Dyson Ball Complete vs. Animal Comparison and Review

Rolling Over the Competition: Dyson Ball Complete vs. Animal

Let’s face it, cleaning your house is anything but cool, and if you are a man, you sometimes feel like you are surrendering your man card every time you break out the vacuum. Men are just as capable of doing the dirty work, and we make the messes so we might as well help clean them up, right? What we are looking for is a vacuum that looks good, and makes cleaning fast and easy. Enter the Dyson Ball Complete vs. Animal; two vacuums that might just make cleaning enjoyable.


The less time we spend cleaning the more time we have to play. Better yet, the quicker we can get the job done quickly and correctly this first time, means more time in between cleaning sessions. The Dyson Ball Complete and the Dyson Animal are two power vacuums that look cool, and work even better. Between these two, you will be destroying dirt and allergens in your home quickly and efficiently. But, you only need one vacuum. We put the Dyson Ball Complete vs. Animal to find out which ball rolls the best.

Product Name Dyson Ball Complete Dyson DC65 Animal
Editor's Rating 3.8/5 4.1/5
Weight 24.8 pounds 27.1 pounds
Dimensions 36 x 12 x 10 inches 10.7 x 11.5 x 36.4 inches
Suction Power 245 AW 245 AW
Tank Capacity 70 oz 76 oz
Warranty 5 year limited 5 year limited
Price Check on Amazon.com Check on Amazon.com


Our first ball of cleaning power is the Ball Complete. Our first impression was that this vacuum is unique. Most vacuums look the same, brush head on bottom, bag or canister in the middle, and handle on top. Dyson’s Ball Complete starts the same, but is immediately followed by a huge silver sphere that radiates power.

The ball is a mix of Death Star and crown. It’s hard to look cool when vacuuming, but with the Ball Complete we felt like we were seriously dominating the dirt invaders. The clear dust bin on top of the ball gives a feeling of satisfaction as you watch the pesky messes get locked away.

You are probably wondering what the ball does, besides look like a menacing beast of dirt destruction. The ball is there to give you the best maneuverability. The stick and handle on top of the ball glide along the surface to give unmatched control. Typical vacuums require the fancy tilt and spin maneuver to get around furniture and other obstacles, but the ball allows you to turn on a dime without having to stop or reorient.

The Ball Complete is equipped with Dyson’s “Radial Cyclone” technology which is comprised of a specialized brush with short, stiff bristles that agitate carpets and hard floors to pull dust and dirt up.

Watch this puppy roll here:


What we like:

  • Automatically adjusts to different floor types
  • Comes with turbo tool to clean stairs and furniture


What we didn't like:

  • Suction can be too powerful for lightweight rugs
  • Plastic construction feels a little flimsy

Want to sound cool when talking about your weekend, tell your friends you let the Animal loose in your house. This brute attacks your messes like a rabid wolf. Using the Radial Root Cyclone technology the Animal snags even the smallest of hidden dust mites.

The head of the Animal seems to have a mind of its own as it adjusts to different floor types to give consistent performance across our shop and offices. We were really pleased with how well we were able to move from shop floor to carpeted offices without having to stop to adjust suction and settings.

What sets this vacuum apart from other similar machines is that the entire vacuum is certified for HEPA filtration. Nothing is worse than a vacuum that sucks up dirt, but then spews the hidden allergens out all over the room.

We wanted to test the allergen filtration power, so we had a “bring your pet to work day.” We let dogs, cats, ferrets, and even some reptiles roam around the shop all day. The critters rolled and crawled all over the office. By the end of the day we all had some sniffles, but when we put the Animal to work the next day we became allergen free.

Watch the Animal in this video: 


What we like:

  • Wildly powerful suction
  • Easy to clean dust bin
  • Long hose extension


What we didn't like:

  • Struggles with throw rugs
  • Heavy at over 17 pounds


We set out on this journey to discover the better vacuum in Dyson Ball Complete vs Animal. In the end, we had to give the win to the Dyson DC65 Animal. We really liked the maneuverability of both vacuums. We even had a race to see which of our staff could navigate a cone course the fastest.

The Animal ended the day with higher suction power, at 270 amps vs the Complete’s 235 amps. Plus the addition of the HEPA allergen filtration of the animal gave us a more complete clean in less time. Cleaning still isn’t the coolest activity in the world, but the Animal makes it quicker and keeps out floors fresh.

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