Does Roomba Remember Room Layout?

Does Roomba Remember Room Layout?

Roombas are definitely some very cool tools. They vacuum the floor automatically so you don’t have to. What a time saver! There have been some questions though, ones like does Roomba remember room layout? Well, there is not really an easy answer to this, but we will do our best to explain it anyway.

Does Roomba Remember Floor Layout?

Ok, so there is no easy and quick answer to this question as it totally depends on what model of Roomba you get. When it comes to floor layout, older and cheaper Roombas do not have the ability to map a room, while the newer and more expensive models definitely do. This also has to do with memory capabilities. That’s why we recommend you to check great deals for Roomba 900-series on Amazon.

The newest and most expensive Roombas can map out a room and once it is mapped, some models can actually remember the layout time and time again. However, the cheaper and older models, while they still use an array of sensors to map and navigate a room, they don’t have the ability to remember it for the next time.

So, the answer here would be that only the newest and most expensive Roomba models have the ability to remember floor layout.

Roomba Mapping Features

Roombas do have a number of features which allows them to accurately map and navigate a room with ease and efficiency. Just like with the memory capabilities, the newer and more expensive your Roomba is, the better it will be able to map and navigate your room. Let’s take a look at some of the mapping and navigation features which the best Roombas come with.


The first thing a Roomba does is send out infrared signals and wait for them to return. This allows the Roomba to judge how large a room is, where the walls and obstacles are, and how long it needs to spend cleaning it.


Roombas also come with object sensors which they use to locate and navigate around obstacles. This is very beneficial for rooms with lots of furniture and other obstacles. When your Roomba finds an obstacle, it will clean around it. The more expensive models may actually remember where these obstacles are.


Another navigation tool which Roombas use to map a room is the cliff sensors. These cliff sensors keep the Roomba from falling off ledges and tumbling down stairs. The newest models will usually be able to remember where these cliffs are.


The Roomba also comes with wall sensors. These wall sensors allow the Roomba to locate walls and clean closely along them without straying from the walls.


The more expensive your Roomba is, and the newer it is, the better the cleaning path is. Some Roombas move at random, some move in concentric circles, some move in snaking patterns, and other patterns too. A really good Roomba can usually map a room and pick the best path.



The moral of the story here is that most Roombas, apart from the newest and priciest ones, will not remember room layout, but they still come with great navigation abilities none the

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