac

Contender two in our matchup of Eureka 41a vs 71b is the Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71b. Where the 41a was specially designed to tackle the toughest stairs, the 71b is the jack of all trades when it comes to handheld vacuums.

Our first observation was the weight and size of the vacuum. The EasyClean is almost two full pounds lighter than the 41a. Two pounds doesn’t seem like much, but when going up a long flight of stairs or cleaning out a work truck two pounds adds up quick. We found the lighter weight and slightly smaller size more maneuverable in tight spaces.

You might be tempted to think that the smaller size and weight mean less power, well you are partially right. The 71b has a 5.5 amp motor, vs the 6 amp motor of the 41a; however we didn’t notice any considerable decrease in suction power. The potato chip crumbs in the break room still lost the fight.

The other feature of the 71b that we loved was the riser visor that adjusts to allow cleaning of vertical and horizontal surfaces. We were able to get this vacuum just about anywhere and easily clean the floor and the vertical couch cushions.

Here’s the 71b at work: 


What we like:

  • Washable dust cup
  • Crevice tool
  • Powered brushroll and riser visor
  • Long 20-foot cord


What we didn't like:

  • Hair easily clogs filter, and filter isn’t washable
  • On/off trigger can be tough to use
  • Noisy for a handheld vac


The lighter weight and riser make the 71b the clear winner in the Eureka 41a vs 71b challenge. The weight and addition of the riser visor to the features of the 41a make the 71b easier to use and much more versatile.

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