Robot Power Rankings: The Difference Between Roombas

Robot Power Rankings: The Difference Between Roombas

The only thing better than a clean house, is a house that can clean itself. While we haven’t quite achieved a fully automatic smart house, we do have the Roomba line of robot vacuums that exist to take the effort out of keeping a clean floor. The only question is, with all the available options, what is the difference between Roombas?


What's the difference between Roombas?

To answer this question, we put together this guide of current Roomba models to compare their features, and help you decide which Roomba robot vacuum is right for you. For our guide we have selected four of the most current models to illustrate the range of features between the most basic to most advanced robot vacuums.

The difference between Roombas is mainly found in the addition of more features that make your Roomba more convenient, and connected. Starting with the 614 and moving up to the 980, you add additional cleaning power, such as tangle-free rollers, Wi-Fi connectivity , and detailed reports of how well your Roomba is cleaning. Each Roomba model builds on the features of the others. Keep reading to learn about the features of the 619, 690, 890, and 980 Roomba models.

iRobot Roombas

Roomba 614

The iRobot Roomba 614 can be used for almost any floor type, and have multiple tools that provide efficient automated cleaning.

The 614 uses a three-stage cleaning system that is designed to agitate and break up dirt on hard floors and carpets, and has an adjustable head that automatically adapts to your different floor types. Dirt detect sensors seek out the areas of the thick debris building, and focus effort on cleaning those areas.

The single button press on the top of the Roomba 614 sets the bot roaming and cleaning your home for up to 60 minutes before needing to charge. When the battery gets low, the 614 automatically finds its way back to the charging base.

The 60 minute self-charging Roomba 690 can start off cleaning your home with the touch of a button just like the 614. However, the 690 takes the first step toward truly automated cleaning. Thanks to the built in scheduling function of the 690, you can tell the Roomba to clean your house every day of the week, and the only time you have to actually touch the bot is to empty the dust bin.

To add more control to the 690, it features Wi-Fi connectivity that puts the control of your 690 into the palm of your hand. Using the iRobot app on your smartphone or tablet, you can set your cleaning schedule, get updates about your bot’s cleaning, and also contact support if you have any problems with the Roomba 690.

Running down the middle of the road for iRobot Roombas is the 890. In addition to the features of the 614 and 690, the 890 brings extra cleaning power to the floor. Using specially designed tangle-free rollers, the 890 can rip through dirt, pet hair, and stray threads without becoming clogged and shutting down the cleaning.

The cleaning power gets a further boost thanks to the built in high-efficiency filter which screens an impressive 99% of allergens that are common in most homes. This is a pet lover’s dream, as the Roomba 890 gets rid of all the little nasties that your beloved furry friend leaves behind.

The Roomba 980 has to be the king of the robot vacuums, and sits atop our pyramid of the difference between Roombas. It has everything you could want in a bot, with the exception of bringing you a cold drink while you sit on the couch. The Wi-Fi connectivity not only lets you schedule cleaning, but also gives you “Clean Map” reports that show where, and for how long, your bot spent cleaning different areas of your home. This also lets you find problem areas that cause navigation issues for your Roomba 980.

To ensure the best clean, the 980 has a 75 minute battery life and any advanced navigation system that allows this bot to clean multiple rooms. If the battery runs out before the job is finished, the 980 automatically returns to the charge base, charges, and resumes cleaning until the job is done. Using the Roomba 980, and the iRobot app, to clean your floor is the easiest way for effortless vacuuming.

A job for a robot

Knowing the difference between Roombas will make sure you pick the right bot for your cleaning needs. iRobot’s line or Roomba vacuums take all the effort of getting rid of the invading dust bunnies in your home. With scheduling and charging done automatically, the only time you need to touch these babies to free them from a the occasional trap, and emptying the dust bin.

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