Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot: Reviewing a state of the art vacuum

Cleaning around the edges and in the vents in the ceiling is always a daunting task and it takes some time for you to master the cleaning process with the larger corded vacuums. The Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot is designed to enable you to get into those hard-to-reach zones and thoroughly remove dirt and dust without any hassles.


We have decided to look a little bit deeper into this vacuum and find out whether or not it is the ideal vacuum for these cleaning purposes. We also looked at some of the top features you may come to expect in this vacuum and whether or not it really can simplify your life. If you have any doubts about your current vacuum and you are looking for an upgrade, this review is worth reading and should give you a better perspective on the Black + Decker MAX Pivot Vacuum.


Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot

Each vacuum has its own set of unique features and these are the main features that we have grown to love in this version. You can use these features to find the specs of the vacuum and whether or not it will be ideal for your needs and cleaning tasks.

  • Features a powerful 20 Volt Lithium-Ion battery, which gives you a fade-free experience
  • Reching into those tough areas are easy with the foldable nozzle and the additional brush loosens the dirt
  • The 3-stage filtration system cleans the air, which means you will be left with no dust that might settle on the floors again
  • The inclusion of a washable filter is perfect for saving you costs on replacing them
  • The cyclonic action is new and revolutionary. It helps keep dirt away from the filter and will ensure that you have maximum suction power throughout
  • The dirt cup tends to overflow if not carefully watched, but the translucent design allows you to monitor how full it is
  • It features a small and portable design, which means that you could use it virtually anywhere and it won't take up too much storage space


What we like:

  • The vacuum charges very quickly, enabling you to use it quite often when cleaning
  • The air is clean once it filters through the vacuum and with 3 stages of filtration, it will eliminate any smells as well
  • The vacuum is extremely powerful when it comes to the suction and the loose dirt will never block the power and suction capabilities
  • The dirt bucket is simple to empty and it can be washed as well.
  • The filter can also be washed, saving you operating costs in the long run.
  • The battery can be replaced when it does get weaker and the smaller footprint ensures less storage space is taken up.
  • Includes a decent 2-year warranty


What we didn't like:

  • It is definitely one of the loudest vacuums we have ever tested
  • It does not have a pet hair attachment tool for cleaning carpets
  • The vacuum is not the best on hardwood floors and you will need a stick vacuum to complement it.

Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot


Nickel Cadium is generally used for the batteries in the older Black + Decker models and it is not the battery with the longest life. Lithium-ion is generally preferred for outdoor products and equipment due to the longer life it has when fully charged. This battery will stay fully charged when not used, while the NiCad batteries might suffer from memory loss and eventually the multiple charges will take its toll.

Another benefit of the lithium-ion is the speed or rate at which it is recharged. The older NiCad batteries might take up to a day to be fully recharged, while this one can be ready in just a couple of hours. The lithium-ion battery certainly complements the vacuum and allows you to use it for longer periods before recharging.

The lithium-ion also offers you constant power and this will ensure the same suction power throughout the cleaning process. Whereas NiCad tends to fade over time and this will be frustrating if you need to clean up a spilled mess on the kitchen floor.


Black + Decker BDH2000PL MAX Pivot features

The performance of this vacuum is quite well documented and we had the opportunity to test on a hardwood floor and carpets to see exactly how effective it is at removing dirt and getting the job done when cleaning.

  • Floors and tiles:This is definitely not the vacuum you will be using to clean the entire floor. It comes with a foldable nozzle that can be used to clean up spills and dust from different spots in the home. The battery might not make it through your entire home either. Since it is quite small, you will need to bend over and this will definitely put a lot of strain on your back.
  • Carpets: Carpets can be cleaned, but it will not deep clean them. Pet hairs in the sofa and the carpet seem to be another problem and you will be limited without a pe t hair attachment. It will, however, clean dust particles found in the upper areas of your carpet and your couches.
  • Pet hair removal performance: On hardwood floor and tiles, we had some success with removing pet hairs and this definitely allowed to quickly get ridof pet hair, but on carpets, it becomes quite a daunting prospect and it might be better if you have a brush near by to help you with the removal process.

For the overall performance, we would recommend it for spot cleaning throughout your home and getting rid of common spills on the floor. The suction power is great and it will even be perfect for your car and couches to remove stubborn dust. We do not recommend it for homes with pets and you might be better complementing it with a stick vacuum and a pet hair removal attachment.

Attachments & Accessories

Unfortunately, this vacuum does not have any attachments or accessories and everything you will need has been built in. This does limit you somewhat in the cleaning process, but this should not be your main cleaning vacuum. It is perfect for quickly cleaning up the counter and getting rid of all the dirt that you might have from children and pets on your hardwood floors.

The main addition is the brush nozzle, which can be folded, and this will loosen the dirt and dust to make the vacuum process that much easier.

Battery and Charge time

As we have already mentioned, the battery is lithium-ion and this is one of the best batteries you could find on the market today. This specific lithium-ion battery only needs to be charged for around 2 hours before it can be used for around 15-20 minutes. This might not seem like a very long time, but you will have constant power and there will not be any fade as the battery dies down, which also means that the 15 minutes can be used to the full extent to ensure you get as much cleaned as possible.

24 h Recommended charging time

The recommended charging time when opening the vacuum is 24 hours. This gives the battery time to settle in and ensure every cell has been fully charged. After the first charging process, you could just stick to the recommended 2-2.5 hours to reach the full capacity.

If you leave the vacuum on charge, it is fine and it will automatically stop once full. This will also preserve the battery and since it is lithium-ion, it will not suffer from memory loss and your vacuum will remain full until it is used again. The lithium-ion battery is definitely one of the biggest draws on this vacuum. An LED light has also been placed on the vacuum and once it has been fully charged, this light will stop blinking to let you know it is ready for use.



The warranty is one of the main features you will need to consider for any electronic problem. Even without faults, some products still have the occasional defects. Without a warranty, you will be liable for the damage and you will essentially lose a few bucks on the product.

Fortunately, this vacuum includes a decent 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind and keep you protected against manufacturer defects. We recommend not being too harsh on the plastic design as the warranty does not cover any breaks by you as user.


This vacuum is a little under $70 and this is quite cheap for all of these features. The lithium-ion battery certainly is a great improvement and many top vacuums might sell for well over $100. Unfortunately, you will not have access to attachments and having an additional stick vacuum as a complement is definitely recommended.

Product Specs

Battery Type:Lithium-ion
Battery life:15 minutes
Charging time:2 hours
Weight:3 pounds
Cleaning path size:6.8 inches
Length:18 inches
Dirt Capacity:15-ounces
Air Watts:35
Filter type:washable
Made in:China

Final Verdict

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TheBlack + Decker MAX Pivot is affordable, yet still durable and reliable option to have in your home. The product is exttemely durable and this is one of the reasons we would recommend it so highly. It might not be the number one choice for those looking to clean the home entirely, but it is definitely a great spot cleaner.

We would have loved to see a few additional attachments to improve the versatility, but when combined with a good stick vacuum, cleaning any surface and ridding your home of dirt and dust, should not be an issue. The Lithium-ion battery is really unique and wit excells when compared to the NiCad batteries used in the more affordable options.

We would also like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to let us know a few of your thoughts in the comment section below. Please also let us know if you have ever used it before and what your experiences were.

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