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Troubleshooting Tips: Neato not cleaning whole house

Troubleshooting Tips: Neato not cleaning whole house

Robot vacuums are the epitome of modern technology making your life more convenient. Since the technology is still relatively new, though, robot vacuums like the Neato will sometimes encounter some frustrating problems. If your Neato isn’t cleaning your whole house before it turns itself off or returns to base, it can be incredibly frustrating—and eliminate the hands-free, time-saving benefits.Continue reading

Keeping Clean, On time: Roomba Schedule Troubleshooting

Everything works perfectly until it doesn’t. This is the mantra of technology. The wonders of convenience we enjoy every day are life-changing until they don’t work. Such is the case with the incredible Roomba vacuums. Roomba schedule troubleshooting can make the difference between a paperweight and effective cleaner.Continue reading

Roomba Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Roomba Not Connecting to Wifi? How To Fix It?

The big selling point of robot vacuum cleaners, like iRobot’s Roomba models, is their ability to operate hands-free through in-app scheduling or a smart home system, like Alexa or Google Home. If you have a Roomba not connecting to Wi-Fi, though, it nullifies this primary advantage of the device—and can be an exceptionally frustrating problem to solve.Continue reading

How Loud Is a Roomba

How Loud Is a Roomba?

Automatic house cleaning and no more pushing a vacuum around the house? A robot? There must be a catch. Some users talk about the noise level of the Roomba being a weakness. But exactly how loud is a Roomba?Continue reading

The Multi-Room Cleaning Conundrum. Moving Roomba from Room to Room

The Multi-Room Cleaning Conundrum: Moving Roomba from Room to Room

If your home has a simple layout—only a couple of rooms, with no major obstructions—whole home cleaning with a Roomba is a no-brainer. Just schedule when you want it to clean and its smart navigation will handle the rest on its own. For larger and more complex homes, though, moving a Roomba from room to room can be a bit trickier.Continue reading

How Long Does a Roomba Battery Last

How Long Does a Roomba Battery Last?

iRobot has been at the forefront of making our 1980’s sci-fi dreams become a reality. Their advances are closer to Rosie from The Jetsons than the awesome Hoverboards and time machines from Back to the Future. However, nobody complains about any easier way to keep their house clean. The battery-operated cleaning wonder takes almost all the work out of housework. But, how long does a Roomba battery last?

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How to Remove Hair from a Vacuum Roller

Despite owning the best vacuum cleaner available, the hair will eventually stick around its roller. You don’t have to grab a kitchen knife or scissors to get the hair out of your vacuum cleaner. A seam ripper of the right size and shape, depending on the type of vacuum cleaner you have, is all you need. The seam ripper pulls out even the tiniest strands of hair.

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How to Remove Roller Brush from a Shark Vacuum

How to Remove Roller Brush from a Shark Vacuum?

A roller brush is an essential part of a vacuum cleaner. Whether yours is made of metal, plastic, or wood, it is prone to debris and at times you will need it removed for cleaning. Some modern vacuum cleaners are self-cleaning, meaning you don’t have to detach them for cleaning purposes.

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what is a stick vacuum

What is a Stick Vacuum?

A stick vacuum is an upright type of vacuum cleaner. It is light weight, but not as powerful nor has many attachments as its counterparts. It is simple to use and even easy to store. Vacuum cleaners are becoming better and more convenient each passing day.

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How to Mop Hardwood Floors

How to Mop Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can elevate the look of your home if properly cleaned and polished. However, maintaining the floor can be hectic if it’s not cleaned in the right way. During cleaning, it is important to pay attention to the little areas that can make a difference in the look of your floor.

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