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charging roomba first time

How to charge Roomba battery first time?

A new device always comes with a thrill.  Like any other device, following the right maintenance practices will ensure that your device lasts a long time. The Roomba battery is one of the significant parts.Continue reading

Roomba won't dock

Roomba won’t dock? Best solutions to solve this problem!

Cleaning the house can sometimes be annoying, especially if you have kids or pets. However, the Roomba saves a lot of your time efforts. Most of our modern devices are easy to operate, but after a while, they could develop faults that quickly become difficult and complicated.Continue reading

How to Clean Roomba Side Wheels

How to Clean Roomba Side Wheels

Robot vacuums, such as the Roomba, make home cleaning chores easier. Floors get scoured while you are out. The carpets are tidier because the robot did the work. Life is better with automation!

However, our robot friends can develop some problems. They need our help sometimes. The Roomba (and other automatic vacuums) needs someone to take care of it as it does its job. In particular, its wheels may need cleaning in order for it to perform properly.Continue reading

How Often To Run Roomba

How Often To Run Roomba?

Robot vacuum cleaners are not a joke anymore. They used to be the property of the rich and the clueless. Videos of automated vacuum poop disasters put many people off buying one. Robot suckers got lost, stuck, or their batteries died before doing anything useful. However, new advances make the robot vacuum a great option for many homes.Continue reading

How to get Roomba to clean whole house

How to get Roomba to clean whole house?

Typically the living room is where we do all kinds of stuff, including eating. It is also where our pets spend most of their time leaving furs everywhere; this is why we need to vacuum frequently.

The Roomba navigates an area using responsive cleaning technology to map the room. It should be able to clean the whole house. All Roombas use the same technique. However, there are some with more advanced cleaning systems and more features than others. You need to understand your unit.Continue reading

How Often To Change Roomba Filter

How Often To Change Roomba Filter?

To make your Roomba last longer, function effectively, and be in good shape, you need to maintain it properly and regularly. After every cleaning cycle, it is advisable to perform the necessary maintenances and then run high-level maintenance once a month.Continue reading

Roomba Red Light Flashing while Charging

Roomba Red Light Flashing while Charging

When a robot vacuum like the Roomba from iRobot is working effectively, it’s an incredibly convenient little piece of technology that lets you keep your home clean without even having to think about it. When there’s something going wrong, though, like the Roomba’s red light flashing while it’s charging, it can be frustrating to figure out how to fix it.

Continue reading

Roomba Virtual Wall Not Working? Try These Handy Tips

Roomba Virtual Wall Not Working? Try These Handy Tips

The Virtual Wall is a very handy accessory for the Roomba—when it works correctly. It can be very frustrating when the Roomba Virtual Wall is not working, especially if you’re using it to block off a staircase or thick carpeting that can damage the vacuum.

Continue reading

Troubleshooting Tips: Neato not cleaning whole house

Troubleshooting Tips: Neato not cleaning whole house

Robot vacuums are the epitome of modern technology making your life more convenient. Since the technology is still relatively new, though, robot vacuums like the Neato will sometimes encounter some frustrating problems. If your Neato isn’t cleaning your whole house before it turns itself off or returns to base, it can be incredibly frustrating—and eliminate the hands-free, time-saving benefits.Continue reading

Keeping Clean, On time: Roomba Schedule Troubleshooting

Everything works perfectly until it doesn’t. This is the mantra of technology. The wonders of convenience we enjoy every day are life-changing until they don’t work. Such is the case with the incredible Roomba vacuums. Roomba schedule troubleshooting can make the difference between a paperweight and effective cleaner.Continue reading